To better follow the slides of a presentation or the explanations on a blackboard, the use of a kind laser pointer is a must. We have collected several tips in several places for better use of this small but practical tool.

In this guide, we briefly analyze the characteristics of a laser pointer, while in the ranking below, you will find a review of the most popular models on the market.

Right here, we had selected the best laser pointers for you.

SaleRANK NO. 1
SolidKraft High Power Green Laser Sight, Tactical Long Range Laser, Rechargeable...
  • 🟢LONG-DISTANCE: The ultra-visible green beam can be seen up to 1000 ft at night with pinpoint accuracy and clarity, and the...
  • 🟢DURABLE: The rugged brushed aluminum casing is both shock-resitant and water-resistant to assure ultimate protection against...
  • 🟢LONG-LASTING: The long-lasting battery has a 6 hr usage time on each charge to assure you a full use with every charge
  • 🟢PORTABLE: The laser and accessories come in a premium, padded carrying case for ultimate mobility and safe storage
  • ✅SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are confident you will be satisfied with our product. However, if there are any issues, we offer a...
SaleRANK NO. 2
Cyahvtl Laser Pointer, Tactical Flashlights 2000 Metres Green Long Range High...
  • 【High-Quality Products】: Made of aluminum alloy, it feels comfortable. It is very suitable for you to use even in rainy days.
  • 【USB Charging】: Rechargeable with USB port on bottom, use cellphone adapter, PC or any device comes with a USB port to charge
  • 【Game Purpose】: Bright green LED is specially designed for hunters. Hunting at night is fun and effective, but finding the...
  • 【Two Kinds of Templates】: The straight line mode when the crystal head is removed, and the gypsophila mode when the crystal...
  • 【Not for Kids】: Please put it well where the children can’t get it,Please try not to run out of power, charge before running...
Cat Laser Toy, Laser Pointer Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Dogs, Red Dot...
  • USB CHARGING: This cat laser toy does not need to replace the battery. The blue indicator light will be on when charging, and it...
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: The cat laser pointer was made of stainless steel shell, sturdy and durable.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: 3 different colors modes, 5 patterns.
  • IDEAL TOY for CATS: Ideal for outdoor actives. Small pet interactive indoor Toys.
  • DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH PETS: Easy to use, you can slide thebutton and play with pets while sitting on a chair.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Laser Pointer High Power Rechargeable Lazer Pointer, Laser Pen with Long Range...
  • 【 High Power Laser Pointer 】 Powerful laser pointer is a long range laser pointer, The green lazer can reach 50-100 meters in...
  • 【 USB Charging 】This rechargeable laser pointer has a USB charging port that can be charged using any device with a USB port,...
  • 【 High-Quality 】This laser pen pointer uses a high-quality aluminum alloy black frosted shell, which is rainproof,...
  • 【Multiple Modes】lazer pointer contain a silver starlight cap that can be installed and rotated to display a beautiful...
  • 【 NOTICE 】Keep out of the eyes and not suitable for kids.
UNBIU Long Range Laser Pointer High Power - Green Laser Pointer Flashlight with...
  • BRIGHT - Super Bright Laser Pointer with Zoomable Beam - Daytime Visibility - Perfect for Outdoor Camping
  • DURABLE - Tactical Laser Pointer - Virtually Indestructible - Military Grade Aluminum - Perfect for Training
  • IDEAL USE - Multi-Purpose Laser Pointer for Astronomy, Routes, Patrol, Presentations, Star Pointing, Magic Shows, Guided Tours,...
  • EASY TO CARRY - Portable Laser Pointer, Fits in Pockets and Backpacks for Quick and Easy Access
  • UNBIU - USB Rechargeable Laser Pointer, No Need to Buy Batteries - Convenient and Eco-Friendly
Cowjag Green Laser Pointer High Power, Tactical Long Range [12,000 Ft] Laser,...
