Having a towel rack in your bathroom will prevent clutter from giving a bad impression of the room. Even if it is spotless, when the towels are left a little bit everywhere, the bathroom can have a scruffy look. We all have a habit of placing several towels on the sliding door of the shower or on the bathtub.

In most bathrooms, there are at least two towel racks. One is usually located near the sink, while the other is near the tub or shower. A third sometimes near the bidet. It is important to find the model that best suits each space, and that is capable of performing its function correctly.

Right below are the best towel racks that are presented in different types.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Franklin Brass Over The Door Triple Towel Rack with Hooks, Satin Nickel Bathroom Towel Holder, Bathroom Accessories, 193153-FN
  • EXCLUSIVE - Over The Door, a Franklin Brass collection, will create a fun new home improvement project, while delivering inspired bathroom décor with coordinating faucet, shower head and bathroom accessory option
  • STYLE - Create an easy-going and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom with this bathroom towel holder. Accomplish a relaxed, spa like bathroom with casual bath hardware accessories.
  • ORGANIZATION - Part of everyday life, this wall-mounted towel holder brings order and style to the bathroom.
  • LONG LASTING - Has a durable, long-lasting finish to help prevent corrosion, tarnish or discolor, so you can enjoy a look you love for life.
  • INSTALLATION - Installation instructions and hardware included.
iDesign York Over the Shower Door Towel Rack for Bathroom, 1.5" x 7" x 22.8", Chrome/Brushed,79150
  • TOWEL RACK: Over the shower door towel rack with 3 bars is perfect for drying and hanging body towels, pool towels, wash cloths, and hand towels. Also great for hanging shirts, pants, dresses, and other clothing items to dry
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply place over shower doors or bathroom doors up to 2" thick - no tools required
  • DURABLE: Metal construction is rust-resistant and durable for years of use
  • STYLISH: Chrome and brushed nickel finish is fashionable and matches a variety of home decor styles
  • IDEAL SIZE: Storage rack measures 1.5" x 7" x 22.8" to fit in any space
mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack Holder with Storage Shelf - 3 Tier Metal Organizer for Bath & Hand Towels, Washcloths, Bathroom Accessories - Chrome
  • STYLISH STORAGE: Towel holder features three bars for hanging bath, face and hand towels of all sizes and thicknesses; Three level design lets you hang larger bath sheets in the back and face or hand towels in the front; Also great for drying beach towels, bathing suits or delicate clothing that requires air-drying; Decorative feet keep stored items elevated; The stylish curves of the free standing towel storage rack add a decorative touch to any bathroom or home decor
  • BUILT-IN SHELF: This towel rack is perfect for holding your washcloths, face towels and full bath sheets stylishly and offers convenient access to you or your guests all while keeping them stored on this modern, stylish free-standing bath furniture piece; Features a bottom shelf that is just the right size for extra face towels, washcloths, bars of soap, hand lotions, essential oils, bath salts, bubble bath, sponges, loofahs, candles and reed diffusers
  • FREE-STANDING: Make the most of unused space in your bathroom - take advantage of unused corners or awkward spaces; No drilling or mounting into walls - simply place where it's most convenient for your bathroom space; Perfect for drying clothing, beach towels, intimates and more on balconies or in laundry rooms; Ideal for hanging blankets and other linens too; Hardware and easy to follow instructions are included for quick and easy assembly
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish; Designed for use in moisture-rich bathroom environments; Easy Care - Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 12" x 25" x 34" high
SaleRANK NO. 4
Kingston Brass SCC8265 Pedestal 2-Tier Steel Construction Towel Rack with Wooden Case, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Pedestal Towel Rack
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Rust Resistant
  • Corrosion and Tarnish-Resistant color finishes offer durability and years of beauty
Whitmor Over The Door, White Towel Rack, Medium
  • White, over the door, 4 Tier, towel rack
  • Fits securely over standard interior doors
  • Manufactured in China
mDesign Bathroom Small Towel Rack Holder & Organizer - Six Levels - Modern Decorative Wall Mount Storage of Washcloths, Hand Towels - Satin
  • 6 TIER STORAGE: Six vertical arms hold and store small towels; The open design makes grabbing a towel quick and easy when your hands are wet; The stylish curves of the wall mount towel storage add a decorative touch to bathroom decor
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE: Make the most of unused wall space and gain vertical storage; Position where it's most convenient for your bathroom space; Use just one, or use multiples to create more storage just where you need it; Perfect for small spaces; Try in apartments, condos, dorms, campers, and RVs
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This rack is simple to assemble and mount to the wall with the included hardware and easy-to-follow instructions; Use in bathrooms, powder rooms and more; Holds small towel sizes, just roll them to fit; mDESIGN TIP - try this in the kitchen or pantry to store wine bottles
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish; Mounting hardware included; Some assembly needed; Easy Care - Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 6.9" x 5.6" x 29.9" high
mDesign Modern Decorative Metal Wall Mount Towel Rack Holder Organizer with Shelf for Storage of Bathroom Towels, Washcloths, Hand Towels - Large - Chrome
  • VERTICAL STORAGE: The wide arm holds and stores towels of many sizes and thicknesses vertically - just adjust the way you roll your towels to find the perfect fit; The open design makes grabbing a towel quick and easy when your hands are wet; The stylish curves of the wall mount towel storage rack add a decorative touch to any bathroom or home decor; Top shelf provides even more storage for extra toiletries, washcloths, tissue boxes or decorative items
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE: Make the most of unused wall space or mount to the back of bathroom doors; mDESIGN TIP: check the depth of your door and use hardware that doesn't exceed that measurement); Position where it's most convenient for your bathroom space; Use just one, or use multiples to create more storage just where you need it whether in a main or guest bathroom; Try them in apartments, condos, college dorm rooms, RVs, campers and cabins; Perfect for small space living and tiny homes
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Wall mount holder easily installs on bathroom walls with the included hardware; No assembly needed, the storage rack is ready to hang and requires minimal wall space; Use in bathrooms throughout the home - guest baths, half bathrooms, powder rooms and the master bath; Holds many towel sizes, just roll them to fit
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of a strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish; Mounting hardware included; Easy Care - Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 5.9" x 12" x 20.39" high
SaleRANK NO. 8
Moen DN8424BN Preston Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Single Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel
  • WARM AND INVITING: Brushed Nickel finish provides a lightly brushed warm-grey metallic look
  • COORDINATING COLLECTION: Coordinates with other Moen bathroom accessories
  • FLEXIBLE PLACEMENT: For use in the bath as well as the kitchen for hanging towels and more
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Designed for hassle-free installation
  • BUILT TO LAST: Backed by Moen's Limited Lifetime Warranty

