Is diabetes a completely new world for you? Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy? Not sure which blood glucose meter is the most appropriate? In this guide, we will try to answer all questions concerning glucometers to give you a complete picture of their use.

The blood glucose meter, or glucometer, is used to record the level of sugars present in the blood. It is a handy tool for managing your diabetes treatment plan and insulin therapies, as well as preventing complications.

In fact, through the correct use of the blood glucose meter, the patient can evaluate his blood glucose levels in person, adjusting nutritional therapy, exercise, and pharmacological treatment if necessary.

Here we had selected some of the latest and advanced glucose meters for you.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit – Care Touch Blood Glucose Meter, 100 Blood Test Strips, 1 Lancing Device, 30 gauge Lancets-100 count and Carrying Case
  • FAST RESULTS – Get results in as little as 5 seconds.
  • NO CODING – Our monitors recognize batch codes encrypted on each test strip, so there is no need for you to manually insert any code with each new batch.
  • HYGIENIC STRIP EJECTION – Our state-of-the-art monitoring system includes a single touch strip ejection, so you no longer have to worry about manually removing the soiled strip.
  • MEMORY – Keep a survey of your health using the memory storage capable of saving up to 300 readings, while also keeping a continuous 14-day average.
  • Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit – Care Touch Blood Glucose Meter, 100 Blood Test Strips, 1 Lancing Device, 30 gauge Lancets-100 count and Carrying Case
SaleRANK NO. 2
AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit (No Coding Required), High-Tech Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter with 50 Test Strips, 50 30G Lancets, Lancing Device
  • INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS. Insufficient blood applied to test strip will result in wrong readings. Please hold the lancing device firmly against your fingertip for enough sample. Watch our instructional videos in our listings to optimize your testing results. Our friendly customer support will always be here to answer your questions and help to resolve your concerns. (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)
  • EXCEEDS INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. AUVON BGMs can function within ±10%, or ±10 mg/dl of laboratory values over 95% of the time, which is far beyond ISO 15197:2013 passing standard (within ±15% or ±15 mg/dl). The manufacturer is certified with CE mark, GMP, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 15197:2013 without having any recall on the market in the past 14 years.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TEST STRIPS. We use cutting-edge test strips enzymes for blood glucose measurements. Our test strips are produced with unique Automatic Carbon Printing Technique to ensure that the quality of each batch of strips could be relevantly much more stable, precise and accurate. Additionally, PROMISED 0.15USD/pcs would keep you no pressure to repurchase.
  • KEEP TRACK OF DATA. Store your test results with time and date helps you track and manage your health while also keeping a continuous 7/14/30 average results. Automatic off means our device works longer without having to worry about wasting battery life.
  • ALL IN ONE: 1 x AUVON DS-W Blood Glucose Monitor, 1 x battery, 50 x Blood Test Strips, 50 x 30 gauge Lancets, 1 x Lancing device, 1 x Meter User Guide, 1 x Test Strip User Guide, Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty and Technical Support and Friendly Customer Service.
SaleRANK NO. 3
The CONTOUR NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Proven accuracy: the CONTOUR NEXT ONE is shown to deliver remarkable accuracy(1) within ±8.4% Of lab values*
  • Bluetooth enabled: seamlessly connect wireless system with free app via bluetooth technology
  • Easy to use: smartlight target range indicator immediately identifies if blood glucose readings are above, below or within target range for instant feedback
  • Second-chance sampling: allows you to apply more blood to the test strip you are using within 60 seconds, which may help prevent wasting test strips and save money (2)
  • No coding technology: easy to read results in seconds with one less step in testing and eliminates errors due to user miscoding
TRUE METRIX® Meter Starter Kit
  • No Coding
  • As fast as 4 Seconds and Tiny 0.5 microliter sample size
  • Store 500 results with time/date and 7-, 14-, and 30-day averaging
  • 4 testing reminder alarms
  • Download capabilities
Prodigy Glucose Monitor Kit - Includes Prodigy Meter, 100ct Test Strips, 10ct Lancets, Lancing Device, Carrying Case, Log Book
  • Speaks in 4 Languages: English, Spanish, French & Arabic
  • Standard USB port to easily download test results
  • Approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST)
  • Stores 450 test results with date and time
  • No Coding required
Assure Platinum Blood Glucose Meter 500001, 1 each
  • qcProGuard: Control solution test notifications provides additional quality control
  • ProGrip Rubberized-case design for secure handling
  • Strip release button - no need to touch used strips
  • Uses regular AAA batteries. Blood Sample Volume 0.5 Microliter
  • Stores Up To 500 Results , 7 , 14 , and 30 Day Averaging
TRUE METRIX Meter Only plus 50 METRIX Test Strips
  • TRUE METRIX Meter only
  • 50 TRUE METRIX Test Strips
  • Does NOT include a Lancing Device or Lancets
Dario Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Test Your Blood Sugar Levels and Estimate A1c. Kit Includes: Glucose-Meter with 25 Strips,10 Sterile lancets and 10 Disposable Covers (iPhone)
  • ✔️ DARIO BLOOD GLUCOSE - Blood sugar monitor system starter kit for iPhone connector includes a glucometer, 25 test strips, 10 sterile lancets and 10 disposable covers. So you can start testing quickly.
  • ⚠️⚠️ ⚠️ PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS COMPATIBLE before purchasing: Supported iOS phones: 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE 2020, 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro Max. iOS Operating System: 12, 13, 14 Application version – 4.9.0 Please do not buy open box, product is a medical device and must be in new closed packaging from Dario.
  • ✔️ NO BATTERIES NEEDED - Blood Sugar Testing - With a tiny drop of blood and a thin 30 ga lancet is all it takes to measure on your phone within 6 seconds.
  • ✔️ The Dario App (Available USA only) - You are able to monitor and track your progress and share it with your doctor using your smartphone.
  • ✔️ NO CODING Needed for the blood sugar meter - Simply plug the tiny meter to your phone and download the Dario app. Unlimited Historical Data - Email your doctor trend reports - Emergency text with GPS.