  • 【Extra Long Range】: The green beam is visible at night at 12,000 feet for accuracy and clarity, and the green beam is visible...
  • 【Rugged and Durable】: The rugged brushed aluminum housing is both shock-resistant and waterproof, ensuring ultimate protection...
  • 【Long Use Time】: It can be used continuously for 8 hours when fully charged, and the standby time is super long
  • 【Portable】: The laser and accessories are packed in a premium, padded carrying case for ultimate mobility and secure storage.
  • 【Caution】: Do not point the laser beam at your head and eyes and keep it out of reach of children.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Cowjag Laser Pointer, Long Range Green Laser Pointer, 2000 Metres Laser Pointer...
  • 【High Power That Even Beasts Can't Stand】Get a focused laser - rotate off the silver star cap and experience a long-range...
  • 【High Quality Material】Laser pointer high power will not be easily deformed even when stepped on by elephants, it is made of...
  • 【USB Charging】Green laser pointer can be charged through the USB port. Simply unscrew the back cover of the lazer pointer and...
  • 【Multiple Uses】You can also use this green laser toy for presentations, astronomy, hiking, hunting, camping and playing with...
  • 【Caution】Please place it properly where children can't get to it, and charge it in time to keep the battery life when the...
Klein Tools 56040 LED Rechargeable Flashlight, 350 Lumens, Twist Focus, Laser...
  • The rechargeable focus flashlight with class IIIa red laser pinpoints out-of-reach objects
  • LED light's twist focus bezel concentrates the light beam where it’s needed
  • Strong magnetic end cap for hands-free use
  • A 12-hour all day runtime on low of 125 lumens; bright 350 lumens on high with a 6-hour runtime
  • Rated a durable 10-Foot (3 m) drop test, IP54 water- and dust-resistant
SaleRANK NO. 9
Tenergy 1.5 Volt Battery LR44, Button Cell LR44, ag13/LR44 Batteries Equivalent,...
  • 20 Pack LR44 button cell - Tenergy's 1.5v lr44 batteries are ideal for small electronics such as watches, lasers, pointers,...
  • A low internal resistance enables these batteries to provide long lasting energy for small electronics.
  • These 1.5v lr44 batteries are designed with improved anti-leaking to ensure they last when unused and in storage.
  • Made from non toxic metals like mercury, these LR44 batteries are enhanced with an anti-leak design.
  • Different name same battery - Replaces silver oxide batteries and is similar size as LR 44, AG13, CR44, SR44, 357, SR44W, G13,...
SaleRANK NO. 10
Cat Laser Toy, Interactive Toy with Red Dot LED Light Pointer, Long Range 3...
  • 【Any USB charging】No need to buy batteries. Energy-saving and environmental protection, convenient charging, you can plug it...
  • 【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】: 3 different colors modes (Red, Purple, White),5 patterns (Point, Smiling face, Butterfly, Star)
  • 【EXQUISITE DESIGN】: Stainless steel shell, sturdy and durable.
  • 【IDEAL TOY for CATS】: Ideal for outdoor sports and play. Small pet interactive indoor Toys.
  • 【EXCELLENT PET TOYS】: Easy to use, Cat and dog toys for indoor can be used as an interactive toy for pet toy training, sports,...
SaleRANK NO. 11
MEUSNO Laser Pointer, Laser Pointer Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, 3 Pack Laser...
  • 🐾【ENDLESS FUN】: Letting your beloved pets exercise and have fun effortlessly. Also, the cat laser chase toys can satisfy...
  • 🐾【BATTERY OPERATED】: The laser pointer cat toys powered by 2 x AAA batteries (Not included in the package), Longer battery...
  • 🐾【HIGH QUALITY POINTER】: Our cat laser toy pointer is made of High quality metal alloy material and Equiped with metal pen...
  • 🐾【EASY TO USE】: This cat laser toys pointer adopts easy-to-operate switch design, just press the switch to start, release...
  • 🐾【MULTI-PURPOSE】: There are more uses for this cat laser toys pointer, You can use the laser pointer toys as a for meeting,...

