We know how boring it is to check the time if we wake up clock radios-a-projection during the night or groping for the alarm clock in the morning when it is still dark, and the alarm sounds.

With the best projection clock radio, this belongs to the past. Thanks to this device, the numbers are projected with the light on the ceiling or the wall and are usually large enough not to have to wake up completely to decode them. You can also adjust the beam angle to your liking.

This type of device wakes you up with a standard or musical alarm. And if you don’t wake up on the first ring, with the snooze function, you will hear another after a few minutes.

Here we have selected the best projection clocks. These are the best and latest clocks.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock, Digital Clock Projector with Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer, Weather Station, Dual Alarm, USB Charging, Snooze Function and Colorful Backlight for Bedroom
  • 【180° FLIPPED PROJECTION CLOCK】Clearly projects time and temperature on ceiling or walls. Long press the minus button “-” to flip projection 180 degrees so you can tell time and know temperature simply lying on the bed. (Note: the projection takes turns displaying indoor and outdoor temperature every 5 seconds. )
  • 【IPX4 WIRELESS SENSOR】An included splash-resistant wireless sensor transmits 433MHz signals to your projection alarm clock to display real-time indoor/outdoor temperature and weather forecast. The alarm clock projection on ceiling can predict the weather for the next 12 hours. There are 6 weather forecast icons on the screen and 8-color adjustable backlight for you to choose.
  • 【DUAL ALARM CLOCK WITH SNOOZE】Digital projection alarm clock makes it possible to set two separate wake-up alarms. Snooze function gives you an extra 5-minute sleep before alerting you again.
  • 【BATTERY BACKUP】Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included), this projection alarm clock will keep time settings when you plug out the wall adapter or during a power outage. (Note: backlight of the screen and projection will shut off when using batteries as power source. )
  • 【USB OUTPUT】A 5V/ 1A USB output interface at the side of the projection alarm clock allows you to charge your iPhone, Android cellphones, and tablet PC effortlessly. One year . If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.
SaleRANK NO. 2
La Crosse Technology 616-146 Color Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor temperature & Charging USB port
  • Color LCD and nighttime backlight
  • Project time and/or outdoor temperature on ceiling or wall
  • 90 degree arm rotation,7 time zone settings
  • Please refer the User Manual under product description for installation and trouble shooting steps
  • Wireless outdoor temperature and monitors indoor temperature
DreamSky Projection Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging Port & FM Radio 10 Preset Stations, 2 Inches Large Blue Led Number with Dimmer, Snooze, Sleep Timer,12H Display, Plug in Alarm Clock for Bedroom
  • Projection Clock: Project time on ceiling or walls, clear readout will be full reviewed by just lying on the bed.180-degree swivel projection allow you to check time without rolling over.
  • Large Blue Display with Dimmer: Large 7.5" screen with 2" ultra clear illuminated blue Led digit display. Time is easy to see at a glance as desk clock. Dimmer function enables you to set the brightness to high, low or completely off. 12Hr display with PM indicator.
  • FM Radio with 10 Preset Stations: Built-in digital FM tuner lets you choose from a wide variety of radio( 87.5-108 MHz). 10 stations preset ability allows you to store your favorite channel. Benefit sleep timer function lets you fall asleep with the playing radio preset for a certain amount of time. (10-120 minutes)
  • Wake Optional with Adjustable Volume: Preset wake up to buzzer or radio, both alarm source volume can be adjusted to your comfortable level (1-15L). Ascending alarms will reach its max within 3-5 seconds. 9 minutes snooze can be repeated in one hour.
  • AC Powered with USB Charging Port: Main powered electronic alarm clock (input power 100-240 V). Extra USB port allows you to charge smart phone (iphone, samsung ect). 2AAA backup batteries(not included) needed for memorize the settings in case of main power outage. Note: Backup batteries do not power on the unit nor trigger the alarms.
SaleRANK NO. 4
La Crosse Technology C82929-INT WiFi Projection Weather Alarm Clock, Black
  • Use as stand alone weather station or connect to Wi-Fi and use with free La Crosse View app (Wi-Fi connection requires 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi network; Mobile device works with iOS and Android OS) offering bonus, enhanced features: NWS weather information, personalize display messages, additional forecast icons and notifications, with much more
  • Adjustable projection angle and intensity levels with the ability to select what is to be projected (options: Current time; Indoor temperature with humidity; Internet outdoor temperature (when Wi-Fi connected); Extra sensor information (if extra sensor is connected to alarm clock)
  • Displays 12/24 manual set time (internet time set when Wi-Fi connected); Complete calendar weekday, month, day, and year; Built-in internal sensor reads ambient room temperature (F/C adjustable and humidity (%RH)
  • Nap timer and time alarm with adjustable snooze duration (5 minute intervals up to 120 minutes)
  • USB charge port (1 AMP max current, self regulating)
LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock with FM Radio, Temperature Monitor, USB Charger, Weekend Mode, 2-Color VA Display with 4 Dimmer,℃/℉Switch, DST, Sleep Timer, Snooze, 12/24H
  • 【Projection Clock with Focusing Function & Auto-off Setting】---The 180°rotary projector ensures clear time display with 4 brightness. The focusing knob allows 0.5-5m projection distance from wall ceiling. Long press the“Project”button to flip projection view upside down. The projection will automatically turn off after turning off the alarm in AUTO mode ( long press "-”).
  • 【2-Color Clear Time Display & 4-level Brightness】---The Blue & White VA display with 4 dimming levels ensures easy-reading far across the bedroom for kids and the elderly. 12 or 24hr switch.
  • 【15 FM Radios with Sleep Timer】--- Easy tuning in 15 FM radio channels with 15 level volume adjustable. The sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep to the radio within 90 minutes(customerized). Radio will automatically turn off after the specified time.
  • 【Temperature Monitor & Weekend Mode & DST】---The weekend mode will never disturb your weekend. 12 or 24hr switch, Indoor temperature ( ℃ or ℉) Display. Time automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time with the DST mode. You can choose BUZZER or 15 radio stations as alarm sound.
  • 【USB Phone Charger & Power-off Memory】---With 5V/1.2A USB output interface, you can charge smartphones when sleeping. The digital clock works only with AC power. Besides, the built-in backup battery remembers the settings of time/ alarm / radio in power outage.
SaleRANK NO. 6
