If you usually suffer from back problems or herniated discs, the lumbar belt (also called orthopedic belt) will give you considerable relief.

They are usually recommended by doctors for occasional use and only in cases where low back pain is acute. You can find orthopedic bands in pharmacies, orthopedics and on the web.

Here we have the best lumber bands listed below.

AODEW Thermal Waist Warmer Lumbar Support Belt Narrow Waist Trimmer Back Brace Band Lumbar Warms
  • 【Three Styles Can Choose To Match Different Seasons】Breathable/Spring Support/Velvet. Size : M:23.6-28.2inch L:38.2-47.25inch
  • 【MATERIAL】: Made of high-quality fabric (spandex,nylon,polyester fiber)latex yarn,Skin-friendly,breathable,flexible,windproof,thick,cozy,thermal,keep your waist,abdominal and back warm and comfortable in cold weather
  • 【Narrower and More Convenient】: It’s narrower than normal waist protectors, and it’s more convenient to wear under clothes and more convenient
  • 【Suitable for the crowd】: Suitable for people whose waist need keeping warm/Athletes or people doing regular exercise/Student/drivers /office workers.
  • 【COMFORTABLE AND LIGHT-WEIGHT】: Durable,easy to adjust and improve stabilization.Easy to wear and take off too,stretchy design,Fully adjustable to different waist sizes.
SaleRANK NO. 2
Kidney Warmer Lumbar Supports Abdominal Band Hip Waist Supports Kidney Protection Jersey Band Back Warmer Elastic Lower Waist Support Belt Compression Wool Warming Belt Body Warmer Wrapper Gift
  • Protecting waist and stomach from cold.The kidney warmer from cashmere protects the kidney and hip area from cold and draughts and is a useful accessory, especially on the cool days.
  • USE: fitness training, running, jumping, yoga. Warm up or the entire training section.Daily life activities.
  • Whether recovering from surgery, injury, or just need extra support, abdominal binders can stabilize your core and improve muscle tone. Provides effective support after abdominal injuries.
  • Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism,and clear the meridians, enhance immunity. Easy to use,can be used anywhere any time
  • Good elasticity,keep your waist abdomen and the stomach warm.Perfect for gifts.
Zcargel Hot Sale Super Breathable Superelastic Men's Slimming Shaper Belt Abdominal Binder Lumbar Support Belt Back Support Brace Band
  • Three-dimensional mesh structure, soft and elastic, breathable and comfortable. Intensive mesh design is conducive to the waist and abdomen fat even by force, no sense of restraint
  • Works well with most exercises or activity! Whether you are walking, running, biking, cycling, weight lifting, working around the house, aerobic class, yoga, at work, or standing on your feet a lot, etc
  • Behind the three metal support strip width of 1 cm, strong support force, not easily deformed and difficult to break, superior support function to prevent curling bend
  • Waist Trimmer Belt Promoting Weight Loss to Abdominal Area.Supports Lower Back and Core Muscles, Relieving Soreness
  • XXL:Full length:105 cm/41.33 inch;Suitable Waist:96 - 103 cm/ 37.79 cm - 40.55 inch.Please check your size before you order
Blue Jay Universal Abdominal Binder, White - Umbilical Hernia Belt for Epigastria, Ventral Pain Relief - Abdominal Compression Band. Lumbar Support Supplies
  • Improved Posture: the three-panel design of the abdominal binder provides core muscles support and help you with the lower back pain
  • Speedy Recovery: the abdominal hernia binder provides compression while increasing the blood circulation and oxygen levels to accelerate recovery
  • Ergonomic Design: the abdominal compression band fits around your waist comfortably, conforming properly to your body
  • Comfortable Fit: the hook closure of the umbilical hernia belt permits closure at any point on the circumference of the binder, allowing maximum adjustability
  • Soft & Smooth: made from lightweight and breathable, this abdominal binder lays perfectly under clothing without doing any skin irritation
ObboMed® MB-7110XL Pregnant Women’s Premium Elastic Neoprene Maternity Support Belt, Belly Band with Excellent Orthopedic, Lumbar, Abdomen, Lower Back and Hip Support – Black, XL
  • Provides excellent orthopedic support to the abdomen to relieve lumbar and pelvic pain during pregnancy and prevent stretch marks
  • Supports lower back and hip areas to ease the strain of pregnancy, supports the baby bump
  • Helps promote and balance the postures
  • Adjustable reinforced straps for body changes during and degenerate the abdomen post pregnancy
  • Slim design to be worn under clothes. Made of ultra-breathable elastic neoprene which can assure optimal body temperature
SaleRANK NO. 6
Men Women Neoprene Compression Waist Trimmer Belt Kidney Binder Lower Back Brace Lumbar Abdominal Support Breathable Sweat Slimming Band Strap Weight Loss Ab Wrap
  • XL:Length:43.3"https://shopclassla.b-cdn.net/110cm, Width:7.6"https://shopclassla.b-cdn.net/19.5cm. Recommed for waistline 33"-40"
  • Material: Neoprene+Spandex. Skin-friendly, breathable, stretchable, flexible, durable, anti-slip, comfortble to wear during exercise, well workmanship of edge enhances durability, making it look more fashionable
  • Cushion and compress your abdominal muscles, protect your core muscle, waist and back while keep warm to soothe sore muscle, arthritis, low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain
  • Can be used to shed off excess water weight, trim and tone tummy, enhance aerobic condition, improve posture. And protect lower back muscle and abdomen from strain and fatigue in sports and fitness, such as running, basketball, cycling, dance, yoga and workout
