In general, a sweeper is a machine thanks to which it is possible to clean large surfaces both inside a structure and outdoors. It is therefore typically used to sweep floors of schools, gyms, streets, and sidewalks.

Addressed to professional use, the sweepers are available in numerous models, and with different functions, and for this reason, we have decided to create a buying guide that will help you choose and which will compare the characteristics and price of the most popular models on the market.

Here we had listed put the best power sweepers for you.

YARDMAX YP7065 Power Sweeper 27.5", 208cc, Briggs, 6.5HP
  • Specially-developed nylon brushes easily clear snow up to 6″ (20) deep along with other debris like sand, dirt, and gravel from sidewalks, driveways, or decorative surfaces like patio bricks.
  • Adjustable brush with three sweeping directions clears debris once, putting it in the most convenient place without having to move it again.
  • Dust collection bucket optional for parking lot and yard clean up – easily picks up and collects small items.
  • Advanced handlebar design is height-adjustable, ergonomic, and easy to fold for storage, delivering the best user experience in all types of weather and conditions.
  • Self-propelled drive.
GDAE10 Outdoor Hand Held Broom, 52cc Gas Power Broom Walk Behind Sweeper Cleaning Driveway Tools High Performance Cleaner 2.3HP 1.8M (US Stock)
  • ★2 cycle gas/oil mixture, hand held power sweeper. It’s ideal for cleaning lawns from with sand imbedded, or walkways.
  • ★Wide hand held gas broom for cleaning boulevards and driveways.
  • ★Nylon Brush Sweeping broom is good for cleaning up of light debris such as heavy loose dirt, from hard surfaces.
  • ★2.3HP, 1700W, 52cc, 2 Stroke Air Cooled Motor EPA Engine
  • ★★★GDAE10 company have a professional after-sales team. When you receive the broom, please check the integrity of the goods and we have a free warranty policy. We provide an electronic version of the English manual and instructional installation video. When you encounter any questions, please contact the GDAE10 customer service team via Amazon Mail. We will reply you within 24 hours.
Oregon 610010 Sweeper Attachment, Black
  • Clean any surface from concrete to artificial grass
  • 23" Wide
  • 2. 5" Nylon bristles
  • Durable gear box
Artificial Grass Brush Power Broom, 52cc 2.3hp Sweeper Driveway Turf Lawns Handheld Sweeper
  • √ 2 cycle gas/oil mixture, hand held power sweeper. It’s ideal for cleaning lawns from with sand imbedded, or walkways.
  • √ Designed for optimal performance on pavement with cracks or uneven stones
  • √ Durable nylon bristles for optimum performance, Wide sweeping surface of 23-5/8" For maximum productivity.
  • √ Wide hand held gas broom for cleaning boulevards and driveways.
  • √ Nylon Brush Sweeping broom is good for cleaning up of light debris such as heavy loose dirt, from hard surfaces.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Bissell 38" Deluxe Triple Brush Push Power Sweeper Turbo, 13.2 Gal. Capacity
  • Price For: Each Number of Brushes: 3 Style: Walk Behind Item: Walk Behind Sweeper Max. Productivity: 39,000 sq. ft./hr. Body Material: Polyethylene Hopper Capacity: 13.2 gal. Length: 47" Brush Width: 18-1/2" Includes: Triple Brush, Lubricant Spray Frame Materials: Steel Cleaning Path: 38" Height: 42" Side Broom Size: 16" Width: 38" Cleaning Path Width: 38"
  • Sweeper Product Grouping: Walk Behind Sweeper Max. Productivity Area: 39,000 sq. ft./hr. Sweeping Mechanism: Triple Brush Sweeper Power Source: Manual Sweeping Mechanism Material: Fiberglass Country of Origin (subject to change): Germany
SaleRANK NO. 6
BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper, 50-min runtime, Powder White (HFS115J10)
  • Dustbin capacity 12.5 ounces; Leave no mess behind with up to 30 minutes of sweeping power
  • So lightweight, sleek and maneuverable, you can easily clean one handed
  • Head swivels smoothly to Steer effortlessly around, under and behind furniture
  • Check battery status with one glance at the built in LED
  • Lies flat to easily Glide under furniture and beds
SaleRANK NO. 7
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, with 3.6 Bushel Rear Collection Bag
  • Scotts Lawn Sweeper with 26" sweeping width
  • Push sweeper with spinning rake-like action to clean your lawn, patio, yard, sidewalk, and driveway
  • Tow-behind sweeper that is lightweight, maneuverable and easy to use with 80% pick up on the first pass; Durable steel handle with scratch-resistant coating
  • Leaf collecting lawn sweeper with height adjustment to effectively collect more debris in various surfaces; Push mower bag is made of durable fabric
  • Push lawn rake is not ideal for collecting rocks, nuts, pinecones, or wet debris
Gas Power Sweeper Hand Held Broom Cleaning Driveway Turf Grass 1700W,Shaft Paddle Sweep Attachment 52cc
  • 2 cycle gas/oil mixture, hand held power sweeper. It’s ideal for cleaning lawns from with sand imbedded, or walkways.
  • Nylon Brush Sweeping broom is good for cleaning up of light debris such as heavy loose dirt, from hard surfaces.
  • Designed to remove pebbles, sand, or Leaves without damaging grass and for clearing away water and light snow from hard pavements.Ideal for construction waste and street maintenance
  • Wide sweeping surface For maximum productivity
  • 2.3HP, 1700W, 52cc, 2 Stroke Air Cooled Motor EPA Engine
Stark 31"-Inch Gas-Powered Snow Sweeper Walk Behind Adjustable Angle Brush Broom 7HP Gas Engine EPA Motor
  • Durable and Versatile -Offers a durable, versatile and efficient power sweeper, able to conveniently clean and clear debris from hard to reach or open spaces all year round. Whether removing dirt, leaves, twigs or snow from sidewalks, driveways or patios, or dethatching or removing gravel or mulch from lawns, this adaptable power broom is effective across a wide assortment of surfaces
  • Easy-to-Use Power Sweeper - Specially-developed nylon brushes are versatile & efficient, conveniently cleans & clears debris from hard to reach or open spaces all year round. 31" sweeping width / 24" diameter for high-capacity sweeping
  • Comfortable Handlebars - Advanced handlebar design to be ergonomic, and comfortable grip
  • Adjustable Brush - Adjustable brush with 15 degree angle directions clears debris once
  • Industrial Design - High-speed impeller consumes more snow and extended chute maintains a tighter discharge, engineered for maximum snow throwing and minimal blowback.
DYRABREST 52CC 2.3HP 2-Stroke Handheld Sweeper Gas Power Cleaning Sweeper Broom for Driveway Turf Artificial Grass (Walk Behind)
  • ❤2 cycle gas/oil mixture, hand held power sweeper. It’s ideal for cleaning lawns from with sand imbedded, or walkways.
  • ❤Wide hand held gas broom for cleaning boulevards and driveways.
  • ❤Nylon Brush Sweeping broom is good for cleaning up of light debris such as heavy loose dirt, from hard surfaces.
  • ❤2.3HP, 1700W, 52cc, 2 Stroke Air Cooled Motor EPA Engine
  • ❤This item will ship from USA, delivery time need about 5-8 days. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If there is any questions please feel free to contact us, HuangHaw will spare no effort to help you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Power Sweepers

