Car tires, bicycle wheels, inflatable boats for the sea, or soccer balls. If you have often found yourself needing to inflate one of these objects and have had to waste precious time looking for a gas station, the time has probably come to consider purchasing a compressor.

By comparing the prices of the various models on the market, you will find that it is possible to buy a compressor without spending a fortune.

To help you choose, we have created this guide with advice on what aspects to consider before purchase and with the ranking with reviews of the best products for us. Here we will be listing the top 14 best compressors.

Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor
  • No adaptors required
  • Heavy duty acme thread
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Multi-position hooks
  • All steel construction
Myers Tire Supply Branick All Steel Construction 7600 Strut Compressor with...
  • VERSATILE- Handles a wide variety of springs including Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, RAV4, F150, GM pickups and SUVs, Chrysler Minivans...
  • ADJUSTABLE- Works on spring diameters from 3.5" to 11.5", maximum spring compression capacity 3,000 lbs.
  • PORTABLE- Included wheeled cart for easy movement around the shop
  • EFFICIENT- Multi-position upper spring hooks for flexibility to fit "Factory" coil spring configurations
Myers Tire Supply Branick All Steel Construction 7600 Strut Compressor with...
  • VERSATILE- Handles a wide variety of springs including Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, RAV4, F150, GM pickups and SUVs, Chrysler Minivans...
  • ADJUSTABLE- Works on spring diameters from 3.5" to 11.5", maximum spring compression capacity 3,000 lbs.
  • EFFICIENT- Multi-position upper spring hooks for flexibility to fit "Factory" coil spring configurations
BILITOOLS 2-Piece Coil Spring Compressor Tool Heavy Duty Macpherson Strut Spring...
  • Adjustable safeguard brace prevents accidental release of spring under load and enables the removal parts of the tool to always...
  • Rugged frame reduces flexing, bending, and warping even under high tension, each pair of the spring compressor tool can withstand...
  • Ideal solution for a variety of vehicles, including trucks and large sedans. Avoid strut compressors with flimsy hooks creating...
  • This heavy-duty spring compressor tool has a wide jaw capacity of 2.7-10.6 inches (70-270 mm) and an adjustable holder suitable...
  • The screw compressor can hold the spring tightly by rotating the easy to use hexagonal nut. Use 19 mm hex socket or wrench....
8MILELAKE Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor
  • This Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor designed to withstand extreme pressure in any environment, ideal for professional mechanic...
  • Using a 3/4"or 19mm socket and ratchet turn the main shaft compressing the strut spring enough to safely remove the fastener nut...
  • threaded rod with broad spring contact and built-in detent pins to lock the coil spring in place for safer spring compression; it...
  • The 8MILELAKE Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor constructed with forged hooks and center screw hardened for maximum strength and...
  • A plastic carry case is included. easy to organize and carry the tool
SaleRANK NO. 6
OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme, 1 Pack
  • New forged Locking jaws Includes larger pads and offset to clamp onto and compress springs even tighter than before
  • New extra thick 5/8 inch compression arms for superior strength, stability and safety
  • New Locking trunions for optimal stability during spring compression
  • New arm-locking rings eliminate the need for tools to adjust
  • Assembled in USA
SaleRANK NO. 7
OEMTOOLS 25553 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor, Heat-Treated Thread Rod Strut...
  • EASY-TO-USE SPRING COMPRESSOR: Easily remove and replace MacPherson strut springs with the broad contact hooks on our coil spring...
  • SAFE STRUT SPRING COMPRESSION: Strut compression is dangerous work; Our strut compressor features detent pins that keeps the strut...
  • STRUT MAINTENANCE TOOL: Remove MacPherson strut springs quickly and easily so that you can make repairs to the strut assembly;...
  • WON’T BEND DURING USE: Don’t rely on cheaper material to get a dangerous job done; Our durable heat-treated threaded rods on...
