To better follow the slides of a presentation or the explanations on a blackboard, the use of a kind laser pointer is a must. We have collected several tips in several places for better use of this small but practical tool.

In this guide, we briefly analyze the characteristics of a laser pointer, while in the ranking below, you will find a review of the most popular models on the market.

Right here, we had selected the best laser pointers for you.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Cat Laser Toy, Red Dot LED Light Pointer Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Dogs,...
  • USB CHARGING: No need to replace the battery. The blue indicator light will be on when charging, and it will be off when fully...
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: High-quality stainless steel shell, sturdy and durable.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: 3 different colors modes, 5 patterns.
  • IDEAL TOY for CATS: Ideal for outdoor actives. Small pet interactive indoor Toys.
  • DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH PETS: Easy to use, you can slide the button and play with pets while sitting on a chair.
SaleRANK NO. 2
Long Range High Power Tactical Red Dot Light Presentation Pointer for Indoor...
  • [This beam light is not suitable for kid, do not shine directly into the eyes !!!] High Power Long Range Pointer: The red hunting...
  • Portable USB charging: This lazer toy can be charged through the USB port, no need to replace the battery, which is very...
  • Sturdy and durable metal housing with a comfortable feel, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and non-slip. The barrel is...
  • Multiple modes: Wear a star cap so that you can adjust the shape of the beam, with a variety of patterns to choose. Such as single...
  • Excellent portability: Small size, light weight, suitable for putting in pockets, handbags, drawers or compartments. Ideal for...
Laser Pointer Cat Toy, Red Dot LED Light Pointer Interactive Toys Indoor Cats...
  • 🐾【USB CHARGING】: 2022 New cat laser toy. No need to buy batteries! Just unplug the back cover of the funny cat toys and...
  • 🐾【RICH PATTERN DESIGN】: Adjust the funny cat toy pointer to red light state, you can toggle the gear easily to get...
  • 🐾【PORTABLE DESIGN】: Exquisite design makes cat toy small in size and Cat toys pen with metal clip and anti-loss rope design...
  • 🐾【HIGH QUALITY 】: Our pet toys for cats are made of high-quality stainless steel material shell, The exquisite design makes...
  • 🐾【POWERFUL FUNCTIONS】: The pointer light can also make you a presenter, whether you are in a bright room or outdoors, you...
SaleRANK NO. 4
Klein Tools Inspection Penlight with Laser 56026
  • LED penlight for up-close lighting in dim areas
  • Laser pointer aids in pinpointing objects in out-of-reach locations
  • Glow ring tip charges while the light is on and allows for easy retrieval in the dark
  • Pocket clip for easy, convenient access
  • Aluminum body with cushion-grip handle
Laser Pointer for Cats Dogs, 2.4GHz Wireless Presentation Clicker for PowerPoint...
  • 【Pointer for Presentations & Cat Laser Toy】This presentation clicker supports page up/down, volume control, full screen/black...
  • 【One-Piece Design】This presentation remote comes with a magnetic USB receiver which can be attached to the bottom of the PPT...
  • 【Long Distance Control】With a powerful AAA battery, please rest assured to use the PowerPoint presentation remote on the...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】The systems supported on the presentation remote: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS, Linux, Android. The...
