What is the most effective foot deodorant? It depends a lot on everyone’s needs; the bad smell of the feet often doesn’t depend on bad hygiene habits. It can be caused by real diseases, from mycosis of the foot to diabetes.

Many causes can lead to giving off an unpleasant smell that should be camouflaged to avoid being uncomfortable in social contexts. But which solution best suits different individual needs? Is it better to try all the offers on the market or to go straight to what many consider the most effective?

We recommend evaluating the second hypothesis, and it will save time and money to invest more guessed.

In particular, we want to suggest two products that deserve specific attention because they are considered the most effective by many buyers. Here we will be listing the top 8 best foot deodorants.

SaleRANK NO. 1
LAVILIN Foot Deodorant Cream - for Women and Men - Up to 7 Days Long-Lasting Foot Odor Control – No Aluminum, Alcohol, Paraben or Cruelty. Sensitive Skin foot deodorant,12.5 grams
  • SAFE & GENTLE- Aluminum, No Alcohol & Paraben. Only naturally derived CTFA certified Ingredients
  • LONG LASTING- Clinically proven and tested for Up to 7 DAYS effective foot odor control
  • WATER RESISTANT - No need to reapply, even after a shower, swim, or a workout
  • AWARD WINNING- Winner of a 2014 Esquire Grooming Award for Best No Aluminum Deodorant
  • TRUSTED FOR OVER 40 YEARS -Millions worldwide have enjoyed our clinically tested formulas
Zederna Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles for Men & Women, 3 Pairs of Foot Odor Eliminator Inserts, Very Effective Shoe Odor Remover, Against Sweaty Feet. Natural Cedar Soles, Foot Deodorant, US M8/ W9.5/ EU 41
  • FOOT & SHOE ODOR ELIMINATOR- the cedarwood / cotton mix absorbs excess foot sweat & keeps your feet & shoes dry, fresh, & healthy (can be worn barefoot or with socks)
  • SHOE DEODORIZER INSERT- the liner's cedar wood essential oils effuse a natural & pleasant scent to stop & prevent smelly feet & act as ideal foot deodorant
  • 100 % NATURAL & SUPERIOR TO ANY SHOE ODOR ELIMINATOR SPRAY -cedar shoe inserts are the perfect alternative to any foot odor spray for shoes. No added chemicals or artificial fragrances, vegan, bpa-free
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - Zederna cedar wood inserts are flexible & adapt to your feet individually. This makes the thin insoles comfortable to wear. Cozy foot odor insoles Handcrafted in Germany
  • ZEDERNA WILL STOP YOU from using foot spray for shoes and smelly feet in the future! The natural odor eaters are much more convenient than shoe deodorizer spray, lotion, odor balls or foot powder.
Lavilin Fragrance Free Natural Foot Roll On Deodorant, 2.7 Ounces
  • Lavilin’s Fragrance Free Foot Deodorant odor protection will last up to 48 hours with a single application
  • Suitable for delicate skin and does not clog pores, uses a proprietary blend of natural herbs and is free of aluminum salts
  • Lavilin products will never contain alcohol, parabens, phthalate, BHT or aluminum, and is also vegan-friendly!
  • Bathing, showering, sports and strenuous physical activities do not interfere with Lavilin’s effectiveness
  • Proven effective—tested extensively at a leading international research center
GEHWOL Med Deodorant Foot Cream, 2.6 oz
  • This foot cream contains a new, highly effective combination of manuka oil and activated zinc oxide
  • Aloe vera has a bacteriostatic, anti inflammatory, growth encouraging hydrating effect
  • Jojoba oil supports the skin's natural functions
GEHWOL Foot & Shoe Deodorant, 5.3 oz
  • An all in one product to protect your feet and shoes at the same time.
  • Zinc ricinolate treats, prevents and removes sweat and odor on the feet and in the shoes
  • Spray feet thoroughly once or twice a day, also spray into footwear

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Foot Deodorants

Which choice is the most suitable based on the different characteristics of each? The important thing is to fully understand the specific needs and identify which product can offer the targeted solution.

