An audio system is mainly composed of two types of components: the speakers, which, as the same name says, have the task of spreading the sound in the environment, and the Marantz amplifiers, which are used to modulate the strength of the electrical signal that contains the sound message.

Other parts make up the system, for example, the source (the CD or DVD player), however, to obtain the best possible result in terms of sound quality, it is essential that speakers and amplifiers share some characteristics, and above all that they are compatible in terms of sound quality

Here we had listed out the best Marantz amplifiers that are present below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier HEOS Built-in Supports Digital...
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DISCRETE 2-CHANNEL INTEGRATED AMP delivers dynamic, accurate and hi-resolution sound at 60 watts per channel....
  • EXPERIENCE MUSICAL ACCURACY WITH PURE MODE – It disables USB-A, network, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, individually or simultaneously,...
  • MULTI-ROOM AUDIO EXPERIENCE – With HEOS Built-in technology play your favorite tracks through popular streaming services like...
  • REDISCOVER VINYL – Hook up your turntable to the amplifier's integrated phono input and listen to the most vivid and emotional...
  • SEAMLESS TV INTEGRATION – Connect your digital TV, Blu-ray or DVD player across the digital inputs for a premium audio playback...
Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier with New Electric Volume Control and...
  • BRILLIANT MUSIC QUALITY & FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS – 6 audio inputs, 70 watts per channel (70 x 2) make it suitable for producing and...
  • LOWER AUDIO DISTORTION & IMPROVED CLARITY – Enjoy the best playback from all your music sources – digital or analog – from...
  • ENDLESS CONNECTION POSSIBILITIES – Includes a pre-amp output so you can connect a larger power amplifier or use the power amp...
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS INSIDE OUT – PROPRIETARY Marantz high-grade Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) and newly designed...
  • Included Headphone Output gives you full control of the headphone unit so you can ENJOY THE BEST QUALITY MUSIC FROM THE MOST...
Marantz Model M1 Wireless Streaming Amplifier
  • 2.1 channel output allows for loudspeaker and subwoofer connection
  • Toslink optical audio and HDMI eARC digital audio inputs
  • 100W per channel high power and crystal clarity
  • Effortless streaming with HEOS Built-in WiFi Airplay 2 Spotify Connect
  • Sound Master tuned designed and built by Shirakawa Audio Works in Japan
SaleRANK NO. 4
Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier with Digital Connectivity
  • 2x 45W (8 ohms RMS, 20Hz – 20kHz)
  • Meticulously and masterfully tuned
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • High–quality DAC AK4490 offers cleaner sound
  • Digital filter modes for Optical/Coaxial input
Marantz MM7055 Power Amplifier – 5-Channel Amp for Ultimate Home Theater &...
  • THE POWERHOUSE FOR YOUR HOME THEATER, this 5-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER delivers immense power and detail at 140 watts per channel into 8...
  • IMMERSIVE CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE – For a thrilling home theater experience, pair it with the AV7005 pre-amp/processor, or for a...
  • All that power requires a DEDICATED COOLING UNIT to remove the excessive heat generated. The output stages are mounted on an...
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND SETUP – Unbox the amp, power it on, plug the audio source you want to hear and start enjoying great music...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Marantz NR1510 UHD AV Receiver – Slim 5.2 Channel Home Theater Amplifier,...
