The need to clean the floors of the house often clashes with the fatigue of the operation, which, however, using the right tools, can be less dense and faster. One of these tools is the cyclone vacuum cleaner, the result of technological development in the sector.

When there is a fight against the dust that lurks on the floor, the broom is not enough. Targeted and robust action is needed. A work that can be accomplished and brought to fruition only by using an excellent cyclonic vacuum cleaner, which, if possible, avoids throwing back what it has sucked up from the ground.

Here we had listed out the best cyclonic vacuum cleaners that are present below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
BISSELL 2254 CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum, Automatic Cord...
  • Buy Bissell, save pets Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet foundation for every pet product purchase, upon...
  • Triple action brush roll plus scatter free technology maximize pet hair pickup – even if it’s embedded
  • 27’ power cord automatically rewinds for quick and easy storage. Cleaning path width - 13.5 inch
  • Swivel steering makes cleaning around furniture and obstacles easy
  • Edge to edge cleaning feature gets closer to walls and corners with each pass
Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1547 - Corded
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology for excellent suction for longer. Power Cord Length: 18 feet , Hose Length -7 inches
  • Hard floor Turbine foot is tough on dirt, gentle on your floors. Power Rating: 9.2 amps. Cleaning Path Width : 11 Inch
  • Multi-surface foot for excellent pickup on Area rugs and carpeted floors in your home
  • The easy empty dirt tank opens from the bottom for no-mess disposal. Brush System: Rotating Clear Window
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying and storage. Dirt Cup Capacity : 67.6 fluid Ounce
Jandy Zodiac Mx6 Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum with Zodiac Cyclonic...
  • Provides powerful suction and aggressive wall climbing. Intelligent bi-directional navigation to thoroughly clean floor, walls,...
  • Articulating turbine blades provide ultra-efficient operation, even on low-flow pumps.
  • Cylclonic Leaf Catcher multiplies results.
  • Creates a dynamic water flow to keep debris and impurities from clogging the canister and restricting suction.
  • Works with turbine-driven or disc-style models. Adapters included for universal hose connections.
SaleRANK NO. 4
BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum, Lightweight, Automatic Cord...
  • Powerful pet hair pickup with a convenient and agile design.
  • Automatic cord rewind means the 27' cord wraps up with the push of a button.
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll eliminates annoying hair wrap.
  • Hands-free empty with cyclonic pet hair spooling system means you no longer have to touch the yuck.
  • Reach more messes with specialized pet tools that store on board like the LED Lighted Crevice Tool, Pet TurboEraser Tool and...
Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner...
  • HASSLE-FREE CORD REWIND: 25 feet power cord automatically retracts in seconds so you never have to wrap a cord again.Voltage:120...
  • DEEP CLEANING POWER: WindTunnel 2 Technology creates 2 channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep-down...
  • OPTIMIZED CLEANING: The multi-floor brush roll allows you to turn the brush roll on for optimal cleaning on carpets and off to...
  • EXTENDED CLEANING REACH: With up to 16 feet of cleaning reach, so you can clean dirt and dust anywhere in your home from floor to...
  • GREAT FOR PETS: Our advanced allergen block technology and odor-absorbing carbon assists in capturing dust, pet dander, pollen and...
eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Blue
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner; The dynamic motor and brush roll can lift stubborn and heavy debris; plus, the 12.6” wide nozzle cleans...
  • Lightweight 10 lbs upright vacuum; The Eureka Power Speed is pretty lightweight and easy to maneuver; designed for whole home...
  • With 5 height adjustment; It works well on carpets, shag rug, hard floors etc.; smooth wheels ensures hardwood floors won’t...
  • Extra-large 2.6L capacity; The extra-large dust cup holds more dirt and requires less frequent emptying; clean more, empty less.
  • Multiple accessories included; A quick-release handle connected to the stretch hose for above-floor cleaning; a crevice tool,...
Yustda 26V AC/DC Adapter Compatible with Easy Home DV-888DC DV888DC 22.2V 130W...
  • World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Replacement AC Adapter/Charger ,100% Compatible with the device model listed.
  • Charger/Adapter has total 6.5 Ft Long power cord.
  • Compatible with: YNQX Model: YNQX12G260045UL 26.0V 0.45A Class 2 Power Unit
  • New Global 26V AC / DC Adapter Compatible with Easy Home DV-888DC DV888DC 22.2V 130W Rechargeable Battery Cyclonic Stick Vacuum...
Fykee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 80,000RPM Vacuum Cleaner with Brushless Motor,...
  • 【2023 UPGRADED BRUSHLESS MOTOR】The vacuum cleaner brushless motor can reach 80,000RPM and provide strong suction, remove...
  • 【NEW TELESCOPIC TUBE DESIGN】Whether in the bedroom, pantry or living room, the cordless stick vacuum cleaner can be easily...
  • 【FLEXIBLE BRUSH HEAD WITH LED LIGHT】The wireless vacuum equipped with a powerful independent electric floor brush head, ideal...
  • 【5-STAGE FULLY SEALED FILTER SYSTEM】The cordless stick vacuum comes with a high-density filter to provide your family with...
  • 【VARIOUS ADDITIONAL BRUSH HEADS】The cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple brush heads and telescopic rods,...
Hoover Pro Deluxe Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Multi-Cyclonic
  • Hoover Air(TM) power canister vacuum
  • WindTunnel 3 technology creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • HEPA media filter traps up to 99.97% of dust, dirt and pollens down to 0.3 microns
  • Powered floor nozzle lifts deep-down embedded dirt from your carpet
  • Advanced multi-cyclonic technology engineered to release filter-clogging dirt from the airstream

Things to Consider Before Buying Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners

How a Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Works?