SMARTRO Projection Alarm Clock Digital Clock with Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer, USB Charger, Dual Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms, Travel, AC & Battery Operated
  • TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT TIME PROJECTION: When the digital alarm clock is operated by AAA batteries (not included), by pressing the top button to turn on the backlit LCD screen and projection for a few seconds. When using the 5V power adapter, the backlit and projection will always light on. Simply press the snooze button to adjust the 3 brightness mode for backlit , light - medium - out. The USB socket can be used as a charger for mobile device.
  • PROJECTION CLOCK: The time projection on ceiling or wall are easy to see throughout the room. The suggested distance of projection is 3.3 ~ 9.8 ft (1 ~ 3 m). Time projected in a soft red color, the projection can be reversed 90 degrees. It is very convenient to view and will not disturb your sleeping in bedroom. Ideal small alarm clock for kids.
  • INDOOR ROOM THERMOMETER & HYGROMETER GAUGE: Equipped with professional grade sensors, the thermometer and humidity monitor for house provides most accurate measurements, displayed with indoor temperature and humidity, allows you to be aware if adjustments are necessary. Perfect alarm clocks for bedrooms, keeps you and your family's living conditions optimal.
  • DUAL ALARMS WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION: Set two separate alarms for different purposes. With snooze function, this alarm clock allows you to get extra five minutes’ sleep time. 2 minutes loud ringing, best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Press any key except the top button to stop the alarm, the alarm will automatically stay on for next day.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: DUAL alarms, indoor temperature and humidity, 12/24 hour, date, and week which are all displayed on the 3’’ backlit LCD screen. Deluxe packaging makes it a perfect gift choice or an ideal travel companion.
Secura Projection Alarm Clock, Radio Alarm Clock with Memory Function(Up to 15 FM), Dual Alarm with 4 Alarm Sounds, 5'' Curved LED Screen Display, 3 Dimmer, 12/24 Hour, USB Phone Charger
  • ♦ 180°Projection Display ♦ -- Super clear projection view onto your ceiling or wall with 180-degree rotation; Long press the “Project” button can flip projection view upside down 180°.
  • ♦ 15 FM Radio Clock with Sleep Timer ♦ -- 15 memories of FM stations allow you to preset your favorite stations and access them quickly (FM: 76.0-108.0MHz). The radio station featured with sleep timer (5-90 minutes), and the radio will automatically turn off after the specific time. With 15-level volume can also be alarm voice for heavy sleeper.
  • ♦ Dual Alarm with Snooze Function ♦ -- Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 can be set for sounding at different times, you can also set the alarm to play the radio or just regular sounds. Snooze function gives you extra minutes’ sleep before alerting you again, default setting is 9 minutes, can be set in between 5--60mins.
  • ♦ USB Phone Charger & Power-off Memory ♦ Charges your iphone or Android smartphone using your 5V/1A USB cord (not included); Plug the included USB cord into your computer or USB charge port for full function. Limited function with included CR2032 power backup battery.
  • ♦ Adjustable brightness ♦ -- Large display with 4 dimmer optional, can be adjusted manually or automatically.
SaleRANK NO. 8
La Crosse Technology WT-5220U-IT Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
  • Wireless outdoor temperature (°F/°C), Monitors indoor temperature (°F/°C)
  • Projects time and outdoor temperature (alternating) on wall or ceiling in easy to read numbers
  • Projection and arm rotate for proper viewing, Automatic focus of projection
  • Atomic time and date with manual setting, Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option)
  • 12/24 time display, Perpetual calendar, Time zone setting, Time alarm with snooze, AC power adapter included
La Crosse Technology C80765-INT Wattz 3-n-1 Projection Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger, Black
  • 5 Watt Wireless charging cradle with indicator and smart watch holder; Universal compatibility for Qi-enabled phones (charges horizontal or vertical); Also, included 1 AMP USB charging port (external charge cable not included) with magnetic cable cord organizer for neatness & simplicity
  • Dynamic Color LCD with manual 12/24 hour time and crescendo alarm; Displays calendar: weekday/date; AM/PM with seconds; indoor temperature (F/C) and humidity (%RH)
  • Adjustable projection intensity (HI/LO/OFF) with rotation wheel for proper viewing angle; Projection display: Time Only, or Outdoor temperature/humidity only (if applicable), or alternate between both options
  • Backlight intensity (HI/MED/LO/OFF) with Programmable Auto-Dim feature
  • Includes 5. 0V AC adapter power cord to operate (no batteries required – internal memory holds settings up to 6 minutes if clock loses power)
ROCAM Alarm Clock with Projection on Ceiling,Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Digital Clock Alarm with LED Display & Dimmer, Ceiling Display Clocks Dual Alarm Clock USB Charger
  • 【180 ° rotation projection time】Alarm clock projected in a soft blue color on wall, it is very clear to view the time but will not disturb you or your kids when sleeping. You still can adjust the sharpness according to the distance, and flip the projected image by 180 degrees.Avoid the actions you need to open your phone to check the time。
  • 【7" LED Display with Dimmer】The screen of the clock is large ,and screen numbers are clear and easy to read,you can read it from the other side of the room even for short-sighted and elders.It is the best gift for the elderly, children, friends.According to your habits, press the "SET TIME" button at the top of the clock to adjust the "12/24 H" selection.
  • 【DUAL ALARMS & SNOOZE & ADJUSTABLE RINGER】The projection alarm clock enables you to set two separate wake-up times for you and your partners at the same day, which is a great choice for a 2-person bedroom. The snooze button is in a convenient central location to turn off alarm to get extra 9 minutes sleep before alerting you again. Alarm volume can be adjusted to your preference by “V+” or “V-” buttons and the alarm sounds is incrementally louder。The best helper to get up
  • 【USB Port for Charging&Battery Backup for Setting】The clock is outlet powered for supporting functions such as USB charging, projection, alarm and time display. Two AAA 1.5V batteries(not included) are required to ensure memorization of time settings so that you don't need to reset time after encountering power outage. USB charging port is compatible with all Android & IOS smart-phones, tablets, Kindle or any other digital devices.
  • 【3-level Brightness Adjustment-Loud Projection Alarm Clock 】 If you are sensitive to light at night by repeatedly pressing "DIMMER" switch with 3 levels.With simple & intuitive control buttons, the projection clock is super easy to set up even for youth or seniors who are not familiar with digital technology devices.

