Why choose a Vupoint Magic Wands? Because often for professional reasons, it is essential to scan images and texts with quality wherever you are at the bar, in the car, in the archive, or the library. Those used to using these devices may prefer them to the applications available on smartphones.

If you are tied to traditional models and do not want to use the applications that transform mobile phones into portable scanners, read our guide and our ranking to quickly find the most suitable product for your needs on the market.

Right here we are providing the best vupoint magic wands that are listed below

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Color LCD Display and...
  • Easily Scan, archive and organize file
  • Save files onto a microSD/microSDHC memory card up to 32GB
  • Approximately 1.5-inch class color LCD panel to preview scans
  • Uses rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • 1200 DPI for high resolution scans; 8.5-inch x (Scanning length) up to 125-inch. PLEASE NOTE: Kindly refer the Instructional Video...
Aproca Hard Storage Travel Case for Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable...
  • Eco-friendly Material: Made of High-density EVA and 1680D Material, premium Hard EVA to provide durability and a long-lasting...
  • Perfect Fit: Specially designed for your Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSDK-ST470-VP).
  • Convenient Design: Comfortable hand grip for easy portability,Comes with specially mesh pocket for other accessories,Smooth but...
  • Great Protection: Stylish and Durable,prevents any damages or scratches caused by accidentally bumping,dropping, secures the...
  • For sale is case only(device and accessories are not included).
VuPoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/Auto-Feed Docking Station (Black)...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...
  • Save Scans to Included MicroSD Card - Welcome to your new Paperless Office and the world of simple organization - Scan in color or...
  • Auto Feed Dock - When docked, the high-speed sensor scans paper automatically using its auto-feed feature while the scanner...
  • Scanning Specs - 1.5" color LCD screen lets you preview scans to ensure you have captured all you need before having to hook...
  • Contents Include - Magic Wand ST470 Portable Scanner, MicroSD card, Exclusive microfiber cleaning cloth, USB Docking Station, AC...
10.5“ x 1.6” x 1.2“ Hard Travel Case for Iscan/Vupoint/MUNBYN Magic Wand...
  • ✅Perfect Fit: Makes your scanner easy and safe to carry around. Ideal for fitting MUNBYN/iScan/Vupoint Solution Magic Wand...
  • ✅Guardian of On-the-go Scanner: Made from EVA material, capable of 1.5m shockproof/splash-proof/pressure-proof/scratch...
  • ✅0.2lb Lightweight & 10.5“ L x 1.6” W x 1.2“ H: Quickly organize and spot it within seconds and easy to carry.
  • ✅Case Only: For travel and storage (device and accessories are sold separately)
  • ✅Convenience: This case is lightweight and compact with a specifically designed mesh pocket for small accessories.
VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner
  • CONVERT YOUR OLD PHOTOS INTO DIGITAL FILES - Scan documents and photos in color or black and white as PDF or JPEG files
  • ARCHIVE AND ORGANIZE YOUR SCANS - Connect your scanner to a computer (Windows or Mac OS) using the included USB cable and a...
  • INCLUDES BONUS OCR SOFTWARE - Optical Character Recognition software allows you to convert saved documents into text editable and...
  • SCANNING SPECS - Plug-and-play device scans documents 8.27 inches wide and up to 98 inches long in as little as 3 seconds, with...
Hermitshell Hard Travel Case for Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner...
  • Hermitshell Hard Travel Storage Carrying Case.
  • Protect your favorite device from bumps dents and scratches.
  • Made to fit Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSDK-ST470-VP)
  • Material:EVA ,Color: Black.
  • For sale is case only (device and accessories are sold separately).
Antoble USB PC Power Charger+Data Cable Cord Lead for Vupoint Magic Wand...
  • 100% brand new, high quality usb 2.0 data Charger cable/lead (Non-OEM).
  • This cable connects your device to USB-ready PC/MAC/Laptop/Notebook or USB hub for data transferring.
  • 2-in-1 feature: this cable may both sync and charge your device through USB port.(depending on your device's specifications)
  • Cable Length: 3 ft
  • Antoble product has a 30 day Money-Back Guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.
FitSand Hard Case Compatible for Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner...
  • Brand New and High Quality
  • Color: As the picture shown
  • Perfect Case and gift to your friends
  • Protect your Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSDK-ST470-VP) from strike and scrape.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Hard Case for Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSDK-ST470-VP) (Does't send with retail...
USB Power + Data Cable Cord for VuPoint Magic Wand PDS-ST410 ST415 ST420 Scanner
  • Advanced Design, High Portability Brand New! Excellent customer service!
  • Tested Units. In Great Working Condition.
  • Safe standard: FCC,CE, RoSH
  • OEM equivalent part, 100% Compatible, Brand New.
  • Our products include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Exchange.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Vupoint Magic Wands


For professionals on the go who need high-level scans of documents necessary to their job, the best brand of portable scanners could be the one that ensures the highest resolution.

