Thanks to the research in the beautiful garment, we get a lot of new information every day, and the wooden comb is the result of this constant study. Its many benefits bring spectacular and tangible effects on our hair. They are ecological and straightforward objects and help us take care of our hair.

We know how important it is to be environmentally conscious today, and every little action we can contribute to is welcome. If you want to know the many advantages of these products in addition to the one just mentioned, we advise you to continue reading the guide we have prepared to help you choose the best wooden comb on the market!

Here we have listed out the best wooden comb. You can select which one suits you better.

Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Combs - Anti-Static...
  • Made of High Quality 100% Natural Green Sandalwood. (Each Hair Comb will be Slightly Different)
  • Crafted with refined traditional handicrafts, well polished, smooth and seamless.
  • Helps to relieve tension and stimulate scalp; Prevent tangled hair and split ends;
  • Unlike Plastic Hair Comb, Green Sandalwood Hair Comb will Not Snag your Hair; Anti-Static
  • Length: 8.07 inches; Handle Length: 3 inches; Width: 2.12 inches
SaleRANK NO. 2
Louise Maelys Hair Comb Wooden Wide Tooth Comb for Curly Hair Detangling...
  • Size: 7.8 * 2.1 inch (20 x 5.5cm)
  • Made of high quality natural green sandalwood comb. So it has a special wood scent, some people may don't like this odor. But...
  • Anti static! There are always a few hair stand up when use average comb during dry and windy weather. But use the Sandalwood comb...
  • Massage your head by combing from the front hairline to the back often using the natural sandalwood wood comb, distribute oils...
Hair Comb - Wood with Anti-Static & No Snag Handmade Brush for Beard, Head Hair,...
  • Hair, Beard and Mustaches - will all benefit from this classically styled, sturdy straight wood comb.
  • Anti-Static and Detangles - even the most stubborn beards and head hair. Take comfort knowing your hair is no match for the Rocky...
  • Traditional Design - No fancy attachments here - just a solid wood comb (5.4 inches x 2 inches) that will take care of you every...
  • Perfect Gift- The perfect gift for your Dad, Brother or Husband. Give the gift of a well groomed man.
  • Shaping and Detailing - Straighten out your hair or beard so you can shape the way you want whether your using beard oil, beard...
Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Green Sandalwood Fine Tooth Wooden Comb for Men...
  • The Best Natural Green Sandalwood. Smooth Finish with small dimensions. Measures 6.5 x 1.61 x 0.32 inch.
  • Sandalwood promotes healthy scalp oil and hair growth in Men, none-static compared to plastic.
  • Wallet sized groom kit perfect for small gifts. Handmade grooming accessory in foldable size for travel.
  • Most Barbers recommend daily brush grooming to reduce coarse facial hairs and to promote healthy growth.
  • Daily grooming made simple in a small handle, we recommend products such as oils, balms, waxes, and pomade.
3 PCS Peach Wooden Comb Women and Men Comb - Wide & Narrow Tooth (S023)
  • 3 Pcs for one set
  • MAKE HER FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN – Look and feel your best with a well-groomed beard. She’ll be sure to notice who the...
  • IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR BEARD - Why settle for anything but the best. Our Pear Wood Beard Comb is perfect for applying oils and...
  • FIND OUT WHAT YOU’RE MISSING – Find out for yourself, why others are saying this is the best comb they’ve ever come across!...
Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Black Sandalwood Hair Combs - Anti-Static...
  • Made of High Quality 100% Natural Black Sandalwood. (Each Hair Comb will be Slightly Different)
  • Crafted with refined traditional handicrafts, well polished, smooth and seamless.
  • Helps to relieve tension and stimulate scalp; Prevent tangled hair and split ends.
  • Unlike Plastic Hair Comb, Black Sandalwood Hair Comb will Not Snag your Hair; Anti-Static
  • Length: 8.66 inches; Handle Length: 3.25 inches; Width: 2.09 inches
Wooden Beard Comb & Case, Dual Action Fine & Coarse Teeth, Perfect for use with...
  • Find Out What You’re Missing – Find out for yourself, why others are saying this is the best comb they’ve ever come across!...
  • Make Her Fall In Love All Over Again – Look and feel your best with a well-groomed beard. She’ll be sure to notice who the...
  • Command Attention When You Walk Into The Room – Look and feel like a million bucks! A well-groomed beard will give you the...
  • If You Care About Your Beard - Why settle for anything but the best. Our Pear Wood Beard Comb is perfect for applying oils and...
  • The Viking Promise: If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll take care of it.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Wooden Hair Combs for Men,Men's Wood Beard Comb with Leather Travel Case,Mens...
  • Material: Hand Made 100% natural wooden comb.the wooden comb will never creat static electricity.
  • Travel Case: More delicate and soft leather with double crossed suture make the case more beautiful and durable.
  • Function: Our combs have rounded teeth avoid to damage hair scalp
  • Package: Wooden comb x 1 & leather case x 1.Size: 6.25 x 2.28 inches
  • Great Gift: Great gift to father,son,husband,boyfriend or anyone you want to share the happiness
SaleRANK NO. 9
Belula 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set (Medium). Soft Natural Bristles for Thin...
  • ✅ Restore your natural shine and texture - Indulge your hair with a 2-5 short brushing ritual with our soft boar bristle...
  • ✅ Less frizz, less styling products – Boar brushes are not styling hair brushes! Their main goal is to distribute the...
  • ✅ Thin, short or fine hair – The black boar bristle brush works for thin, short, or fine hair. Longer or thicker hair will...
  • ✅ Complete set – Use the wooden comb to detangle your hair before brushing and cleaning your bristle hair brush. The Spa...
  • ✅ Zero risks, only benefits – In the unlikely event that our premium brushes are not right for you, we offer a 2-months...
SaleRANK NO. 10
Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb - Men's Hair, Beard & Mustache Comb - Pocket...
  • The Ultimate Mens Comb - Since 2015, thousands worldwide have enjoyed this fun and fashionable hair and beard comb for men. It's...
  • All Natural 5 Star Hair Care - Promote healthy hair growth and reduce breakage with this static free detangling wooden comb. The...
  • Durable Wood Comb - Handcrafted from 100% sandalwood; this combs for men, it's tough and long lasting, will stand up to daily use,...
  • Spiffy Style and Swanky Good Looks - That’s you. We want to help you achieve the best look for your beard and your hair!...
  • Viking Guarantee - Try It Risk Free - The Striking Viking men's comb comes with a Guarantee. Just contact us if for any reason...

