The hair crimper is one of the most precious allies for obtaining well-defined curls and natural-looking waves: this appliance is explicitly designed for curling hair simply and comfortably. And since it uses the best technologies, it protects the hair and makes it even softer.

If you are thinking about changing your look and going for curls, there are many aspects to keep in mind when using hair crimpers. There are many types, shapes, and sizes, and it is not easy to choose the right one!

Here we had listed out the best Hair crimpers that are present below.

Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand with LCD Temperature Display - 1 Inch...
  • WORKS ON ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you have short or long locks; thick or thin, this three barrel curling iron works like a charm....
  • HEATS UP EXTRA FAST: This triple barrel curling iron goes from 0 to 410F (210C) in just 60 seconds. Easily adjust the temperature...
  • CURLING MADE EASY: We’ve fitted the wand curling iron 3 piece hair waver with an LCD display to clearly display temperature, 360...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Made using high-grade ceramic barrels coated with Teflon for superior PH resistance,...
SaleRANK NO. 2
3 Barrel Curling Iron Wand Dual Voltage Hair Crimper with LCD Temp Display - 1...
  • NATRUAL LOOKING CURLS: The 3 Barrel ceramic curling iron is a great tool for creating natural and elegant looking curls that last...
  • HEATS UP EXTRA FAST: This Curling Iron 3 Barrel goes from 0 to 410°F (210°C) in just 60 seconds. Adjust the temperature of the...
  • HAIR PROTECTION: Ceramic glaze coating technology, high temperature resistance, ceramic technology provides high and even heat...
  • WORKS ON ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you have short or long locks;thick or thin, this triple barrel curling iron works like a...
  • CURLING MADE EASY: We’ve fitted the wand curling iron 3 piece hair waver with an LCD display to clearly display temperature,360...
SaleRANK NO. 3
Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper, 1" Pink (Pack of 1)
  • 1" Rippled Plates for Crimped Texture and Volume
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for Reduced Frizz and Massive Shine
  • High Heat Up to 400° F (because we know you like it hot)
  • Instant Heat Recovery for Consistent Results
  • Tangle Free 6 ft swivel cord. 30 second fast heat up
DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper Hair Waver Hair Straightener Curling Iron with 4...
  • 4 interchangeable titanium ceramics wave plates,Choose one plate, Choose one hair style.
  • 5 step tempreature suit for different kinds of hair.
  • 30 seconds heat up, ceramics coating protect hair.
  • Insulation front-end product your hand from burning.
  • 110~240V dual voltage, 360 degree rotating 2 meter length power cord.
Wavytalk Beach Waves Curling Iron 3 Barrel Deep Hair Waver Hair Crimper Ceramic...
  • 【A Beach Waves Crimper Curling Iron with High Quality Triple barrel】This hair waver curling wand features a triple barrel with...
  • 【An Adjustable Temperature Range for All Hair Types】Ranging in heat settings from 300° - 420°F, the beach wavers hair waver...
  • 【A Fast-Heating, Easy-to-Operate Hair Crimper Curling Iron】The heating up time of this hair waver curling wand is 15 seconds....
  • 【An 1H Automatic Shut Off Hair Waver Curling Wand with Dual voltage, Protective Tip and Safety Lock】Our hair crimper curling...
  • 【A Cool Gift for A Cool Friend】The attractive color and sleek U-shaped in this hair curler curling iron make it the perfect...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Terviiix Hair Crimper for Women with 4 Interchangeable Plates, Keratin & Argan...
  • [NEW COLOR, NEW LOOK, NEW DAY] Terviiix hair crimper with 4 glamorous color plates deliver brand new mood to everyday styling! The...
  • [ARGAN OIL, KERATIN, TOURMALINE & CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY MINIMIZE DAMAGE] Keratin & Argan oil infused plates with moisturizing and...
  • [5 TEMPERATURES ADJUSTABLE & 30S FAST HEAT UP] Terviiix crimping iron with 5 adjustable temperature settings from 280 - 430℉...
  • [COOL VIBE WORLDWIDE] Crimped hair, don't care. 100v to 240v dual voltage is perfect for your next world-wide traveling. You can...
  • [SAFE USE AT HOME] 60 minutes automatic sleep mode ensures safety of your home, so you can have an extra peace of mind. Ergonomic...
Hair Curling Iron 1 inch 3 Barrel Hair Crimper Ceramic Two Gear Temperature...
  • 【PTC Heater】: PTC heater with fast heat up, provides unmatched heat distribution. This triple barrel curling iron goes from 0...
  • 【Curling Made Easy】: Two heating settings, 356℉ (180℃) and 410℉(210℃); allow you to choose correct temperature...
  • 【Create Soft Hair Waver】: This hair waving styling tools can create natural looking curls. 3 barrels curling wand helps...
  • 【High Quality】: 3 Barrel Curling Iron is refined by a special ceramic glazes, the nano-technology surface treatment does not...
  • 【Easy to use】: Easy to use Triple Barrel Waver. Anti-skid ergonomic handle, insulated barrel tips to provide added safety....
SaleRANK NO. 8
Ceramic Crimper Iron for Fluffy Hairstyle Curling Iron, Corrugation Crimper Hair...
  • ※ ceramic plate, so the styler is gentle on all hair types. Meanwhile, the crimper has an ergonomic handle and it is very easy...
  • ※ The curling iron takes negative ion technology. It makes hairstyles less frizzy, eliminates static and keeps hair...
  • ※ Of course, our crimper has 5 variable heat setting to meet all your demands. It fast heats up to 430° F in 30s. It enables...
  • ※ The important safe design for you. And the crimper takes tangle-free swivel cord to prevent the winding.
  • ※ We offer best service for all customers. We provide the 30 Days no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. If you have any issue...
SaleRANK NO. 9
Gold N Hot Professional Ceramic 2” Hair Crimper Iron
  • 2 inch gold tone plates
  • Professional heat between 200 degree and 450 degree Fahrenheit is distributed evenly for dynamic no-fail styling
  • Indicator lights
  • Quick 60 second heat-up, two heat settings
  • 6ft. tangle-free swivel cord. On/off switch for easy operation