It is a matter of carefully evaluating the origin of the bad smell. If it occurs more often only with one type of shoes, it is possible that they are not very breathable and that they should be replaced. But if the bad smell is a constant, it is important to evaluate the overall health status.

The Origins of The Bad Smell

At the base, there can be different causes, and all must be scrutinized and without prejudice. Lousy foot odor can be a clear sign of an ongoing disease. In this case, it is advisable to carefully evaluate which is the suitable remedy to limit the bad smell and if it should be associated with specific drug therapy or specific natural resources.

When evaluating the price to pay for buying a deodorant, it is important also to consider the overall advantage that eliminates social unease. It is certainly not pleasant to expose yourself to the judgment of others who do not know the reasons for the bad smell.

What matters, beyond the price comparison for the purchase of suitable cosmetics, is to be able to neutralize the smell by intervening on the causes and not exacerbating the problem.

What Foot Deodorants Do?

The bad smell often depends on the proliferation of bacteria that accumulate in the shoes because they are closed. The problem is aggravated when the boots are not made of suitable quality materials and do not allow the foot to breathe, allowing sweat to evaporate.

In the ranking, we offer specific products for the treatment of the bad smell caused by different factors; in any case it is good to evaluate whether it represents the most suitable answer to your needs. In the review, it can be identified, for example, if the deodorant also has antibacterial or antifungal properties.

If it just covers the smell with another stronger one, or if it can contain the sweating of the foot without altering the overall condition of well-being.

The importance of the correct transpiration of the shoe. Therefore, there are numerous products on the market, all designed to offer a specific solution and respond to a concrete need.

You will find the best brand among those products that can make you forget about the discomfort experienced in the past, after having solved the problem of bad smell. And without other related issues have occurred.

What is important to evaluate is that the product you have chosen for your feet can respect the conditions of the foot, promoting perspiration without blocking the pores.

Even the shoe must be appropriately chosen from among those able to let sweat evaporate and prevent it from stagnating inside. The humid environment is the one that favors the formation of fungi, which are then very difficult to eradicate.

Active Ingredients

A deodorant that impressed us with its composition. A mix of natural ingredients that help alleviate the problem of sweating and bad smells. A product suitable for those who play sports and want a quality multifunction deodorant. It gives a feeling of freshness thanks to the presence of Peppermint and Tea Tree, and the formula is also suitable for moisturizing very dry or chapped feet.

A natural product which, thanks to the targeted action of the essential oils it contains, has an antifungal and antiseptic action which counteracts the formation of bacteria and viruses.

In the same way, using the deodorant before going for a run or a walk helps to soften the foot and avoid the classic rubbing that causes annoying blisters.


A product designed to remove bad smells and frequent use helps relieve calluses and chapped skin. Soothes and softens the skin, and can also be used to massage this part of the body. It effectively removes bacteria and can also be placed inside shoes.

Also, in this case, it will carry out an antifungal action that will help to keep the shoes cleaner away from bacteria. Another point in favor of the product is the absence of preservatives and other harmful agents that could clog the pores and prevent its beneficial effects—an ideal deodorant for those who are looking for a versatile product that offers several benefits.

Lasting Fragrance

Another great advantage of this product is its fresh and pleasant scent that adapts to the tastes of men and women. Also ideal for keeping shoes at their best, providing for the formation of fungi and bacteria, absorbs humidity, and is also suitable for shoes that are used on snow.

It also performs a moisturizing action, preventing sweating from making the feet too soft. The 120 ml bottle is ideal for about a month of use, in case it is used frequently.

To the quantity of product, therefore the cost appears to be much higher than the average, but it is not surprising that this deodorant is still one of the best sold on the market, because the quality is high.

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