Things to Know About Projection Clocks

The Most Important Things About Projection Clocks

The main function of any alarm is to make a sound to warn you that the time has come to get up. However, as you will see below in this same guide, some models offer additional functionality.

When making your final choice, you will need to take into account some important aspects. For example, ease of use, silent operation, various types of bells, or any other function offered by the device.

The item must allow you to schedule the alarm to repeat several times. This is one of the most important functions, as it will prevent you from continuing to sleep.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Projection Clock

Without a doubt, the previous paragraph has been very useful to you. It allowed you to find out which are the best alarm clocks based on the opinion of those who have used them.

Also, you have seen that not all alarm clocks are created equal. In fact, in the market, you will find very advanced and quite elementary models. So now is the time to get to know these devices better.

What Is the Clock?

The alarm clock is a device, digital or analog, which is used to wake up. Usually, the device uses sound to accomplish this task, but some models employ a light source.

You can choose the time at which the alarm sounds and if it is a digital model, even the day. The alarms go off easily and normally have a function that allows the alarm to repeat.

Is a Digital or Analog Alarm Clock Better?

One of the most frequent doubts that you can have when buying an alarm clock is choosing a digital or analog model. Analog alarm clocks are those that display the time through classic hands. The digital ones, on the other hand, show the time via a digital display.

When choosing an alarm clock, keep in mind that digital models work exclusively as alarms or clocks, while digital alarm clocks can also act as clock radios, speakers, or mp3 players.

Analog devices are superior in terms of aesthetics and price, but digital ones win on any other front. Analog alarm clocks can be noisy, while digital alarm clocks can have annoying light for certain users.

Why Buy an Alarm Clock Instead of Using a Cell Phone?