  • Unisex adults medical grade abdominal back support brace wrap weight loss sauna belt waist trainer cincher girdle. Help with muscle spasm, back sprains, injured, weak or arthritic back, recovery and rehabilitation. A great Christmas/New Year/Holiday/Festival/Birthday gift for yourself, friends and families
Men Women Thermal Waistband Autumn Winter Waist Warmer Kidney Binder Supports Soft Stomach Abdominal Band Wrap Lumbar Rheumatic Back Pain Brace
  • L: Unstretched Width:12.5"https://shopclassla.b-cdn.net/32cm, Height:11.4"/29cm, Fit for Waistline:37"-43"
  • Material: Faux Cashmere. Skin-friendly, breathable, flexible, stretchy, thick, cozy, thermal, keep you waist, abdominal and back warm and comfortable in cold weather
  • Provide gentle support for a weak, injured and arthritic back. Helps keep affected area warm after injury and during recovery. Perfect for wearing under clothes to relieve the backache pain
  • Utility in a variety of sports protection, perfect for outdoor activities in winter and cold autumn, such as Cycling, Biking, Motorcycle, Snowboarding, Snowmobile, Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Hunting, Running and days out
  • Adults men women thermal rheumatic back pain brace lumbar sciatica belt kidney waist warmer support. Suit for people sedentary/long standing in office, stomach cold, back pain and work outside in winter. A great Christmas/New Year/Holiday/Festival/Birthday gift for yourself, friends and families
Zerone Self-Heating Lumbar Back Support Belt, Anti Fatigue Spine Injury Prevention Back Waist Brace Belt Band Support Protector, Pain & Discomfort Relief from Slipped Disc, Backache, Sciatica
  • [Injury Prevention] The waist brace prevent your lower back from becoming injured during exercise whether at the gym, taking fitness classes, football or other sporting activities where you are bending or twisting your back. It works whilst you are working out allowing you to enjoy your active lifestyle without associated back pain
  • [Zerone Back Support] Our Lumbar Support Belt is made of qualified hook & loop and cloth fabric, inlaying permanent magnets, durable to use, ensures a long time service
  • [Pain Relief from Lumbar] Help to cure Slipped Disc, Backache, Sciatica and remit the pain and cold of waist
  • [Self-heating] -- Spontaneous self-heating, safe and convenient to use. Plays a good role to anti-fatigue, relieve pain and keep health
  • [Daily Wear] Wear during everyday chores and activities, and intense sports or workouts, to protect your back and feel blessedly pain-free
Maternity Belt, Pregnancy Support Belt, Belly Band for Pregnancy - Breathable Belly Band That Provides Hip, Pelvic, Lumbar and Lower Back Pain Relief
  • Our maternity belts are made from soft, breathable fabrics, and the maternal abdomen is made of polyamide and elastane, and the lightweight mesh design provides excellent breathability and comfort for a comfortable fit. The support belt for pregnant women (up to 54 inches) stretches to the required size (L, XL, XXL, XXL) and can be adjusted during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • The curved design of our pregnancy support belt, will lift the abdomen, support the waist and waist to relieve abdominal pressure and relieve sciatic nerves, hips, back, waist, pelvis and stomach pain, maternal belt pregnancy support to make you throughout pregnancy stay active. After delivering, it can also be used as a pelvic belt to tighten your enlarged pelvis caused by pregnancy.
  • The pregnant belt gives you enough stretch and you can wear it for all your daily activities. Pregnancy belly adhesives are also suitable for running or exercising and exercising mom.
  •  Reduces pain and supports the abdomen as it grows in the abdomen, especially for mothers with twins. Abdominal adhesives reduce bladder pressure, improve blood circulation, and promote good posture. This is your baby's prenatal cradle. (You can also use it after pregnancy.)
  • 100% SATISFIED SERVICE- Our high quality maternity belt is what we want to provide for the customers. We are here and provide the excellent service for you. Any issues please contact us. We will provide full refund if you're not satisfied without asking.
BraceAbility Women's Back Brace for Female Lower Back Pain - Lightweight Soft White Elastic Lumbar Compression Support Belt is Discreet Under Clothes for Ladies, Nurses, Walking (Small)
  • NEW AND IMPROVED SIZE CHART - Using a soft, flexible tape measure, find your belly button circumference. Size SMALL fits 30-36 inches.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - This back pain brace for women features double-pull elastic tension straps, a crisscross back panel, and four removable plastic stays, which are lightweight and contoured to fit the shape of your lower back for optimum support and compression.
  • USE FOR - This girdle for low back pain can help treat moderate lower back pain, muscle strains, tears, or pulls, bulging discs, herniated discs, and hip pain, making everyday movements, like sitting, standing, walking, and bending, easier.
  • MATERIAL - Composed of a latex-free, form-fitting elastic, the material will conform to the curves of your body while providing light compression, which can help reduce female lower back pain.
  • FITS MOST WOMEN - The wide variety of sizing options make it easy for both average and plus size ladies to find a size that fits.

