As with any tool, staplers have also evolved and modernized over time. Nowadays, there are electric models which, for some do-it-yourself jobs, have completely overcome the use of the old manual versions. There are different types of electric staplers on the market.

So, if you are a DIY enthusiast, and in particular for upholstery and woodwork, or if you are thinking of starting this type of hobby, this article is right for you! In fact, this tool will make your life easier; the electric staplers are easier to use and guarantee more precise and professional results than manual models.

If the need is to buy a electric stapler gun, it will be interesting to evaluate the technical characteristics of all the models on the market before choosing one. The electric stapler is a professional tool that must guarantee not only normal performance but also very important safety features.

Below you will find twelve best electric stapler guns, a guide with information and tips on what aspects to consider before choosing the stapler that suits your working needs.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun
  • Ideal for upholstery and general home repair
  • Compact design is easy to use
  • Spiral-drive technology for consistent driving power
SaleRANK NO. 2
Swingline Electric Stapler, High Volume, 30 Sheet Capacity, Jam Free Stapling, Includes 5000 Staples, Black (69008)
  • JAM-FREE CARTRIDGE ELECTRIC STAPLER – Productivity is priority with the speed and stamina of this tough, AC-powered electric stapler. Superior machine engineering for years of jam-free, heavy use.
  • CARTRIDGE INCLUDED – Stapler comes pre-packed with a 5,000 staple cartridge (Swingline # 50050), so you’re ready to start stapling.
  • SECURES 30 SHEETS – Flat clinch stapling mechanism fastens up to 30 sheets of 20-pound paper for easy, neat stacking.
  • ACCURATE STAPLE PLACEMENT – Precision alignment guide assists with accurate staple placement.
  • PATENTED CARTRIDGE - Patented cartridge technology delivers 5,000 staples without the need to reload. Stapler is designed for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and consistency.
SaleRANK NO. 3
WORKPRO 6 in 1 Cordless Staple Gun, 3.6V Rechargeable Upholstery Electric Stapler/Brad Nailer for Home Material Repair, Decoration, Furniture DIY, Carpentry, Carpeting, Charger Included
  • 6-in-1 Extraodinary Compatibility - 6-in-1 function, which means It can be compatible with 6 kinds of staples/nails, including T50, JT21, T25, T20, Brad nail BN18, PIN with automatical power switching, by this feature, it can replace most of your previous staple guns, allowing you not have to change different staple guns frequently.
  • Extended Battery Life - It’s entirely battery powered to give you complete flexibility for consistent firing 1100 staplers with one full charger. The gun itself can fire up to 60 staples per minute, which helps you secure large surfaces quickly.
  • Cordless For Multi-application - Our staple gun is used for various home improvement projects: upholstery, DIY artwork, carpeting, fastening fabric, weather stripping, foam and padding, cable and small fencing. Can also used for construction related jobs such as building a bird house or a dog house to projects of a larger scale.
  • Double Security Performance - The contact actuation mode and on/off switch allow you to fire long rows of staples without straining your hand or breaking your flow.
  • Humanized Design - Made from lightweight materials, this stapler feels light and manageable, so you can work for long periods or maneuver it into tight spots comfortably. Quick-release loading magazine on the bottom for fast and easy staple/nail install. With the transparent window, it’s easy to monitor your staple levels.
Swingline Electric Stapler, Compact, Half Strip, 20 Sheet Capacity, Battery Powered, Portable, Black (42132)
  • DURABLE AUTOMATIC STAPLER – Automatic stapler combines the durability of sturdy, plastic construction with the convenience of a small footprint, helping you conserve workspace.
  • BATTERY POWERED – Battery-operated stapler delivers the high-powered performance of any traditional electric stapler. Fast, motor-driven stapling, powered by 4 AA batteries (sold separately).
  • SECURES 20 SHEETS – This sturdy little stapler securely fastens up to 20 sheets. Designed to work best with Swingline S.F. 4 Staples. Low staple indicator alerts you when it's time to refill.