  • At 4-inches tall, this 5.2 channel stereo receiver is A COMPLETE HOME ENTERTAINMENT BOX LOADED WITH FEATURES. Connect all your...
  • FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH 4K ULTRA HD TV – Featuring 60Hz full-rate content, pure color sub-sampling, BT.2020, HDR, HLG, eARC &...
  • This 5 CHANNEL DISCRETE POWER AMPLIFIER (50W per channel) boasts 6 HDMI inputs and 1 output, full HDCP 2.2 support for copy...
  • HANDS-FREE OPERATIONS – Command your favorite voice control agent - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri - to STREAM...
Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier | 2-Channel | 140 Watts per Channel | Both...
  • MASSIVE POWER FOR YOUR HOME THEATER – At 140 watts per channel (8 ohms), Marantz MM7025 2-Channel Power Amplifier pumps...
  • GET DETAILED SOUND FROM EVEN THE MOST COMPLEX AUDIO SOURCES – Owing to its substantial current capability, this amp can control...
  • MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS – Choose how you want to use your amp without sacrificing sound quality - a dedicated 2-channel setup or...
  • NOISELESS HEAT DISPERSION MECHANISM – The cooling fan keeps the amp cool from inside by clearing the amount of heat generated....
  • LOOKS GREAT WHEREVER YOU SET IT – With a depth of less than 14-inches & 5-inches in height, the amp fits in any shelf or...
Marantz MODEL 50 Pure Analog Stereo Integrated Amplifier (Black)
  • High-power Class A/B amplifier realizes your speakers’ full potential
  • Fully discrete HDAM technology maximizes clarity warmth and three-dimensionality
  • Built-in Marantz Musical Phono EQ is compatible with MM turntables without extra equipment
  • Connect up to six sources two speaker pairs external amplifiers and even a home theater receiver
  • Uniquely Marantz tonal warmth exquisite detail and room-filling spaciousness
Marantz MODEL 40n Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Streaming Built-in (Black)
  • Just add speakers everything else for The Most Musical Sound is built-in
  • Unique HDAM Circuit technology preserves every detail in your favorite sounds
  • Built-in MM phono stage makes adding a turntable easy
  • Works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant or Apple Siri
  • Connect with HEOS Built-in speakers for a whole-home system or separate streams in each room
SaleRANK NO. 10
Marantz NR1200 AV Receiver, 2-Channel Home Theater Amp, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Heos +...
  • A MODERN, SLIM STEREO RECEIVER – Indulge in high-resolution sonic perfection with the Marantz NR1200 network receiver - the...
  • POWER TO SUIT YOUR AUDIO PREFERENCES – The high-current discrete power amplifier with separate L/R Power Amp circuit and power...
  • FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH LATEST HDMI CONNECTIVITY – 60Hz video, 4:4:4 pure color sub-sampling, BT.2020, HDR10, HLG, ARC & 3D...
  • HANDS-FREE OPERATIONS – Command your favorite voice control agent – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri - to STREAM...
Marantz MM7055 5-Channel Home Theater Amplifier
  • New stylish front design
  • 140W(8 ohms, 20Hz 20kHz) x5 Power Amplifier
  • Current feedback power amplifier with marantz HDAM circuit
  • XLR&RCA inputs x5ch
  • Detachable Power code
Marantz Model 40n Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Streaming Built-in (Silver...
  • Just add speakers everything else for The Most Musical Sound is built-in
  • Unique HDAM Circuit technology preserves every detail in your favorite sounds
  • Built-in MM phono stage makes adding a turntable easy
  • Works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant or Apple Siri
  • Connect with HEOS Built-in speakers for a whole-home system or separate streams in each room
Marantz SR8015 11.2 Channel (140 Watt x 11) 8K Ultra HD AV Receiver with 3D...
  • Marantz SR8015 - 11.2ch 8K AV receiver with 3D Audio, HEOSBuilt-in and Voice Control