Buying Guide to Select the Best Wooden Comb

Although this hair care article is increasingly used, both by professionals and for home use, there are still many people who doubt its effectiveness and usefulness. Therefore, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about wooden combs. Once you try them, you won’t want to use any more!

Why Is It a Good Idea to Use Wooden Combs?

For the need to reduce the use of plastic, which is harmful to our health and the environment. Apart from these aspects, which we will discuss later, the following ones are the reasons why specialists recommend the use of wooden combs.

  • This type of comb protects the hair, promotes the regeneration of the scalp, and gives it vitality.
  • They detangle more efficiently and minimize hair breakage during styling.
  • They are much more useful for unruly or frizzy curly hair than plastic combs.
  • The advantages of wooden combs are visible both initially (reduction of static electricity) and in the long term (aesthetic improvement of hair).
  • Wooden combs significantly reduce scalp irritation or allergic reactions.

The latter reason gives us the main reason why most people start using wooden combs. The truth is that they are effective against the notorious static electricity that plastic combs leave, and that can ruin a hairstyle we have spent a lot of time on you can use the hair wax with the wooden comb for a great hairstyle.

What Types of Wooden Combs Are There?

When we talk about the types of wooden combs, we mean the size of the teeth and the distance that exists between them. Furthermore, of course, we can refer to the model, that is, if it is a comb or a brush. Therefore, taking into account the first criterion, we can distinguish:

  • Wooden Combs with Crowded Teeth: ideal for combing and detangling hair, especially when they are wet. They are the most suitable for curly or wavy hair since they do not deform the natural appearance.
  • Wooden Combs with Beautiful Teeth: recommended for short or beautiful hair, as the short distance between the teeth can damage thicker hair. They are efficient for defined hairstyles.

As we have observed, the choice between one type or another depends entirely on our hair type. It is important to remember that what we want to avoid at all costs is the breaking of the fibers because it weakens the hair and prevents it from growing healthy and strong. If we have doubts about convenience, it is better to ask a specialist.

With Which Woods Can Wooden Combs Be Made?

For the manufacture of wooden combs, three different types of wood are usually used: hard, tropical, and soft. Each of them has specific characteristics that make them ideal for this type of hair care products. Let’s see all this in more detail to know what it is:

  • Hardwoods (walnut, Birch, or Oak, Among Others): coming from deciduous trees, this type of wood is tough and resistant. Also, we can find a wide variety of colors.
  • Tropical Woods (ebony or Teak, for Example): belonging to hardwoods, but much more resistant to humidity. This feature is ideal if we use the comb a lot with wet hair.
  • Softwoods (pine, Cypress or Fir, Among Others): from evergreen trees. They are very light and malleable, ideal for combs with sophisticated designs.

Each of them stands out for its properties and is suitable for different uses. The meaning of this question is addressed only to natural wooden combs. It is important to emphasize this fact, as as we will see below, not all of them are 100% natural, contrary to what many people think.