  • ACCURATE STAPLE PLACEMENT – Clear viewing window provides assistance for precise staple placement, ensuring accurate stapling.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Sleek, compact black-and-gray stapler helps conserve desk space and blends in with the rest of your supplies.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Automatic Stapler, Heavy Duty Stapler Electric Desk Stapler Fully Portable 20 Sheet Jam-Free for Office Classroom School and Home Use Battery Powered Black
  • Heavy Duty & Fast - The electric stapler can easily handle 20 sheets of standard 201b paper every time without jamming and is almost 5 times faster than regular staplers, an ideal choice for school, home and office stapling work
  • Convenient to Use - The stapler fits both 24/6 and 26/6 staples; it can run on 4 AA batteries (not included) or a AC adapter (not included).The professional electric stapler can thus meet your needs of stapling paper with different thickness and help you get the stapling work done while you're on the go
  • Work Automatically - Just put paper in place after you power the mini stapler, then it will automatically work for you, sparing your time and effort to get it run. As for a person with arthritis and other issues, an electric stapler is a necessity
  • Durable & Ergonomical Design - Made of impact-resistant ABS material, the IUME easy stapler is highly durable and portable; it's very comfortable to hold and fits nicely your desk or bag without taking up too much room
  • State of The Art Technology - Comes equipped with no-jam technology to prevent staple jams. Automatically staples for you when paper is put in the entrance letting you avoid hand injury from manually stapling large stacks of paper! 1 x IUME Electric Office Stapler, 1 x User Manual
AmazonBasics Standard Stapler Staples, 5000 per Pack,10-Pack
  • 10 packs of 5,000 staples (50,000 total); ideal for any busy workplace
  • Standard size works with most staplers; durable design efficiently pierces through paper
  • Packaged in handy packs for tidy, convenient containment and for easily distributing throughout the workplace
  • Silver color for a professional appearance
  • Measures 4.3 by 2.2 by 0.9 inches; backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
Electric Brad Nailer, NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun/Staple Gun for Upholstery, Carpentry and Woodworking Projects, 1/4'' Narrow Crown Staples 400pcs and Nails 100pcs Included
  • 🔰CONVENIENCE --The wire 2-in-1 brad gun/staple gun doesn't need compressors, hoses for convenience use.
  • 🔰WIDE APPLICATION -- The upholstery nail gun ideal for softwood DIY projects such as Carpentry DIY, picture framing, door or window molding installation, pet house DIY while not recommended for quarter round, baseboard, drywall installation, roofing and flooring.
  • 🔰FLAWLESS FINISH -- Non-Marring rubber nose provides a complete finish.
  • 🔰FRIENDLY USE -- The wire 2-in-1 brad gun/staple gun equipped with ergonomic soft-grip handle for reducing worker fatigue.
  • 🔰ADJUSTABLE POWER -- This electric brad nailer designed with adjustable power function for light-duty project.
AmazonBasics Electric Stapler - 20 Sheets, Grey
  • Electric stapler for fast, effortless stapling at home or the office; can staple up to 20 sheets of 20-pound paper at a time
  • Stapler arm holds up to 100 staples; 1,000 staples included; compatible with standard 1/4-inch staples
  • Automatic and manual stapling options; manual mode allows for custom staple placement on paper
  • 2 power options: AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Measures 7.1 by 2.8 by 1.8 inches; backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories
SaleRANK NO. 10
Rapid 5080e Professional Electric Stapler (90147)
  • Flat Clinch Technology
  • 2 Inch Adjustable Stapling Guide
  • One Stapling Cartridge Included
  • 90 Sheet Capacity
  • Quiet & Low Vibration System

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Electric Stapler Gun

The electric staplers have been designed to help us in do-it-yourself activities. Before they appeared on the market, only manual models were available, which, after a short time, tired the hands and, often, were not strong enough to completely penetrate the materials. There are several types of electric staplers.