The operating principle of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner is straightforward and consists of separating the collected dirt, complete with its kit of mites and bacteria, from the air.

Schematically, the mechanism takes place in this way:

• Dust and dirt are sucked into a cyclonic box

• At the entrance of this box there is a propeller which activates a centrifugal force capable of separating the dust from the air

• Residues end up in the box.

At the end of the cleaning operations, the cylinder in which the dust is collected must be emptied into the garbage bin.

Types of Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

There are three types of bagless vacuum cleaners, with different characteristics and functions:

• with non-cyclonic filter

• with monocyclic filter

• with a multi-cyclonic filter.

The non-cyclonic filter is removable and clearly visible. It is easily recognized because it is generally positioned inside the cylinder.

The monocyclic vacuum cleaner has a cyclone filter, i.e., an inverted cone structure, whose design allows the air to rise like in a vortex. In this way, about 75% of the dust can be captured.

The multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner can instead have a variable number of cyclones and therefore manages to suck more dust, approximately in the order of 95%. In fact, it allows you to capture even the tiniest particles of dirt, dissolving them thanks to a system called Airvolution System.

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner, if compared to the traditional one, can have advantages and disadvantages, so the choice must be made according to your personal needs.

These are the main advantages:

• allows you to save on the periodic purchase of spare bags

• consequently has a less environmental impact, because there is no need to dispose of them

• there is no loss of dust because the air flows more efficiently, while with bags it is not perfectly retained

• energy consumption is usually lower. Therefore there is also a saving in the bill

• as for the traditional one, it is possible to find the HEPA filter, ideal for allergy sufferers.

On the other hand, it also has some disadvantages:

• the initial cost is higher

• the container is smaller and therefore it fills up faster (the capacity is usually about a liter and a half, compared to 2.5 – 3 of the traditional ones)

• maintenance is more complex

• sometimes it can be noisier, precisely because of its particular functioning.

Maintenance of A Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

To allow the vacuum cleaner to continue to function regularly, the filter must be periodically cleaned. This will prevent dirt from sticking to it. The vacuum cleaner with a non-cyclonic filter requires regular cleaning: in fact, the filter must be washed every time the appliance is used.

The cyclone filter, on the other hand, gets less dirty and does not need this frequent manual washing. Finally, the multi-cyclonic screen requires practically zero maintenance.

However, it must be admitted that cyclone aspirators break more complicated than those with a bag. In fact, in the latter, the packs can leave dust residues that cause scale and malfunctions.

How to Choose a Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner?

If you have decided to buy a cyclonic vacuum cleaner, I suggest you take a look at the technical data sheets of the various models, to evaluate their different characteristics:

• as you can see, the dimensions are among the most varied, so the choice will depend on the size you want to carry around the house and the space available to store it

• similarly for the weight, you must evaluate the need to move it, considering which in some models can reach 8 – 10 kg

• the power, usually around 300 – 500 Watt Air, determines the suction capacity and is clearly higher than that of common vacuum cleaners

• the price can vary between 200 and 700 Euros approximately.

The advice is to direct the purchase towards a model that does not exceed 4 – 6 kg, so that it is easily transportable, with excellent suction power and with a noise level around 70 dB, so as not to be too annoying.

How to Use a Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner?

Cyclonic Technology

The first thing to understand is what is so special about cyclone vacuum cleaners. Why is it so well seen by so many people? First of all, there is no problem with the bag that must contain the sucked dirt. But the real strength is another and we explain it immediately.

This technology works in such a way as to separate the dust from the air, an operation that takes place inside what is technically called a cyclonic cassette. Inside this box, a small cyclone is formed (precisely), and, using the centrifugal force generated, the separation of the dust from the air takes place.

The Types of Cyclonic Systems

After having seen in general what cyclonic technology is and how it behaves, it’s time to make a distinction that will help to choose well which device is more convenient to buy.

The cyclonic system is divided into two types: one more effective than the other in the process of separating dust from the air. But let’s see these systems in detail.

Monocyclonic technology manages to separate up to 75% of the dust from the air. It is undoubtedly a good result, but as we will see in a moment, there is better. The monocyclic system, as the name suggests, is based on a single cyclone that is generated around a unique conical structure.

This structure is located inside the cyclonic cassette and is inverted. The multi-cyclonic system, on the other hand, is characterized by the presence of more inverted cones thanks to which more cyclones are generated. In this way, 95% of the dust can be separated from the air.

With or Without Wires?

When preparing to buy a vacuum cleaner, regardless of whether it is cyclonic or not, the dilemma concerns the choice between a model with an electric cable or without.

It is clear that the absence of the cable allows greater freedom of movement, but then you have to deal with the batteries that are discharged and that need several hours to regenerate.

But this is not the main problem either, or at least it is not for us. In our view, the question to consider is another: a battery-powered vacuum cleaner cannot have the power of one with an electric cable.

So if you are looking for something particularly compelling, which aspires well to the last speck of dust, without having to treat the same area a couple of times, you must accept the limitation of movement due to the need to keep the appliance hooked to the power outlet.

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