Buying Guide to Select the Best Laser Pointer

Pointer and Presenter

Why do I need to buy a laser pointer/presenter? Of course, you could easily do without it: when you are in the lecture hall or in a meeting to present your work, you can go back to the PC whenever you need to change slides or hire another person to do it for you.

But considering the affordable price of these small accessories, why not be autonomous and make your presentation more modern and productive?

In the meantime, it is necessary to distinguish between pointer and presenter, since the two things do not always coincide. The tip is simply a jumbo pencil that emits a laser beam and is used to focus the audience’s attention on a particular point of the slide, a figure, a graph, a word, etc.

The projected colour is generally red or green: red is more suitable for light, white screens or even blackboards because it is more visible. Green is best suited for use on LED screens or PC monitors.

When used as a presenter, this small device acts as a real remote control and therefore does not just project a light beam. It is more convenient to choose a product that integrates these two functions into one: pointer and presenter.

Operation and Controls

So let’s see what the functions of a presenter are. In the meantime, you need to check that the model is compatible with your operating system: to tell the truth, modern models are practically universal. Still, it is always better to have a look at the specifications before buying it.

If used as a pointer, the product works by itself, but if you want to use it as a remote control, you must connect it to the computer: generally, there is a dongle, that is, a mini receiver to be connected to the USB port of your device.

Often these nano receivers, when not in use, can be stored inside the pointer itself, where there is a unique housing. In this way, you will not lose it, which is quite probable, given the tiny size.

Modern presenters are plug & play, that is, they connect to the PC, are immediately recognized and then work quickly, without downloading drivers and without complicated installation procedures.

The commands that are never missing are Page up and Page down to go back and forth with the presentation slides. By pressing these same buttons longer, other functions are also activated (often).

For example, the magnification of the screen or the blank screen, a useful command when you want the audience’s attention to be fixed on the speaker, not on the screen.

It should also be possible to raise/lower the volume and, in the best models, even to click and access hypertext content. Then check which and how many of these commands are present, and if among these, there are those you need.


The pointers/presenters are not all the same in terms of performance. Those of the best brand, for example, stand out for the greater distance between the transmitter and the receiver: sometimes 10 meters may be enough, but in large classrooms, it is better to focus on a model with a distance (without obstacles placed) of 50 or 100 meters.

These devices are battery-powered, and autonomy is another discriminant that could have a specific weight: the models that go into standby automatically help to safeguard their duration.

Compact and Simple to Use

The laser pointer produced by the electronics company Elekele stands out above all for its compact, handy and extremely functional design.

Its dimensions are approximately 13.9 cm in length by 1.8 in width and 1.5 in height. Its design is therefore essential, but at the same time, it adds a decidedly hi-tech touch thanks to the black colour of the body.

It weighs only 18 grams, and the long body with a quadrangular section guarantees a comfortable and secure grip.

Even the position of the keys is explicitly designed to offer maximum functionality and ease of use without exposing the risk of slowing down the rhythm of the presentations to look for the right button, an essential aspect, especially as regards the performance in the professional field.

Efficient and Functional

The keys allow control of the following functions: top, full screen, window contact, volume on-off and hyperlink.

The main body of the pointer also houses the small receiver to be extracted and connected to the computer, or laptop, via USB input. The remote control works via 2.4 GHz high-frequency radio signals, with an operating range of 100 meters.

It integrates a class 2 laser with a power of less than one milliWatt, with a wavelength of 650nm when in standby. The laser beam has a range of 200 meters, therefore redundant compared to the operating range allowed by the receiver, and the brightness produced is excellent.

Some buyers tend to point out that there is a slight loss of sharpness, depending on the distance and the ambient light, but these are small variations that affect only marginally on its overall yield.

How to Use a Laser Pointer?

Adjust the Power

In some models, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the distance from the surface on which you are going to project and to the type of pointer you have chosen.

Carefully check that all the components are assembled according to the diagram and try to see how the tip is identified once it is turned on.

You Know the Object

Having a tip also allows you to manage different viewing options, from slides to opening hyperlinks. A preliminary study on what a similar object allows can improve the approach to the medium, exploiting the various functions as needed.

Take Advantage of The Wireless Connection

The system that provides connectivity and that connects the device with a support such as a laptop or a projector moves along the direction of a wireless connection or thanks to a radio wave system. Having this mode available can improve the aiming and movement of the luminous circle on the screen.

Adjust the Brightness of The Room

In low light, the pointer can be more visible, thus allowing the user to be able to select and highlight different areas of the wall. We advise you to manage this aspect better so that you can follow the presentation and quickly locate the desired points.

Bet on Dual Use

In the case of multiple functionalities of the object, we suggest you choose and adapt the use according to the occasions.

In this way, you can take full advantage of what the product has to offer, both in the professional field and for convenient and punctual management of images on the screen.

Remove the Dongle

Once a presentation has ended, in the models that connect to the USB socket, it is advisable to remove the device and place it in the dedicated slot. Doing so puts everything inside the pointer, with a low probability of losing parts and components.

Place Everything in The Case

At the end of a slide and the presentation work, place the pointer in its case, soft or rigid. It will keep the object away from dust and other inconveniences that can happen when leaving a product of this type.

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