When different types of the same instrument exist, it is very important to make a comparison and identify the characteristics of each model. There are manual, electric, and pneumatic staplers. Knowing the pros and cons of each type of stapler, we will be able to understand which one is best suited to our needs.

Although the operation of electric staplers is simple enough to understand, it is always a good idea to know their characteristics. Among the factors to be evaluated are the number of strokes per minute, whether or not it has a function for nails, the storage capacity of points and nails, and its size.

The Best Electric Staplers in the Market

We also know how difficult it can be to buy a certain tool, especially for those who are not experts. In the case of electrical devices, this task is even more complicated. For this reason, we have prepared a small selection with the best electric staplers available on the market, considering criteria such as popularity, evaluation, and user reviews.

What Are Electric Staplers, and How Do They Work?

Although the name is not well understood, the electric stapler is a gun-shaped tool that feeds on electricity. In order to use its mechanism, it will, therefore, be necessary to power the stapler with a battery, or by connecting it to an electrical outlet through a power cable.
Inside an electric stapler, we will find a motor that moves a plate, which usually has the shape of a gouge, a metal groove, a shaft, and a triangular cam. When the trigger is pressed, the whole described mechanism is moved to push and fire the chosen fixing material.

What Types of Staplers Exist, and What Are the Differences?

Currently, there are three types of staplers. Of course, the existence of different types indicates that each of them was produced for a specific use or to work on certain materials. For this reason, it is particularly important to know how each type of stapler works and what the differences are. The three types of stapler are, therefore:

  • Manual stapler
  • Electric stapler
  • Pneumatic stapler

As for the first type of stapler, it is an easy to distinguish model because its appearance is very basic. However, some people may have difficulty distinguishing pneumatic from electric.

Which Type of Stapler Is the Most Convenient?

Normally, manual staplers do not enter into this type of debate; in fact, they are tools designed for small housework or even office work. As we have mentioned, the difference between electric and pneumatic models can be difficult to recognize, since they are very similar devices in terms of design and functions.

Logically, the power must be consequent to the type of work to be done, from the simplest to the most complex, also industrial.
Pneumatic staplers work by means of compressed air, electric staplers by means of an electric motor. Regardless of the source of the operation, the best model will be the one that will guarantee you the strength and power you need to get your job done.

Having said that, we can, therefore, advise you to buy an electric stapler if you intend to devote yourself to moderate-level do-it-yourself jobs, without getting too demanding. Manual staplers are definitely cheaper, but in the long term, they are not suitable for these activities because they require more time and cause fatigue.

For Which Jobs Is the Use of the Electric Stapler Recommended?

As we have seen, electric staplers are interesting tools thanks to their ease of use and their power supply. Another really positive feature is the versatility of some models that allow you to use nails too. This functionality proves particularly important when carrying out more demanding projects, such as in the case of undertaking the remodeling of a house or the installation of a fence.

Using these tools, it is possible to fix more points per minute more easily and much faster than the manual payment. In addition, the points are fixed evenly because the pressure applied each time, by pressing the trigger, is the same.

What Are the Dangers Related to the Use of an Electric Stapler?

While using any electrical device, risks and dangers are always lurking, but the odds increase exponentially when the user makes irresponsible use of it. In the specific case of the electric stapler, the main risk will be to shoot a point or nail on yourself or on third parties, which can cause serious injury.

We can say that it is practically impossible to cause the death of a human being with any type of staple.
Even if they are large industrial points, it will be very difficult. However, this situation changes when we use the stapler as a nailer. Although the supported nail size is very small, the damage can be greater.

What Safety Measures Must Be Taken Before Using an Electric Stapler?