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Lumbar Bands

What Is a Lumbar Belt and What Is It For?

A lumbar band is an undergarment similar to a corset, made of elastic materials. The band wraps the lower back and exerts a compression that results in relief from lower back pain. It is recommended by doctors in case of pain in the lower back.

It helps to reduce the workload of the muscles that support the body’s weight and to keep the spine in its natural position at all times. Using a lumbar band will ensure that the muscles are not overloaded, in order to provide constant relief.

How Many Types of Bands Are There?

Most lumbar bands serve to correct various types of postural defects that can cause chronic lumbar discomfort. The models available vary according to use and design. Below we will give you the details on each type of lumbar belt and we will explain the respective characteristics:

  1. Ribs with Splints: They have splints on the back of the back. This system causes the band to exert greater pressure and stabilization in the lumbar area. You can choose between more or less flexible splints. They will exert upward pressure on the spine if we arrange them symmetrically to it.
  2. Splints without Ribs: They are built with much softer and lighter materials, therefore they bring less relief than the previous ones. They are the most common, as they are more comfortable. Being thin, they are indiscreet under clothing, unlike the bands with splints that tend to be much bulkier.
  3. Inflatable Bands: They exert compression on the back thanks to small air chambers positioned on the sides and on the lumbar area.
    They allow great freedom of movement, given that the compression exerted is lower than in previous models. The inflatable areas gently massage the back. They are also used as thermal bands, as their material acts as an insulator for the cold.
  4. Magnetic Bands: Contain 16 small magnets placed in the back of the band. Indirect contact with the back, they may play a role in post-trauma recovery. They are made of nylon or neoprene, materials that increase and improve blood circulation.
  5. Straps with Braces: Thanks to the braces, they also work the chest area preventing the shoulders from assuming an incorrect position. They are ideal for all those who spend many hours sitting at work and prevent the back from being overloaded. They are easy to wear and very practical.
  6. Headbands for Pregnant Women: It is increasingly common for mothers of today to use these headbands to relieve the pains and discomforts typical of pregnancy, such as malaise, discomfort, lower back, and neck pain. We recommend its use starting from the twenty-fifth week. They help support the weight of the baby and correct the posture of the back and spine.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Belt?