Buyer Guide to Choose Marantz Amplifiers

Power Output

We can simplify everything by saying that the output power is directly related to the volume that the speakers will deliver. But as we have just mentioned above, the final result is also linked to the speaker itself and its characteristics, including sensitivity.

Do not be fooled by the numbers of the compact supermarket: the power of 10 W RMS already corresponds to a reasonable volume with the vast majority of speakers, wherewith 100W, you risk going crazy!

Tdh + N

THD + N is an acronym for Total Harmonic Distorsion + Noise and is a measure that establishes how much the amplifier “colors” the signal as the volume increases. The higher the value, the lower the sound quality of the amplifier since it generates a higher level of distortion.

The lower it is, the more the sound output from the amplifier will be similar to that from the source. It is clear, however, that it is the speaker itself, throughout the system, that has the most significant impact on the sound produced. Therefore the numerical value can tell us very little if it is not combined with the result obtained with a specific speaker.


SNR means Signal to Noise Ratio and defines the background noise produced by the electronics transferred to the speakers. The producers aim to reduce as much as possible any rustling and background Noise so that it is imperceptible even at very high listening volumes.

In this case, a high value indicates a better result, therefore a higher musical volume in the absence of background noise.


The Crosstalk identifies what the right channel is independent of that of the left, and vice versa. Traditional amplifiers contain the electronics of both power amplifiers in the same enclosure. Therefore each of the channels may be dirty by the signals coming from the other.

A low crosstalk value (careful, -100dB is more economical than -60dB) is, therefore, the ideal situation and translates into greater simplicity in distinguishing the precise position in the space of one of the musical instruments present.


Of course, the connections do not establish the quality of a product but make it more or less versatile. An amplifier that only has speaker connections or RCAs for sources forces you to purchase a traditional source, such as a CD or DVD Audio player.

In reality, there are now several models that support the Bluetooth standard, integrate USB ports, or even the Lightning connector for iPhone and iPad. It is clear that in choosing the amplifier, the available connections are indispensable.

Other Characteristics

If you are very attentive to the final quality of the sound output from your amplifier, I suggest you also look for two options: Pure Direct (or Source Direct, not all manufacturers call it the same way), and Loudness.

There are two ways of listening literally at the antipodes: Pure Direct allows you to circumvent most of the electronic components (for example, the one to configure the high and low tones) to offer output audio that is as clean as possible.

While Loudness is a listening mode with exaggerated tones at the two extremes (high and low) to make the sound result more engaging (but at the same time false).

Finally, there are two essential features to consider when buying an audio amplifier:

  • Impedance: is an electrical quantity that measures the ease with which alternating current passes through an electrical circuit. When buying an amplifier, it is good to check that the value supported by the speakers is compatible.
  • Frequency Response: man can hear in optimal conditions a range of audio frequencies ranging from 20Hz (solemn sounds) to 20,000 Hz (very high tones). The amplifier should, therefore, try to cover the entire audible frequency range without strong attenuation, and it is even better if it goes a little further.

Multichannel Amplifiers and Receivers

For sinto-amplifiers or multichannel amplifiers, of course, all the considerations that we have made so far for those devoted to stereo apply. The sound quality of a sinto-amplifier is, in fact, based on the same technical characteristics, but as we have already said, at the same price, the products are less “musical”.

But not worse, since in addition to being able to connect to the same source usually more than five channels, they are also much more versatile and can meet different needs. Being also designed especially for films and cinema sound, they can be connected to a TV and manage its video streams.

Also, in this case, the choice is to be made in consideration of the speakers that you will connect: if our “speakers” are too pushed on the highs, it is good to choose a softer and warm sounding amplifier, and vice versa.

Some sinto-amplifiers can connect from 5 to 7 channels, and there is the possibility of combining one or two LFE channels, for low frequencies, with as many subwoofers.

The sound of the films is, in fact, more scenographic and less precise, and explosions, thunder, and barrels of all kinds are exaggerated thanks to the use of the subwoofer. Compatibility with various supports should not be underestimated, a sector in rapid and constant evolution.

The receivers often offer digital outputs, because it is the most used type of connection for home audio systems. With a single connector, it is possible to route the audio to a large number of channels; however, to do this, the system must be compatible with the format expected by the source.

Many films use the Dolby Digital or DTS format, mainly with five channels plus 1 for the subwoofer (LTE), but there are also more advanced variants and with a higher number of channels. If your goal is to watch a lot of movies, I suggest you buy a sinto-amplifier that has both supports, in order always to enjoy the highest possible audio quality.

A sinto-amplifier is usually much more complicated than a traditional stereo amplifier and uses an advanced user interface to allow maximum customization of the options offered.

Some models also allow you to automatically configure the equalization of the frequencies of each channel using a microphone offered, which will enable you to “listen” to the acoustic characteristics of the environment and choose the best settings. As is now the case with stereo amplifiers, many models are equipped with remote control with which to manage all options even from a distance.

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