  • WORKS ON MOST VEHICLES: Features a threaded length of 9”, making it compatible with most vehicle’s MacPherson strut springs;...
Jacktech SK-3000 Strut Compressor
  • One man operation system that takes less than 10 seconds to compress spring
  • Universal adjustable holding arms prevent spring from popping out
  • Patented Rack and Pinion gear and patented Double Clutch Disc systems provide maximum stability and safety as well as durability...
8MILELAKE Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor Kit Interchangeable Fork Coil...
  • Professional Multi Use MacPherson Interchangeable Fork Spring Compressor Set
  • Compresses all types of MacPherson style coil springs front and rear.
  • Includes three sets of jaws: 2 each of, 65-125mm, 88-160mm and 126-212mm
  • The coil spring compressors are manufactured under very strict quality control and are approved to endure extremely high loads.
  • SGS Test Report: The Max Force 4487 KG. No impact wrench! Hand ratchet only.
BestEquip 3 Ton Capacity Auto Strut Coil Spring Compressor Tool 6600LB Strut...
  • High Performance: The Capacity: 3 Ton (6600 lbs); The lifting height is 495~820 mm (19.5"* 32.3"), and its max support bar shaft...
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: Hydraulic cylinder is made with good tightness. There will be no oil leakage. And needs no efforts to operate...
  • Flexible Compressor: There are 7 small holes on the column by which the compressor can be flexibly adjusted for a wide range of...
  • Easy To Use: This product has a foot pedal for easy and convenient operation, also make sure the use is safe, and saves time and...
  • Wide Application: - Suitable for the disassembly and assembly of strut type shock absorbing springs for cars, off-road vehicles,...
CARTMAN 11.5in Strut Spring Compressor Tool (Set of 2) Macpherson Spring...
  • This item is designed to compress many MacPherson Strut Spring sizes
  • The broad spring contact and built in detent pins help to lock the spring into place for safer
  • This Tools Strut Spring Compressor quickly and safely compresses the spring for easy
  • Replacement of the strut cartridge or strut assembly repair.
  • The hooks are forged and the center screw is hardened for long life.
Powerbuilt Strut Tool and Strut Coil Compressor Kit, Service Struts, Removal,...
  • Designed For Removal, Installation and Service of Strut Type Suspension Systems
  • Complete Kit Allows The Removal and Installation of New or Replacement Strut Caps
  • Wide Range of Coverage To Service Many Makes and Models Featuring Strut Type Suspensions
  • Includes Heavy Duty Blow Molded Case
  • Kit includes usage instruction with photos
Amerbm Spring Compressor Tool Macpherson Interchangeable Fork Strut Coil...
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT🚗: Amerbm spring compressor equipped with a spindle overload protection device, which means that it allows...
  • TECHNICAL INDEX 🚗: Three different spring holder and one washer can meet most sizes of springs on the market.( The specific...
  • EASY TO USE 🚗: Just select 2 spring yokes that match the corresponding springs, fix them on the basic tensioner with the...
  • STURDY AND DURABLE 🚗: Made of #45 carbon steel. The industrial-grade quality is suitable for the top models in the workshop and...
  • SAFER 🚗: Jaws with safety lip, locks the spring in placer during compression. It will be much safer when you operate.
Interchagneable Strut Springs Compressor Kit Coil Set Jaws Case Plastic Project
  • The items you ordered will be shipped out in 1-2 business day via FedEx when your payment is clear. The arrival time is about 7...
  • Compresses all types of Macpherson style coil springs front and rear. Includes three sets of jaws: 2 each of, 65-125mm, 88-160mm...
  • Designed for use with hand ratchet only. 850kg maximum jaw loading with 4X safety factor. 2 pairs yokes to suit springs from 80mm...
  • Wide availability of spare yokes. Safest way to change coil springs. Jaws are easily changed. Interchangeable jaws. Suitable for...
  • For E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E52, E60, E61, E63, E64,E65, E66, E67

Best Strut Compressors Buyer Guide

Belt or Pistons

In principle, the compressors are divided into two categories: those for domestic and hobby use and professional ones. The substantial difference is related to their size and the amount of air they can emit in a minute.