The use of a lumbar belt can bring several benefits. In addition to providing great support to the back area, it helps keep the spine in the correct position.

A continuation we will tell you one by one the advantages deriving from the use of a lumbar belt. You will certainly not be late in buying one if you read the following carefully.

It prevents injuries at work: They are used, for example, by hospital staff (who have to lift lying people) or warehouse aides who constantly load and unload heavy materials.

  • Helps to Alleviate Acute Back Pain: the lumbar bands reduce pain in case of scoliosis, in young people and also in adults.
  • Reduces Spinal Problems: Helps in the treatment of pain resulting from arthritis or herniated disc.
  • Keeps the Area Warm: This is important to avoid injury from cold muscles.
  • Provides Safety to Your Movements: Since it supports the area, it reduces the fear of making abrupt posture changes.
  • Prevents Contractures: Prevents back pain from culminating in a contracture resulting in increased pain.

How Much Does a Belt Cost?

The price of a lumbar belt depends on several factors such as the model, the quality, the size, the brand, and the characteristics. There are fairly cheap lumbar bands on the market that could cost us around 30 euros.

There are, in case we were looking for something more professional or a specialized brand, bands that exceed 70 euros.

What Size of The Band to Choose?

Choosing the right size of a lumbar band can avoid disappointment. If we choose a size that fits us abundantly, it will not adapt as it should to our body.

This will cause the band to lose effectiveness. On the other hand, if we choose a model that dresses us too tightly, it could compress us to the point of preventing adequate blood circulation. We guide you in choosing the size:

  • If your waist size measures between 65 and 85 cm, you will need to choose size S.
  • If your waist size measures between 85 and 115 cm, the M is your size.
  • If your waist size is between 114 and 140 cm, opt for size L.

Purchase Criteria

If you are thinking of changing your lumbar belt or if you do not yet have one and you do not know what are the criteria to keep in mind when making the purchase, the following section is for you.

Take note of our instructions to make an optimal choice. There are a number of essential elements that you will have to think about when buying. We’ll tell you later.

  • Design
  • Cut it
  • Comfort
  • Washing method
  • Materials


Speaking of the aesthetic component, it is important that the design of the band we choose is discreet enough to be able to go unnoticed under clothing.

In addition, the headband should be breathable so that it is comfortable to wear all day long. If it’s a gym headband, the fact that it has an attractive design and colors can be an added value.

Cut It

This factor is of great importance since to exercise its therapeutic function the band will have to adapt perfectly to your body. Size is a key factor in this process, as the headband will not be the same for a sturdy person than for a slender person.


It is important that we feel comfortable with the band we will buy. We must verify that it has good breathability and elasticity to allow us to move freely.

It is also ideal that it has no seams to avoid irritation in the abdominal area. It is also important that it is flexible and that it does not prevent movement.

Washing Method

Washing the lumbar belt has the same importance as washing everyday clothes since it too is in contact with the skin. The bands are exposed to sweat, which is why they should be very easy to wash. Many models cannot be machine washed: keep this limit in mind when making your purchase.


It is essential to choose a band that helps us correct posture while facilitating our daily operations and mobility thanks to manufacturing with quality materials. For this reason, it must be made of materials that are soft, breathable and that are flexible and elastic.


Lower back pain? An injury you wish you could recover from without pain? Correct your posture? Protect your back while exercising in the gym with weights? Whatever your needs, a lumbar band will allow you to eliminate pain, recover from injuries and prevent them. Don’t delay any longer and buy yours. Your back will thank you!

The lumbar bands have multiple uses, such as the treatment of low back pain, low back pain, scoliosis in children and adolescents. They help sportsmen and workers to protect their backs from injuries. A lumbar belt can make a noticeable difference.

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