Hair Crimpers  Buying Guide

Even though you can use the straightener to curl your hair and get natural-looking waves, it is always more convenient and practical to use the hair crimper to do it.

Maybe you don’t know how to use this appliance, and you may have doubts when buying. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do I Need a Hair Crimper if I Already Have a Straightener?

The hair crimpers are designed to provide speed, comfort, and many different possibilities in terms of results. You can also use the straightener, but if you have tried both.

You will have noticed that the hair crimper is more comfortable and ergonomic. Besides, it allows you to get perfect curls in less time than the plate.

The curl obtained with the straightener cannot be compared to the results obtained with good quality hair crimper. We refer to the type and shape of the curls, as well as the intensity of the curl.

With the curler, you can get any result, from tight and well-defined curls to incredibly soft and natural waves.

What Types of Hair Crimpers Exist and Which Is the Most Suitable for Me?

Fortunately, there is no single type of hair crimper. As mentioned, a large variety of models are available. However, this can also be a problem: if you do not know the different types well, it is difficult to choose the right device. Here are the different types based on the operating mechanism:

  • Without pliers: this model is composed of a cylinder on which to roll the locks and an insulating handle. It can have different shapes (spiral, straight, or cone).
  • With clamp: these models are very similar to the previous ones, but are equipped with a clamp that locks the lock, making the task easier.
  • Automatic: very easy to use, as it picks up and curls the locks without having to do it manually.
  • Thermal brush: the improved version of the classic hair crimper. Made of ceramic, a magnetic base heats it for faster use.

How Do You Use the Hair Crimper?

Not all types of hair crimpers are used in the same way. Therefore, even if it is essential to read the specific indications of your model, here are some necessary steps to always follow to get a perfect hairstyle. Take note: let’s get started!