Glucose Meter Buying Guide

The glucometer is an almost indispensable tool for people with diabetes, who must daily record the amount of sugar in the blood. This can increase or decrease based on physical exercise, treatments, stress that characterizes the life of the individual, and having a clear picture of his / her progress is fundamental for controlling (and in case modifying) the treatment subjected.

What Exactly Is a Blood Glucose Meter?

It is a small electronic device, extremely compact, capable of calculating the level of sugars present in the blood. A small drop, usually taken through a puncture on the finger, is enough to obtain the necessary data.

Currently, there are more than thirty types of glucometers among those that can be used independently. They vary according to the functions provided, for example, based on the ability or not to memorize the results of the blood control.

There are basic models and decidedly more advanced models to adapt to the needs of each individual. A study carried out in the United States in 2012 showed that about 13% of the American population is affected by type 2 diabetes, and 38% of the citizens have been classified as prediabetic.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Blood Glucose Meter?

It is impossible to set up a diabetic treatment if blood results are not available. Monitoring of the blood glucose level must be carried out every 24 hours, and the glucometer is the instrument for recording. But mainly, what are the advantages it guarantees to those who use it?

  1. Analyzes the correct course of therapy.
  2. It helps us understand how and how much diet, exercise, and stress affect blood glucose levels.
  3. Check the effect of diabetes medications on blood sugar levels.
  4. Allow you to identify blood sugar changes, helping doctors to modify therapy according to the needs of the case.
  5. It is able to confirm the diagnosis of hypoglycemia or acute hypoglycemia immediately.
  6. Motivate those with diabetes to lead healthier lives by encouraging them to change bad habits.

When Should I Replace the Blood Glucose Meter?

There is no precise date to replace it, but it is recommended to change it every year or two. If treated with respect, it lasts longer: remember to check the correct performance of the batteries from time to time, changing them when necessary, and clean it following the instructions that we will give you later.

If the meter records an unusually high or low blood sugar result, it is probably time to throw it away and buy a new one, especially if the problem persists.

Sometimes it happens that the values ​​are busted. Still, if the situation is repeated even on the second attempt, it means that some internal component has broken and the entire appliance must be replaced.

Should I Change My Meter When I Record Inaccurate Data?

The answer is no. The malfunction of the meter is not always due to an internal electronic failure, so before throwing it away, check that everything else is in place:

  • Test Strip Problems: They may be damaged or out of date. Always try to keep them in a sealed container away from sources of heat and humidity.
  • Also, make sure that the strips are compatible with your meter model.
  • Extreme temperatures: Both the meter and the test strips must be kept at room temperature.
  • Traces of alcohol, dirt, or other substances in the skin: Wash your hands well and dry them carefully before taking the measurement.
  • Monitor issues: Fully insert the test strip into the meter.
  • Not enough blood has been applied to the test strip: Once you have applied a good amount of blood to the test strip, do not add more.

Try to puncture another part of the body: If the measurement does not convince you, you can try to detect it from another element, perhaps using a different finger, as some parts of the body do not always guarantee reliable results.

Amount of red blood cells in the blood: If you are dehydrated or suffer from anemia, you may get less precise results than those who measure in “normal” health conditions.

How Many Times a Day Should I Use the Blood Glucose Meter?

The frequency of use of the glucometer will be decided by the attending physician, who is undoubtedly well informed on your specific case. In general, based on the type of diabetes and the treatment plan, different measurement times are distinguished:

Type 1 Diabetes: For those with type 1 diabetes, the doctor will recommend using meter 4 to 10 times a day. According to his indications, you will have to record your blood sugar levels before meals, before or after exercise, perhaps during the night, if necessary. It is also likely that, if your health conditions worsen or improve, the frequency of use will change accordingly.

Type 2 diabetes: The doctor may recommend one or more checks per day, depending on the type and amount of insulin used; the tests are generally to be carried out before meals and before bedtime if you make at least two injections daily. 

How Do You Use a Blood Glucose Meter?

The method of use is always shown in the instruction manual, but your doctor will still instruct you properly on how to move. These are our recommendations:

  • Please wash your hands well and dry them carefully.
  • Insert a test strip into the meter.
  • Make a small puncture on the finger with the appropriate needle.
  • Lightly massage your finger to release a drop of blood.
  • Apply the blood to the test strip and then press down on the edges.
  • Look and evaluate, after a few seconds, the value that appears on the screen after the measurement.

How Do I Clean the Blood Glucose Meter?

Some blood glucose meters need regular cleaning to be precise. We recommend using a simple cloth moistened with soap and water to avoid damage to sensitive parts, without ever using alcohol, ammonia cleaners, glass cleaners, or abrasive materials. Some glucometers are equipped with an alert function: they warn you with an acoustic sound when the time has come to clean them.

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