On the market, focusing on models for home use, you can typically find portable compressors (with a capacity of about 6 liters), which make compact dimensions and transportability their strong point, or medium compressors, to be used at home or in the workshop, with a capacity of 20 or 50 liters.

These are piston models made by all the best brands in the sector, which manage to combine good quality, fair power, and an attractive sales price. They are, therefore, suitable for the vast majority of non-professional uses and are the type that we would advise you for occasional use.

If, on the other hand, you need to generate a lot of air, to be also used for painting, screwing bolts, or to use nailers or air chisels, the model you need is one of the belt ones.

These appliances can work for many consecutive hours, as the engine travels at a much lower rpm, and, despite this, they can produce more air than a traditional compressor. The price and dimensions, however, are, on average higher.

The Power

The power supported by a compressor is expressed with a double value combined with the abbreviation HP: the first indicates the amount of energy used to start the engine, the second the energy used while the appliance is operating.

This value is useful for understanding which model is right for you. To give you an indication, a compressor with a small tank needs an engine with good power if your need is to use it for many hours a day. Vice versa, models with massive tanks, work better if coupled with low voltage motors.


Larger compressors, designed for use in a specific environment, are usually powered by electricity and therefore, must be placed near a power outlet.

If your requirement, however, is to always have the appliance with you, for example, in the trunk, to use it in case of need, better opt for a portable car model, powered by gas, or with a cable to be connected to the cigarette lighter. Car.

Like all electrical appliances, the compressor also requires a minimum of maintenance to be performed every three or four months to ensure that it always works flawlessly.

For Hobbyists

This compressor with a 6-liter tank and 8 bar pressure is designed for hobbyists who like to do small jobs themselves without having to resort to the skills of a professional each time.

Mainly, what can be done with the Mecafer compressor? Firstly, put the car tires under pressure, but also use accessories such as the impact wrench to unscrew the bolts or paint.

In short, the opportunities are many, even if the work cannot be extended for a long time without the compressor attacking to start pumping air again. As we have said, the tank is 6 liters, not many, but if the noise generated by the compressor is not a problem for you, then how not to say.

Suitable for Small Workshops

The compressor has small dimensions, and if this, on the one hand, does not make it suitable for professional jobs, on the other, it makes it well suited to a small workshop or garage for typical DIY jobs. Indeed, it is so tiny that there is no need even to have a garage, just a closet. We said about the dimensions, but it is also light.

Therefore transport is not a big problem, even if we have to report the absence of the wheels; consequently, it cannot be towed as it is possible for the larger models.


For its compressor, Mecafer has focused heavily on simplicity and practicality. The controls are intuitive and distinguishable. The pressure gauge is legible and interpreted.

The engine has good power, but you will hear it attack very often because the tank takes little time to empty as the air pressure drops dramatically. There are no accessories. Let us pause for a moment on his materials: these made a good impression. It is undoubtedly a very resistant compressor.

Would we recommend it? Definitely, but we must invite you to think carefully about the use you have to make of it, especially if you need a continuous flow of air, in that case, either bear the noise of the engine or look for a compressor with a much larger tank.

The Size of The Tank

The choice of the size of the tank, at least in our view, must be linked to the use made of the compressor. Those who use it for professional purposes need a constant flow of air without the engine attacking continuously.

So, in this case, it is good to rely on a 100-liter model. But such a compressor is quite bulky, therefore, if there is a need to carry it around, you can be satisfied with a 50-liter tank, which is not a few, and the dimensions are reduced.

If you have a garage or a small workshop where you can enjoy DIY jobs, even in this case, a 50-liter compressor can be fine, while for all other cases, it is better to opt for something smaller.

The Power

No less important, the choice of the compressor is the question of power. As well as for the size of the tank, it too must be suitable for the purpose because pressure and compression times depend on it.

The pressure value can be indicated in two ways, that is, with the most common bar (not the one where you go to get coffee) or with the lesser-known psi. For the uninitiated, one psi equals 14 bar. As for the flow rate, it is indicated in l / m and informs us about the quantity of air delivered in 60 seconds.

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