What to Look for Before Buying Towel Racks?

What Is a Towel Rack?

A towel holder is used to hang towels. Starting from this simple definition, we can say that it is an article that presents various designs. It is also possible that it is an integral part of a piece of furniture. It can be as simple as a hook, or it can have various auxiliary elements, without forgetting those models that incorporate a radiator.

What Materials Can the Towel Rails Be Made Of?

On the market, you will find towel racks made of different materials. Analyze their characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We recommend evaluating the rest of the bathroom furnishings.

It is not necessary that everything is made of the same material, but the environment must be harmonious and must present accessories that match each other. These are the most typical materials:

  • Wood. It is very nice to look at, but it is not so resistant to humidity, except for some models that are manufactured in areas with a tropical climate.
  • Aluminum. It is quite resistant over time. It is a light material and with which very nice models are made.
  • Stainless steel. It offers great results. It lasts long enough and avoids the dreaded corrosion.
  • Plastic. It is the cheapest material, but also the least durable. White towel racks tend to turn yellow.

Kind of Design Can Towel Racks Have?

The design of a towel rack is very important. You must be sure that it is suitable for the decoration of the bathroom and the rest of the space that surrounds it. It is not extremely necessary, but in many cases, it is better to standardize all the towel racks that you place in the room.

Do you think that mixing many different styles in a rather small space can convey a sense of disorder?