Are All Wooden Combs Natural?

No. This will be one of the factors we need to pay attention to before choosing between the different wooden combs that we will find. Many brands advertise artificial wood as if it had the same properties as natural wood; we must not fall for this deception.

The main difference between them is that while natural wood is made directly from trees, plastic lumber is made from wood waste and chemical components.

Therefore, the quality is much lower. Natural forests have a better appearance and quality, are brighter and are much more beneficial for the hair.

Do Wooden Combs Need Specific Care?

This question is very interesting since we usually don’t ask it very often. However, the maintenance of wooden combs (and, in general, of all hair care items) influences much more than we think the hair, both for cleaning and health. These are some of the tips from the specialists:

  • Whenever you finish using the comb, remember to remove any hair that has become entangled between the teeth of the comb.
  • We strongly recommend that you wash at least the comb with soap and water to remove dirt or hair products you have used.
    It is also essential to sterilize and disinfect the combs at least once a month (and more, if you are not the only person using them) with water and
  • ammonia.

By following these simple guidelines, we make sure that our comb is always in the best conditions for its use. It is difficult to have perfect hair if the material we treat them with is not clean. Finally, we must avoid using broken combs, as they will cause more damage to the hair or scalp.

Do Wooden Combs Prevent Hair Loss?

Despite being a widespread belief, as well as a statement that many brands use to promote their hair care product, the truth is that wooden combs do not prevent hair loss. What they do is reduce the damage done to the hair when we comb it or detangle it too often.

As we have repeated on more than one occasion, the reason why wooden combs are better for hair is that their finish and consistency favor a softer sliding of the tuft. In this way, fewer hair fibers break, and less hair remains in the comb. That’s why it is believed to prevent falling.

Purchase Criteria

With the considerable offer we have today for everything related to the world of hair care, it is normal that we consider every new purchase with the utmost attention.

To facilitate the choice and make sure we find the right option, it is worth considering certain aspects. Below, we present the main purchase criteria for wooden combs:

  • Type of comb
  • Type of wood
  • Teeth or tips
  • Use
  • Quality

Type of Comb

First of all, which is why it is the first purchase criterion we want to talk about, we have to choose which type of wooden comb suits us best. In this case, the initial decision is between the proper comb or the brush. Although it may seem far-fetched, the difference will be based solely on taste.

While there are women who prefer combs, with teeth aligned, there are many others for whom brushes are much more comfortable, as they are much faster. If you haven’t tried both types, we recommend you do it so you can see for yourself which one convinces you the most.

Type of Wood

Once we have opted for one of the main types (some have one for each), we must choose the wood with which we want our comb to be made. Previously, we talked about the different types of wood and the particular characteristics that make each of them ideal for this type of article.

Since this is not a topic we usually talk about or that most people know about, a good trick to be sure of buying our new comb is to ask the specialists. We are confident that in a few places, they know your hair better than from your trusted hairdresser where you usually go.

Teeth or Tips

Another of the fundamental aspects that we must take into consideration when deciding to buy a new wooden comb is the size and separation of the teeth or tips it has.

Let’s remember what we said about it. On the one hand, separate teeth are suitable for thick or curly hair, since they do not deform them.

However, beautiful and close-up teeth are ideal for hair with these same characteristics. If we try to untangle thick hair with too thin teeth, we will notice that the fibers break, and we do not get the desired effect. A basic rule: know your hair and act accordingly.


Of course, before making the final decision, we need to think about the use we are going to give to the comb.

Not only because this will be one of the factors that tilt the balance on one side or the other, but also because of the number of combs, we will need. Many women use it differently for each occasion.

With the arrival of summer, for example, or to go to the gym, some people prefer to have a unique and exclusive comb. In this case, the characteristics we will look for will be lightness and size.

However, for the comb that we will use daily at home, we will look for more quality, regardless of how much space you take up.


Last but not least, we must mention the quality. As with any other hair care product (shampoo, conditioner, hair iron, among others) or cosmetics (creams or makeup), we should always look for the best products. It is no longer just an aesthetic issue, but also a matter of health.

If we think that the items or products will be in contact with our skin, or with our scalp and hair, in this case, we don’t want to leave anything to chance. The higher the quality of the article, the better the results. Also, the hair is very delicate and should not be damaged more than necessary.


Wooden combs are a new revolution in the world of hair care. If you still don’t know them, you should know that this type of combs brings many benefits to the hair, both about the results and about their care. This is why today they are one of the most requested items.

We can find a wide variety of different types and models to choose from, so regardless of how your hair is, you will always find the one that best suits your needs and from which you will get the most out of it. Haven’t you tried them yet? What are you waiting for? You will fall in love with it!

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