  • 【Detail-Design】It is convenient to carry with the clip design on the presentation clicker. Besides this, the PowerPoint...
10 Pack of LR44/AG13/357 Laser Pointer Batteries
  • package of 10 sealed new lr44/ ag13 batteries
SaleRANK NO. 7
Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Wireless Presentation Clicker Remote with...
  • The brilliant Green laser pointer is powerful and easy to see, even on LCD and Plasma displays and in brightly lit rooms.
  • The LCD display with timer lets you manage your time with silent, vibrating alerts and controls that are easy to set and...
  • With a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters), you can enjoy the freedom to move around the room and mingle with your audience for...
  • The intuitive slideshow controls help you navigate through your presentation with confidence. Buttons are easy to find by touch....
  • A storable plug-and-play wireless receiver makes it simple to get started—just plug the receiver into a USB port and use it...
SaleRANK NO. 8
DOLOEDY 3 PCS Green Red Violet Long Range Laser Dot Clicker Toy Pen for Indoor...
  • Install 2 AAA batteries (batteries are not included in the package), press the switch to start, release the switch to turn...
  • You can use it in your speech or teaching: it's a great way to point out what you want to say and let the audience focus on it.
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material provide a more durable use. Equiped with metal clip design, easy to carry anywhere.
  • Can holdheld everywhere, wider area to play. Easily put this interactive pen in your pocket or bag,use it anytime and anywhere for...
  • Green Red Violet Presentation Clicker for Classroom Teaching and Construction site Measurement Remote Instructions.
SaleRANK NO. 9
Red Laser Presentation Clicker Pointer for Indoor Classroom Interactive...
  • Lazer Strength Classifation: Class I (0.39mW). It conform to IEC international standards and can be safe use.
  • This is a wonderful interactive cat toy. You will fall in love with the fact that it doesn't use batteries . . . just take the...
  • Durable & Portable Clip-on Design, Easy to Hold. Even better is that one doesn't need to constantly keep the button down to keep...
  • Three functions, Five patterns Multi-Funcation Toy, Our cats will love it and go crazy playing with it.
  • BISKEE Dog Chew Toy with LED LIighting Cat Indoor Outdoor Toy USB Rechargeable
Laser Pointer, High Power Green Lazer Pointer, Powerful Flashlight Pen with...
  • High-power long-range: Hand-held flashlight daylight up to 30-100 meters, night up to 1500 meters.
  • USB charging: Hunting lights can be charged via USB interface, very energy-efficient, lightweight and convenient, long service...
  • Widely used: Astronomy, route, patrol, demonstration control, star-pointing, guided tour, camping, hunting, hiking and other...
  • Material: The use of high-quality aluminum alloy matte shell, with super durability and scratch resistance, rainy days can also be...
3pcs Laser Pointer, Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Lazer Pointer Pen with...
  • The cat toys are powered by 2 AAA batteries. Package includes 1x green, 1x violet, 1x red. (Batteries are not included).
  • Interactive toy for cats and dogs. The brilliant light beam is nice to keep cats engaged, curious, and playful for hours, the best...
  • You can press the switch to start, release the switch to turn off.
  • You can use it in your speech, teaching or construction site: it's a great way to point out what you want to say and let the...
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material provide a more durable use. Equiped with metal clip design, easy to carry anywhere.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Laser Pointer