Matter of Size

It is quite simple to understand that the size of the sweeper is closely linked to the surface that you will usually have to clean. The best brands, however, offer a rich line of models, designed to meet every need and which, essentially, can be divided into two categories: with a man on the ground or with a man on board.

The first are those that have smaller dimensions and, in turn, are divided into manual or motor models. Manual sweepers, with sizes slightly larger than those of a lawnmower, are suitable for cleaning courtyards, paths, warehouses and lobbies, have an ergonomic design, are simple to use and ensure proper removal of dust and dirt.

Motor walk-behind appliances must be used in larger structures, for example for the cleaning of industrial buildings or warehouses with surfaces starting from 300 square meters.

Thanks to their suction capacity and the movement ensured by the motor, they allow you to operate quickly and with little effort. To close the picture, there are the sweepers with a man on board that house a driving position and the controls to move easily inside immense structures or outdoors. These are professional appliances, and in the classification of intended uses, they are usually designed for large industry.

The Type of Power

Based on the size and position of the surface to be cleaned, there are models of sweepers that are best suited for use, as you can evaluate by reading the reviews of the various machines.

And these aspects directly influence the type of power supply, i.e. where the appliance draws the energy necessary for its activation and movement. For use in a closed environment, for example, our advice is to opt for a model equipped with a battery (for rooms that are not too large) or with LPG supply.

For the outside, however, both petrol and diesel sweepers are available. Comparing the prices, you will notice that there are machines that, for the same size and functions, cost more than others. The reason is that they are equipped with dual power (fuel and battery), so they can be used anywhere.

For the Right Surface

Depending on the type of floor you will have to clean, some models fit better than others, especially for the kind of brushes they mount. Let’s start by saying that usually, the surfaces with which to interact are: tiles, linoleum, concrete and carpet.

For more regular and smooth floors, it is good to use light brushes that can fulfil their cleaning function but at the same time, protect the surface from the risk of scratches or abrasions.

There are three different materials used to make the brushes: natural fibre, lighter and therefore suitable for not too intense jobs, polypropylene, which guarantees medium hardness and which is ideal for the wide variety of surfaces and steel, for industrial use in situations with a lot of dust or on concrete and asphalt.

How to Use a Power Sweeper?

If there is the need to clean large surfaces, we think of a shed, a warehouse but also “domestic” situations, so to speak, good help can come from a good sweeper machine that, in a short time, will collect all the dirt present on the floor, also saving a lot of effort.

Depending on the size of the surfaces to be treated, you can choose between an industrial and a manual model.

Man on Board

An industrial ride-on sweeper can be used both indoors and outdoors. By its nature, it is suitable for huge surfaces, where there is a certain freedom of movement. In some ways, it is also a fun machine to use because it has to be driven.

It has a steering wheel, a seat, accelerator and brake. To operate such a machine, no special skills are required, nor is a special license or license required: just pay a little attention when you are at the controls.

Man Down

When the surface is not very large, or there is no room for manoeuvre because maybe there are too many obstacles on the way, it is more convenient to choose a walk-behind sweeper. It is a lighter stain than the one seen previously, but it does not mean that power is sacrificed. The smaller dimensions are an additional advantage for those with space problems.


The brushing machine must be easy to handle, easy to control, regardless of whether it is the man on board or the ground. Performing many manoeuvres means wasting time: an agile brushing machine will allow you to finish the cleaning first.

Domestic Brushing Machine

There are brushing machines small enough to find their use in a domestic context. They are particularly light and are particularly suitable for cleaning terraces or garages. These sweepers are also known as the brooms.

They are a ruthless weapon against foliage but be careful not to use it in the garden because the ground would fly everywhere and it is not excluded that the machine could be damaged.

Use the Right Brushes

The type of brushes used is essential, and the choice must be made based on the type of surface to be cleaned. If the machine is to be used on a smooth floor, it is essential to install delicate brushes to combine effective action with the absence of risk of causing scratches and abrasions. Among the possible choices, we suggest natural fiber or polypropylene. In the case of a less delicate floor, steel brushes may work.

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