Expressed in DPI – dot per inch or dots per inch – indicates the degree of image quality; our advice is to give preference to models with more than 600 DPI.

Generally, you can choose the level of accuracy based on the type of material to be scanned. If it is a document with a few details, you can select the resolution at 300 DPI to make the operation faster.

Just the speed of scanning could represent another determining factor for your choice: check how many seconds it takes to scan a sheet in black and white and in color. If you think you need to scan numerous documents, the ideal model for you may be the one that ensures maximum speed.

Pay attention to the SD or SDHC card that the device supports. For those who use the scanner only from time to time, there should be no problems whatsoever, but if there are many archived documents, you will need a large card that not all models can support.

Power Supply and Screen

Portable scanners are powered by USB or batteries. Although the difference in price between these two types may not be much, the same cannot be said of practicality.

The former, those with USB, must necessarily be connected to the computer to function. Although compact and portable, they oblige the user to always carry the PC with them.

If you plan to use the portable scanner only on the desk where there is no room for a multifunction printer, you will have no problems; those who are around for work may find these scanners impractical.

The latter, those powered by battery, do not need the PC connection cable and can always be carried with you in your car or bag even without a computer to scan wherever you need it.

As can be seen from the review of many users, the most popular scanners are those with a screen that, unlike the others that do not have one, allow you to check the status of the scan and immediately check if it went well or not.

Compatibility, Software, and Wi-Fi

Compare prices and performance but, if you have a Mac or Linux, the first thing you should check is the compatibility of the scanner with these systems. The risk is to buy a performance product that is not suitable for your computer.

Also, check out the software that comes with it and what features it allows. It is essential to be able to manage files effectively and store them in different destinations such as various archives, FTP, cloud to be able to share them quickly.

Finally, you may prefer those models that support Wi-Fi connection: the advantage is to quickly and comfortably transfer files to your mobile devices.
How to use a portable scanner

How Does It Work?

There are two types of portable scanners: the first is the one that must be scrolled over the whole document, the image or the page of a company manual. The second is that in which the sheet is inserted inside the device, which in this way starts the scan.

In both cases, once the image is acquired on the memory card, it will be necessary to send it to another device which may be the computer, tablet, or smartphone. Some models allow you to do it wirelessly, and others need the connection cable.

Which One to Choose?

To choose the right model, first check if it is compatible with your Android, iOS, Linux device, etc. Then check if the scanner works only if it is powered by USB and therefore only if you have a PC nearby or if it has a battery and therefore you can use it anywhere with maximum comfort. If you have many documents to scan, the scanning speed may be necessary for you.

Another parameter to evaluate is the resolution: all scanners should allow you to adjust the DPI level, but not all have the same decision. Better never to drop below 600 DPI.

A very appreciated feature is the presence of the small integrated display that allows you to immediately have a preview of the scanned image to understand how it came about.


The need to scan documents and images has significantly increased in recent years, but the scanner itself is certainly not the only tool available on the market.

In addition to multifunction printers, you can turn your mobile phone into a real scanner by downloading the right applications. There are several, and many are also free, for example, Office Lens and CamScanner. Both are good for iOS and Android.

In the beginning, it may take you a few minutes to understand how it works if you are not an expert on these things, but the tutorials and online explanations are not lacking. Basically, what needs to be done is to frame the document to be scanned and taken.

It will then be the app that will automatically crop the edges and improve the image. From your mobile phone, you can then send it to a customer’s email, to a WhatsApp contact, etc.

For Slides

If you own a lovingly created slide archive over the years or if you have so many negatives and films that you don’t want to miss, you should digitize them. But in this case, you don’t need a standard model, but a slide scanner.

These devices, also suitable for professional use, scan the classic 35 mm slides; some models those of 110 mm. Even in these cases, attention must be paid to the scanning speed, resolution, and compatibility with Windows and Mac and the possibility of using them anywhere or only by connecting them to the PC.

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