Considering that any smartphone has an alarm function, it may ask you why to buy one. Not sleeping with your cell phone near the bed is one of the reasons why we recommend you buy an alarm clock. It has not yet been proven that this practice is safe. Also, you may be tempted to use the phone.

Experts argue that using a cell phone before sleep can cause sleep disturbances. Furthermore, keeping it close to hand, it is likely that you will find yourself using it, losing precious minutes, or even hours, of sleep.

Or, you may be awakened by the arrival of a message. For these reasons, it is better to buy an alarm clock and leave the smartphone in another room.

What Are the Main Parts of A Digital Alarm Clock?

When it comes to an understanding of how a digital alarm clock works, it is important to know the various parts that make it up. In this way, you can check the functioning of each component and make sure that its use is simple. Check out this list:

  • Screen. The screen is usually larger than that of analog alarm clocks. The numbers must be easily readable. Besides, the luminaire must have good lighting.
  • Adjustable Display. The adjustable display is used to balance the screen brightness. It is very important because in case the brightness is excessive, or the user is particularly sensitive to light, and the display could disturb sleep.
  • Alarm Repeat Function (snooze). The alarm repeat function must not only be present but must also be simple to use. If it is needed to allow, you to sleep a few minutes longer, activating it cannot be too complicated. It is a help to wake you up little by little without being afraid of staying in bed all morning.
  • Extra Battery. The alarm clock performs a fundamental task: to get you on time to important appointments. Whether it’s going to work, a doctor’s appointment, or at the airport, it’s essential that it works. For this reason, each alarm clock should be equipped with two power sources, such as
  • Rechargeable Battery/batteries or Socket/batteries. The important thing is that when one fails, the other starts working.
  • Multiple Alarms. Thanks to multiple alarms, you can set a different alarm for you and another person. Also, you can use this function instead of
  • Repeating the Alarm. For example, you can set the alarm at 7:30 and another at 8 to wake up gradually.
  • Bluetooth. An alarm clock with Bluetooth function can be connected to a smartphone to manage some of its functions.
  • Projector. As you have seen, there are alarm clocks that project the time on the ceiling or walls. It is a function that serves to better see the time when you wake up at night or before falling asleep. Make sure it’s a suitable option for you.
  • Progressive Alarm. In this case, the alarm volume is initially low and gradually rises. It is a help to wake up progressively.
  • USB Port. It is used to charge the alarm battery.

What Can Help with Buying an Alarm Clock?

In addition to the features seen above, there are several factors to consider when buying an alarm clock. Further on, we will analyze other aspects in detail, but you must take into consideration those presented below. By doing this, you can be sure of making a good purchase. Take note of this list:

  • Opinions: try to read the opinions of other users
  • Functions: make the functions you want clear
  • Price: always look for the best value for money
  • Dimensions and Design: both must be suitable for your room

Purchase Criteria

We are almost at the end of this guide, but before we finish, we want to review some criteria with you to keep in mind. It is important to take into account each of them.

Considering these aspects, together with those seen previously, you can make the best decision at the time of purchase. These are standard features usually common to all models.

  • Use
  • Battery
  • Radio
  • Noise
  • Brightness


The alarm clock must be easy to use. The technologies you’re used to maybe common to most alarm clocks. However, any type of user should be considered, such as older people. If the alarm clock is intended for a person of a certain age, we advise you to look for an easy-to-use model.


If your alarm clock has a battery, make sure it has two power sources. For example, the possibility of charging via USB port in combination with batteries. Or with power supply via socket and batteries.

This way, you will avoid being late in the event of a blackout. These things are thought to never happen, but if they happen at the worst time, they can be a problem.


The presence of a radio is not essential, but some appreciate it in a particular way. Many people love to wake up to music or fall asleep with background music. If the price difference is not very high, this feature is worth considering.


As a rule, digital alarm clocks do not make any noise during their operation. Analog alarm clocks, on the other hand, are usually noisy. By noise, we usually mean the typical ticking of watches. For most people, it is not a problem, but some cannot stand it.


For this feature, the same applies to the noise, and some people can not bear to see the time constantly. Usually, it happens to those who suffer from sleep disorders.

For these people, seeing the minutes go by can be annoying, and consequently, they can’t fall asleep. If you are one of these, we advise you to look for a device that does not allow you to see the time in the dark.


The alarm clock is an essential device for most homes. It is used to wake up and avoid arriving late. Of course, smartphones also have this function, but as we have seen, sleeping with the phone next to you is not healthy. You will avoid the temptation to use it in bed or wake up due to a notification.

As you have seen, the market offers different alarm clocks, and therefore you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You will have to evaluate what it can offer you and always aim for the best value for money.

Consider the design, performance, functionality, and choice of a digital or analog model. Above all, it must be the perfect device for you.

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