  1. Brush your hair so that the locks slide smoothly over the hair crimper.
  2. Apply a heat protector to your hair before starting to reduce heat damage.
  3. Choose the right temperature. It is advisable to start with a low heat, which will be less aggressive.
  4. Part your hair and go from side to side: it’s easier.
  5. Hook the lock to the root and wrap it on the curler up to the tip.
  6. For a natural effect, roll the lock in the opposite direction from the face.
  7. Wait for the hair to cool before letting it go; in this way, the crease will last longer.

Can I Use Hair Crimpers on Wet Hair?

This is not recommended. The hair crimper uses heat for its own functioning. Therefore it should not be used on wet hair. This would cause more damage to the hair. Therefore, make sure your hair is dry before you start using the appliance.

According to some, the hairdryer helps to smooth the hair, and therefore, the curling done later is not good. Although this is not scientifically proven, it is possible that it is so. Consequently, it is advisable to allow the hair to dry naturally so that it retains its usual volume.

What Effect Does the Release of Negative Ions by The Hair Crimper Have?

You will have often heard of negative ions in appliances such as hair dryers, curlers, or straighteners. These claim to avoid frizz and consequently offer softer and brighter hair. Well, it’s all true. It’s all about the balance of charge that our hair contains.

The majority of the products used for hair care contain positive ions, and this generates static electricity, the effects of which are well known. Instead, the hair crimper releases negative ions to rebalance the charge of the hair and avoid frizz. In this way, the hair becomes softer and shiny.

Purchase Criteria

When deciding to buy a hair crimper, certain factors must be taken into account. Below we illustrate them one by one in order to allow you to choose a model of good quality and suitable for your needs, to obtain perfect results.

  • Temperature
  • Material
  • Type and shape
  • Dimensions
  • Comfort and Safety


Surely this is the fundamental criterion. Of course, you want perfect curls, but to get them, you need to be healthy. The heat of the hair crimper is not suitable for the hair, so it is essential to be able to regulate the temperature.

If the appliance allows you to regulate the temperature, you can choose the one that best suits your use and your hair type. In this way, the results will be better, both aesthetically and in terms of hair health. Don’t buy a hair crimper without this feature!


Another essential criterion for deciding which hair crimper to buy is the material with which it is made. It is a crucial element because it influences the friction to which the hair is subjected and the ability to transmit heat, to curl long hair in less time. The most used material is ceramic.

This material is characterized by low friction, which facilitates the sliding of the locks; moreover, it heats up evenly. Some models are made of tourmaline, a mineral that releases negative ions, neutralizing the positive ions that make hair frizzy.

Type and Shape

As we have said, a wide range of hair crimpers of different shapes and types is available on the market. This criterion is fundamental for choosing the right model. First, you should know the characteristics of your hair and have a clear idea of the results you want to achieve.

Once these aspects have been clarified, you can choose the model with the most suitable shape. If you have any doubts, you can ask an expert or your hairdresser for advice. Also, don’t forget to inquire about possible accessories.


In addition to the type and shape, the size of the cylinder is also fundamental to obtain the desired look. When we talk about dimensions, we refer to the diameter of the barrel. The most popular models have a diameter ranging from 19 to 38 mm, but there are also larger and smaller ones.

With small diameters, maximum curl is obtained, with defined curls and much more volume. With larger diameters, natural-looking waves are received. Remember that the width can be indicated in millimeters or inches. Here are some reference equivalences.

Comfort and Safety

We are sure you will love using hair crimper. When buying, also take into account the convenience and safety of the appliance: if you plan to spend 10-15 minutes a day curling your hair, you will want to do it safely and comfortably!

Most appliances include an extra-long cable (minimum 1.5 meters) that can turn 360 ° to prevent it from getting tangled with the movements. In addition, these are usually light appliances, equipped with a handle for hanging and storing them efficiently.

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