  1. Single hook towel rack. It is a simple hook that can be placed in various parts of the bathroom. On it, it is possible to hang only one towel and can have multiple types of installation on the wall.
  2. Towel rack with multiple hooks. It usually consists of a stand that has various hooks. There are models that are fixed to the bathroom door and are used to hang towels and bathrobes. They can also be fixed to the wall and perform the same function. It is important not to overload this model if you want to give order to the environment.
  3. Towel rack with bar. It is a bar that is installed on the wall or on a piece of furniture. Depending on its size, you will be able to place more than one towel, but only if well folded. They can be fixed to the two ends of the bathroom, or only on one side. In addition, they can be placed parallel to the wall or bathroom cabinet.
  4. Towel rack with a swivel bar. It is support fixed to the wall with one or more bars. It is placed parallel to the wall, and the bars are rotatable from one side to the other. It is easier to take towels.
  5. Ring towel holder. It has a ring that can have a more or less oval shape and can be both open and closed. Only a folded towel is placed inside. They have support to fix them to the wall or to a piece of furniture. They are very practical and take up little space.
  6. Towel rack with shelf. It is a towel holder with a shelf and one or more bars. It is a convenient option and is usually placed near the bath or shower. On it, you can set the towels of all family members. In addition, it has extra shelf space and sometimes also has hooks.
  7. Freestanding towel rack. In addition to being a type of towel rack, it can also be classified as a design object. There are various models, for example, with more or fewer bars or shelves, and some even have the possibility of supporting a bathrobe.
  8. Ladder towel rack. It is similar to the freestanding towel rack but leans against the wall as if it were a ladder. Usually, it has various bars for placing towels.

Many Types of Towel Racks with Radiators Can You Buy?

As you have already read in this guide, a towel rail with radiator can be a good idea for your bathroom. Although you can find models with an attractive design, in this case, it is above all a practical element. You need to understand if this is the type of towel rack you are looking for. To do this, you need to know what the two options are:

  • Water. You will need a boiler and a central system for radiators. This towel rack will be an extra radiator in the home and will function as such. It must, therefore, be connected to the radiator circuit of the house. It’s a great option if you’re completely renovating your bathroom. If not, you will need to do some work to be able to create this plumbing.
  • Electric. With this type of towel holder, you only need a power outlet; it will not be necessary to renovate your bathroom. There are some who stand and others who can instead be fixed to the wall.

Where Can Towel Racks with Radiators Be Placed?

They can be placed in any room, and the important thing is that they are located below a window or on an external wall of the apartment. However, other factors should also be considered in the bathroom.

We can divide this area into three different spaces: the tub area, the space around the tub, and the remaining space. Starting from this point, try to understand where you need to place it:

The electric ones can only be placed outside the first two areas. They cannot be inside the area of ​​the tank or in the space that surrounds it since water and electricity must always be separated as much as possible.

The water ones could be placed in all three areas, but we recommend not to do it in the first one. In this way, you will avoid spoiling them with water, and it will be more convenient not to have it in the middle while taking a shower.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of A Towel Rack?

At this point, you already know what the most exciting aspects of this product are. You have also discovered specific characteristics that are certainly essential to you. It may be that you have already discarded certain models, but we advise you to evaluate other purchase criteria.

Before doing so, we show you in this table what are the main advantages and disadvantages of a towel holder.

  • They help maintain order in the bathroom
  • They allow improving the aesthetics of the bathroom
  • There are models for all types of bathroom
  • Some are not suitable for small bathrooms
  • There are models that do not favor order as much as others


To install a towel holder with a drill, you will have to drill the wall and use the necessary elements to keep it fixed. You have to know exactly where you want to place it, so you don’t have to change places and leave holes in view.

Don’t forget that replacing a tile is not a walk at all. Also, it will be challenging to find the same if you don’t have more of that set. The towel rails fixed with adhesives resistless weight than the previous ones, but in any case, they can be changed without the wall being damaged.

This is a good idea if you like to change the furniture frequently. Finally, there are those that are installed by suckers. They certainly support little weight and keep detaching, but its installation is quick and straightforward.


Although it may seem obvious, you need to consider the type of towels you want to put on it. For sink towels, we recommend a towel rack that can be easily accessed, and that is not too close to the toilet.

If space is limited, a towel holder under the sink can be ideal, as well as a towel holder with a parallel bar to the cabinet or a ring. In the bath or shower area, the towels are more abundant and, if the bathroom is shared with other people, surely there will be several.

We advise you to opt for a towel holder with at least two bars and hooks for hanging various things. If you don’t have a lot of space, the hook ones are a good option, always if they don’t clash with the rest of the environment, or in other words, that doesn’t bother you to see them.


If your bathroom is spacious, try to find fairly large towel racks. Self-standing or ladder ones can be a good option. If the bathroom is small, limit all decorative elements as much as possible, as well as the number of towels. Opt for a hook or open-loop ones. Make sure that when placing the towel, it is not too close to the toilet or bidet..

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