Pointer and Presenter

Why do I need to buy a laser pointer/presenter? Of course, you could easily do without it: when you are in the lecture hall or in a meeting to present your work, you can go back to the PC whenever you need to change slides or hire another person to do it for you.

But considering the affordable price of these small accessories, why not be autonomous and make your presentation more modern and productive?

In the meantime, it is necessary to distinguish between pointer and presenter, since the two things do not always coincide. The tip is simply a jumbo pencil that emits a laser beam and is used to focus the audience’s attention on a particular point of the slide, a figure, a graph, a word, etc.

The projected colour is generally red or green: red is more suitable for light, white screens or even blackboards because it is more visible. Green is best suited for use on LED screens or PC monitors.

When used as a presenter, this small device acts as a real remote control and therefore does not just project a light beam. It is more convenient to choose a product that integrates these two functions into one: pointer and presenter.

Operation and Controls

So let’s see what the functions of a presenter are. In the meantime, you need to check that the model is compatible with your operating system: to tell the truth, modern models are practically universal. Still, it is always better to have a look at the specifications before buying it.

If used as a pointer, the product works by itself, but if you want to use it as a remote control, you must connect it to the computer: generally, there is a dongle, that is, a mini receiver to be connected to the USB port of your device.

Often these nano receivers, when not in use, can be stored inside the pointer itself, where there is a unique housing. In this way, you will not lose it, which is quite probable, given the tiny size.

Modern presenters are plug & play, that is, they connect to the PC, are immediately recognized and then work quickly, without downloading drivers and without complicated installation procedures.

The commands that are never missing are Page up and Page down to go back and forth with the presentation slides. By pressing these same buttons longer, other functions are also activated (often).

For example, the magnification of the screen or the blank screen, a useful command when you want the audience’s attention to be fixed on the speaker, not on the screen.

It should also be possible to raise/lower the volume and, in the best models, even to click and access hypertext content. Then check which and how many of these commands are present, and if among these, there are those you need.


The pointers/presenters are not all the same in terms of performance. Those of the best brand, for example, stand out for the greater distance between the transmitter and the receiver: sometimes 10 meters may be enough, but in large classrooms, it is better to focus on a model with a distance (without obstacles placed) of 50 or 100 meters.

These devices are battery-powered, and autonomy is another discriminant that could have a specific weight: the models that go into standby automatically help to safeguard their duration.

Compact and Simple to Use

The laser pointer produced by the electronics company Elekele stands out above all for its compact, handy and extremely functional design.

Its dimensions are approximately 13.9 cm in length by 1.8 in width and 1.5 in height. Its design is therefore essential, but at the same time, it adds a decidedly hi-tech touch thanks to the black colour of the body.

It weighs only 18 grams, and the long body with a quadrangular section guarantees a comfortable and secure grip.

Even the position of the keys is explicitly designed to offer maximum functionality and ease of use without exposing the risk of slowing down the rhythm of the presentations to look for the right button, an essential aspect, especially as regards the performance in the professional field.

Efficient and Functional

The keys allow control of the following functions: top, full screen, window contact, volume on-off and hyperlink.

The main body of the pointer also houses the small receiver to be extracted and connected to the computer, or laptop, via USB input. The remote control works via 2.4 GHz high-frequency radio signals, with an operating range of 100 meters.

It integrates a class 2 laser with a power of less than one milliWatt, with a wavelength of 650nm when in standby. The laser beam has a range of 200 meters, therefore redundant compared to the operating range allowed by the receiver, and the brightness produced is excellent.

Some buyers tend to point out that there is a slight loss of sharpness, depending on the distance and the ambient light, but these are small variations that affect only marginally on its overall yield.

How to Use a Laser Pointer?

Adjust the Power

In some models, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the distance from the surface on which you are going to project and to the type of pointer you have chosen.

Carefully check that all the components are assembled according to the diagram and try to see how the tip is identified once it is turned on.

You Know the Object

Having a tip also allows you to manage different viewing options, from slides to opening hyperlinks. A preliminary study on what a similar object allows can improve the approach to the medium, exploiting the various functions as needed.

Take Advantage of The Wireless Connection

The system that provides connectivity and that connects the device with a support such as a laptop or a projector moves along the direction of a wireless connection or thanks to a radio wave system. Having this mode available can improve the aiming and movement of the luminous circle on the screen.

Adjust the Brightness of The Room

In low light, the pointer can be more visible, thus allowing the user to be able to select and highlight different areas of the wall. We advise you to manage this aspect better so that you can follow the presentation and quickly locate the desired points.

Bet on Dual Use

In the case of multiple functionalities of the object, we suggest you choose and adapt the use according to the occasions.

In this way, you can take full advantage of what the product has to offer, both in the professional field and for convenient and punctual management of images on the screen.

Remove the Dongle

Once a presentation has ended, in the models that connect to the USB socket, it is advisable to remove the device and place it in the dedicated slot. Doing so puts everything inside the pointer, with a low probability of losing parts and components.

Place Everything in The Case

At the end of a slide and the presentation work, place the pointer in its case, soft or rigid. It will keep the object away from dust and other inconveniences that can happen when leaving a product of this type.

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