If you are used to hiking with friends, perhaps where the cell phone signal is weak or, for any other reason, you need constant contact with another person who is nearby, then you will find our guide on the best baofeng radio.

In making it, we took into consideration several aspects, technical and otherwise, but also the opinion of those who already have one.

Such devices are also on sale at low cost, however often, the price makes the difference in the sense that the cheaper radios have construction and performance limits. But in the end, it depends on the use that must be made of it.

Here we had selected dome of the best baofeng radio that are listed below.

BAOFENG BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF) Includes Full Kit with Large Battery
  • Upgrades from our Previous Generation UV-5R: Twice the Output Power (8 watts up from 4 watts output), New Hardened Durable Radio Shell, 30% Larger Battery, V-85 High Gain Antenna (Twice the Antenna Performance), USA Support + In-depth User Guide Included; A PC03 FTDI Programming Cable is Recommended for Easier PC Programming
  • High / Med / Low Power Settings (8W, 4W, 1W); Frequency Range: VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx); Broad (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow) Selectable
  • The BF-F8HP was designed in the USA and because not everyone is a radio-expert we really wanted to focus on providing an easier user experience! That starts with the new in-depth manual that guides you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F8HP. On top of that the BF-F8HP also includes exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support. This concierge service is only available on select BaoFeng models such as the BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, and UV-5X3
  • Kit Includes: BF-F8HP, 2100mAh Battery, V-85 Dual Band Antenna, CH-5 Charger, CH-5 110V Adapter, Earpiece Kit, Wrist Strap, Belt Clip, User Manual
  • BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows you to have the best available local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH only engineers and develops radio products. That brand focus allows you to have the best available radios and accessories with the most features, with real USA warranty and support.
BaoFeng Radio UV-5R Ham Radio (6 Pack) + 1pcs TIDRADIO Driver Free Programming Cable + 6pcs TD-771 Antennas and Radio Mics + 12pcs 1800mAh Batteries BaoFeng Walkie Talkie
  • ✔️All you need is in one box! Get Extended pack of BaoFeng UV-5R radio with 12pcs 1800 mAh Batteries + 1pcs Driver Free Programming Cable + 6pcs TD-771 High Gain Antennas + 6pcs Radio Mic; Reasonable price is the ham radio user and business user top choice.
  • ✔️Rechargeable 1800 mAh Li-ion Battery, up to 36 hours standby time, one more extra battery supports non-stop communication, car charger adapter also included;High Gain TIDRADIO-771 Antenna increase talking distance.
  • ✔️Crystal clear audio make you not need yell to your partner,even in some noisy environment;Keep your hands free with the radio mic.
  • ✔️Wide Compatibility:Baofeng uv-5r ham radio covers most commonly used frequency range, makes it compatible with many other handheld radio such as the baofeng bf-f8hp and baofeng uv-82 series.
  • ✔️High/Low power switchable meets all your needs in warehouse or outside activity; Programmable amateur radio supports keyboard programming or PC programming via CHIRP; Driver Free programming cable is included.
Ham Radio for the New Ham: What to Do the Minute You Get Your Amateur Radio License
  • Merrill, Stan W. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 162 Pages - 03/28/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Ham Radio Handbook: Beginners Guide To understanding and getting started with Ham radio (Simple tricks on how to get a license easily included)
  • McDonalds, John (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 40 Pages - 10/21/2018 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
SaleRANK NO. 5
BAOFENG UV-5R Two Way Radio Dual Band 136-174/400-480Mhz Walkie Talkie 1800mAh Li-ion Battery
  • 128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby, A/B band independent operation, High/Low TX power selectable: Busy channel lock-out(BCLO)
  • [High/Low TX power selectable: Busy channel lock-out(BCLO),128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby, A/B band independent operation, Keypad Lock: Channel Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5 KHz, Voice companding: 50 CTCSS/ 104 DCS coder & tone searching, Tri-color background light selectable: 0-9 grades VOX selectable. Large LCD Display, Emergency Alert: 12.5KHz Switchable, LED Flashlight: High/Low RF Power Switchable, Support manually program. Easy to program via PC. Support CHIRP quick programming]