Since the injuries are mainly related to the use of pneumatic staplers and nailers, many think that only those who do not pay attention to what they are doing and those who are particularly clumsy can injure themselves with an electric stapler, but they are wrong! In fact, on average, two out of five people injure themselves with this tool. To avoid this, there are several prevention measures that we need to take, including:

  • Use staplers with sequential triggers, or at least one included safety mechanism.
  • Don’t indicate anyone or yourself with any of these tools.
  • Do not leave a stapler unattended.
  • If you have no experience, get informed and train yourself to use these tools.
  • Establish adequate working procedures.
  • Check the environment in which you are and the material you will work on, evaluating the possible dangers.
  • If you work alone, consider situations that could cause injury.
  • If you have an employer, report any dangerous situations.
  • Have a first aid kit handy.
  • Do not allow children to approach the place where you are working.
  • Store tools safely after use.

Purchase Criteria

While not complicated tools to understand and use, it is always a good idea to know the most important characteristics of electric staplers. Only in this way will we be able to understand what are the purchase criteria to consider more before buying. To help you choose the model that best suits your needs, we explain them one by one:

Intended Use

The first criterion to consider is undoubtedly the type of use we intend to make of the stapler. If we plan to use it sporadically and only for small housework, a manual model will probably be more than enough. For other types of DIY work such as upholstery, an electric model will simplify your life. If, on the other hand, you plan to make heavy use of it, for example, in the construction sector, a pneumatic stapler will be ideal.

Strokes Per Minute

The number of strokes per minute is the measure that determines the amount of points that the tool will be able to fix in one minute. Normally, a good quality stapler will reach twenty strokes per minute, but some models can even reach thirty.

Nailer Function

This function offers greater versatility; in this case, in fact, the stapler will have a double function, thanks to which you can avoid (in some cases) using a hammer and obtain a more precise result with less effort. Good quality staplers normally offer this function.

However, keep in mind that when using the nailer function, more precautionary and safety measures are needed. In fact, a nail can be much more dangerous than a metal point, and although the nails generally supported by these tools are small in size and do not threaten our lives, it is still worth protecting yourself and avoiding accidents.

Types and Sizes of Points and Nails

Stitches of different sizes are available, depending on the type of material on which they will be used. The type of stapler you need will depend on the size of the points you will use. Most multipurpose models can attach 10mm points (narrow crown). The crown is the length of the visible part of a point after being shot against the wood.

You can opt for a sturdier stapler if your job requires it. Remember that a good quality stapler will also allow you to shoot nails. You can then decide whether you want to buy a specific stapler or a multipurpose tool.


The stapler’s ability determines the number of points or nails that can be kept inside before having to refill it. This measurement is quite variable; therefore, it depends on the desired comfort level and on the frequency with which you are willing to fill the instrument tank.


Electric staplers that use staples are available with battery or power cord. Which one is best suited to your needs will depend on your tastes and the conditions in which you will use it. The cable ensures constant power, but makes it less portable and does not allow you to work in areas without a power outlet.

On the other hand, the staplers are much more portable and can be used anywhere without the need for a power outlet. However, these models can be more expensive due to the rechargeable batteries that they include or that you will have to buy. They normally sacrifice power for portability.


There are several security mechanisms that can be incorporated into an electric stapler. These tools can be equipped with a safety catch on the trigger or a lock button or pin. Remember that it is a tool that can be dangerous, and these mechanisms can avoid an injury, not only for you but also for other people or children.


It is always good that the tool you have chosen is accompanied by some extra accessories at the time of your purchase. Normally staplers include a certain amount of staples of different types and sizes. They may also include nails, if compatible with this feature, as well as additional charging cables or batteries, in the case of wireless staplers.


Electric staplers are now considered indispensable tools for those who do do-it-yourself activities, especially in the case of upholstery or for woodworkers. A very positive feature of this tool is that many manufacturers have decided to include nailing functions in some models.

This will offer you greater versatility of use. Although this tool is not complicated or sophisticated, it is still an article that can facilitate your life, especially if you inquire first and try to make a smart purchase. Electric staplers will allow you to work more efficiently, faster, more precisely, and more professionally. Make sure to always check the characteristics of each model that interests you before buying it.

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