  • Tri-color background light selectable: 0-9 grades VOX selectable. Large LCD Display
  • Emergency Alert: 25KHz/12. 5KHz Switchable, LED Flashlight: Hight /Low RF Power Switchable
  • Support manually program. Easy to program via PC. Support CHIRP quick programming.
BAOFENG UV Plus Two Way Radio, Long Range for Adults Rechargeable with Earpiece, Walkie Talkie for Outdoors, Qualette Series (Red)
  • Frequency Range: 144-148/420-450 MHz. FM Radio; Power output : 4 /1 watts; 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS.
  • Comes with metallic rugged shell, more durable than previous classic model. Cool and perfect for outdoor operation, car racing, off-road trip, emergency rescue.
  • Easy to program some basic settings via keypad or connect with PC. Support CHIRP and CPS. Recommend cable: Radioddity PC001 FTDI programming cable (work with latest Windows, macOS, Ubuntu systems).
  • Classic compact design, compatible with BL-5L 3800mAh extended batteries as well as other same series accessories.
  • Lightweight and versatile, full HD color LED display, exquisite and clarity.
BaoFeng UV-5R VHF/UHF Dual Band Radio 136-174 400-480Mhz Transceiver
  • Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby
  • Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-480MHz
  • 128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS
  • 25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable
  • Channel Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz
NooElec SMA Adapter Connectivity Kit: 8 Adapters for NESDR (RTL-SDR) SMA Radios w/Case
  • A great addition to any radio or software defined radio with female SMA input, including our NESDR SMArt series and HackRF
  • 8 male SMA adapters in total, allowing you to connect the following antenna types to your radio: N-connector, F-connector (aka 'Coax'), SO-239 (aka 'UHF' or 'PL-259'), BNC, MCX, PAL, RP-SMA, and SMA (female). Full list in description below
  • A convenient carrying case is included. Great for field use! Ample room to house your NESDR SMArt or NESDR Nano SDR
  • 50 Ohm, low-loss adapters--lower loss than any RF cable adapters
  • NOTE: RP-SMA looks similar, but is not the same! These will not work for RP-SMA. RP-SMA is generally only used for things like WiFi equipment, not radios, but if you are unsure please contact our support team for assistance
SaleRANK NO. 9
BaoFeng Two Way Radio,Brothers with BF-F8+/The UV-5R,8-Watt Dual Band Radio with 2100mAh Li-ion Battery Portable Walkie Talkies with Includes Full Kit
  • Two Way Radio: Radio that can do both transmit and receive a signal (a transceiver) A two-way radio (transceiver) allows the operator to transmit and receive to other similar radios operating on the same radio frequency (channel).Up to 128 channels for you.
  • Universal Use: Upgrades from our previous generation UV-5R, we focus on providing an easier user experience! That starts with the new in-depth manual that guides you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F9V2+.
  • 8 Watt Radio: High / Med / Low Power Settings (8W, 4W, 1W) Upgrades from 4 watts output power.
  • Powerful Singal: High gain dual band antenna ensure you talk with your family/partner from garden to house,from middle of the hill to the top and etc.Connect with your lover in secret.
  • Larger Battery:2100mAh Li-ion battery meet you need(UV-5R only 1800mAh). We provide a desktop charger for daily charging.If you have any question about Baofeng radio,Please via:1.Amazon Message Center 2.QA
SaleRANK NO. 10
BaoFeng UV-82 BaoFeng Radio High Power Ham Radio 2 Way Radio BaoFeng Walkie Talkies(2 Pack-Black)
  • 128 Channels:With display function menu user can setting the radio by keypad quickly, Also can use program software setting by computer.
  • Baofeng Programming Cable: Works with Windows Operation System,you can program your Ham portable radio using this durable programming cable!
  • TIDRADIO Speaker Mic: Remote Directional Microphone & Speaker high quality sound even in loud environments and helps to provide a really perfect long range distance communication.
  • This is baofeng uv-82 ,It is authorized by Baofeng brand,authentic guarantee.Of sure we have the letter of authorization.30 days no reason return, any other problem please feel free to contact us. A link for BAOFENG UV-82 Software will be provided on request. Program your radio easily!

Things to Consider Before Buying Baofeng Radios

Who Uses the Two-Way Radios?

Clearly, like every modern technologically advanced electronic device, not all transceivers have the same characteristics. The model you are going to choose will be specific to YOUR needs.

There is no one better than another, but only one more suitable for you than another. On the market, you can find many models, with various features and functionality, whether you use walkie-talkies by profession or those who use them only for personal or hobby use.

Those famous devices that are used to monitor children during sleep are also two-way radios. They allow you to hear any noise emitted from the child’s room to the mother who may be in the kitchen preparing dinner.

A handy system that guarantees safety for the child and greater freedom of movement for the mother. This device is also often used by truck drivers to discuss among themselves.

The transceivers used have multiple channels and allow them to have different information in real-time. Information such as weather, any accidents or detours, traffic situation, and even roadside checks!

The quality of walkie talkies is quite good, and they allow you to adjust the power and, therefore, the range of action, allowing you to communicate even more kilometers away.

They are often also fun for the little ones, in unsuspected times they were called “baracchino,” they are sold in this case as a couple, to put two friends in direct contact playing in the same area, but in any case at short distances.

They are much simpler and cheaper transceivers, which transmit on a single channel and are used only for gaming purposes.

Maximum Transmission Distance

The maximum transmission distance refers to the maximum kilometer radius within which the walkie talkies can transmit and contact each other.

The amateur walkie talkie can reach a maximum distance of 500 meters, and the walkie talkie Professional can be used even at 50 km. The best range depends on the use that you have to make of the device.

Number of Channels

Also, the maximum number of channels that can be useful depends on the use you have of the walkie talkie. Amateur transceivers generally tune in to a single channel.

The professional ones, on the other hand, offer the possibility to connect to different frequency bands and, consequently, to have more than 300 channels available.

If you are going on an excursion to a very isolated place, having multiple channels available can be very important in order not to risk being left without connections in case of need.


An excursion or a business operation can last many hours. For this reason, the walkie talkie must guarantee long autonomy. Make sure it is equipped with a quality battery, which does not abandon you in times of need.

It might make a difference to have rechargeable batteries available. The rechargeable battery can be reset at any time, mainly if associated with USB type power.

Thanks to the USB cables, it will not be necessary to have a power outlet available, but it will be sufficient to have a phone, a tablet, a computer, or a power bank.


Safer walkie talkies come with a few extra features, which can prove essential. Among the additional functions, the Bluetooth function, the speakerphone function, and the voice distortion function are interesting.

The Bluetooth allows you to monitor the walkie talkie by phone, to have a more unobstructed view of the screen; thanks to this connection, you can also think of using wireless earphones, to communicate while continuing to have your hands free.

The speakerphone can be very useful when there are many noises in the background, and you cannot communicate properly. The voice distortion guarantees the privacy of the conversation because it prevents others from listening.


Among the accessories of a walkie talkie, those that can prove most useful are certainly a spare battery and a case. A second battery is helpful, especially if you are in a place where you do not have the opportunity to recharge the one in use, and you are afraid of running out of power.

A case, on the other hand, can prevent the walkie talkie from being damaged in the event of an accidental fall.


The walkie talkie must be able to be used in any situation and must always be ready for use. For this reason, it is good to make sure that the one purchased is made of resistant materials.

Which are not easily damaged and can withstand any knocks and falls, which during excursions and complex works must be taken into account. Now you know everything there is to know about walkie talkies, and you are ready to make your purchase.

How to Use A Baofeng Radio

The passion of many radio amateurs passes for the purchase and use of a device that is able to perform at its best what is required. We have collected in specific points those notes that can improve the experience and make a radio scanner fully appreciated.

Choose the Model That’s Right for You

Each listener should point to a device that is well suited to his needs. Those who aim for greater mobility can choose small and highly portable devices. On the contrary, those who like to tune in at home can bet on a fixed basis.

Check the Antenna Power

An indispensable element for a correct and clear reception cannot be separated from powerful and excellent quality support. Check and verify the opinions of those who purchased a device, with particular attention to the antenna components.

Purchase a List of Frequencies

The consultation of a paper or online manual is an indispensable requirement for those who want to explore the universe of radio and free stations. Thanks to this guide, beginners can begin to try and take advantage of listening.

Check the Available Frequencies

Before turning on the radio scanner, you can help yourself by searching the available stations on the net. In this way, you can understand and write down the ones that interest you most and then listen.

Check the Operation of The Connections

In the case of fixed models, it is good practice to check that the cables are well connected, without interference, and with the right space to avoid creating problems during use.

Check Autonomy

In the presence of portable models, it is desirable to check the battery life at full capacity. This avoids the risk of an abrupt interruption of the transmissions and the ensuing exchange with charged batteries.

Bring a Secondary Antenna

The presence of an emergency reception device can be useful in case of damage or bad reception. Having other support handy relieves you from having to go out or stop listening.

Protect Your Device

A radio scanner, especially if fixed, is a delicate object. We advise you to choose a suitable location with a comprehensive and stable base with a reduced risk of falls or accidental impacts.

Save Your Favorite Stations Wherever Possible

In digital devices, the frequency saving function is useful and convenient. In this way, the user can create a personal archive that can be consulted practically and immediately.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Once you have opened the package and removed all the components, you should proceed calmly with the reading of the notes and specifications of the product. It is better not to improvise during assembly and adjustments but to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully.

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