Despite the widespread use of PCs and other digital devices today, bureaucracy still leads us to have to manage a lot of paper documents by hand, such as invoices, bills, medical tests, etc.

Getting to grips with so many paperwork is not at all straightforward if, at the base of everything, there is no good organization.

To archive all documents and have the possibility to consult them in a practical and fast way, suitable binders can be handy. It is essential to choose them practical, functional and resistant, to keep everything you need in an orderly way. Here we will be listing the top 9 best binders.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Wilson Jones Heavy Duty Round Ring View Binder with Extra Durable Hinge, 2 Inch, Customizable, Red (W363-44-1797)
  • Customizable cover and spine simplify binder labeling and personalization
  • 2 inch round ring binder holds 500 sheets
  • Features our strongest binder covers and extra durable hinge for years of reliable use; Custom formulated, PVC Free polypro material lasts up to 10x longer than vinyl
  • Two interior pockets provide additional storage
Avery Durable View 3 Ring Binders, 1" Slant Ring, 4 Black Binders, Create A Set Of Recipe Binders (17011) (5737)
  • Durable view binder allows for customization on spine front and back covers so you can turn these 4 black binders into your go-to set of recipe binders, family financial or medical documentation library, or other home organization
  • Slant rings hold 20-30% more paper than a basic 1 inch binder with a 220-sheet capacity
  • Designed to be stronger and more durable than basic binders, these Durable binders feature a tear-resistant DuraHinge spine and more flexible, DuraEdge split-resistant edges
  • Extra storage with 2 interior clear pockets
  • Durable binders are made with nonstick PVC-free material—no ink transfer
SaleRANK NO. 3
Ktrio Sheet Protectors 8.5 x 11 Inches Clear Page Protectors for 3 Ring Binder, Plastic Sleeves for Binders, Top Loading Paper Protector Letter Size, 50 Pack
  • Measure&Content: Each sheet protector can hold 8.5 x 11 inches( letter size) sheet of paper, 0.053mm(2 mil)thickness paper protectors; 50 pack page protectors
  • Convenient&Fast: Easy top loading feature on clear sheet protectors provides a wider top opening, so paper is easy to slide in and out
  • Transparent and Durable: Reinforced holes on the plastic sheets for three-ring binder, clear design offers complete transparency for easy viewing, reusable and erasable
  • Excellent Material: High quality polypropylene won't lift copy from important documents, it is the excellent plastic paper sleeves for binders.
  • Wide Application: Paper protector is ideal for keeping recipes, photos, important documents, certificates clean, page protector preserves them from the wear and tear
DocIt 4 Pocket Binder, Multi Pocket Folder and 1-inch 3 Ring Binder, Perfect for School, Office and Project Organization, Holds 300 Letter Size Papers, Grey (00939-GY)
  • DocIt 4 pocket binder combines a 1 inch 3 ring binder with 4 low profile expanding pockets
  • Organize and store up to 300 letter size school, office and project papers
  • Perfect for back to school, this multi pocket binder is made with extra-thick, durable polypropylene that is both flexible and tear resistant and it will last the entire year
  • Each binder organizer comes with blank, white write-on labels for easy tab identification
  • Dual button and elastic closures on the poly binder allow you to keep documents secure when closed and easily accessible when open and you are working
4 Pack 2 Inch 3 Ring Binders, Rugged Design for Home, Office, and School, Designed for of 8.5 Inch x 11 Inch Paper, Purple, White, Aqua Blue, Pink, 4 Binder Assorted Pack, Made in USA
  • Our 3 ring economy binders were designed for everyday use and storage of school and office papers, thanks to their classic construction and rivet to spine design
  • Perfectly fits up to 500 sheets of standard lined loose leaf paper and 3 hole punched paper with our standard 2 inch diameter rings
  • Easily label and categorize your binders with 3 clear exterior front, back, and side pockets that are archival safe; non stick plastic pockets prevent printed ink from sticking to the plastic covers
  • Store loose classwork or documents inside the 2 convenient and clear inside pockets
  • Save money on back to school supplies or office needs when you buy in bulk with our cost effective 4 binder economy pack
SaleRANK NO. 6
AmazonBasics 3-Ring Binder, 1 Inch - White, 4-Pack
  • 3-ring binder with round 1-inch rings that hold up to 175 sheets of paper, All binder size refer to ring size, not binder spine.
  • Designed for light, everyday use; ideal for organizing projects, presentations, and more
  • Customized front/back cover and spine thanks to transparent plastic overlay
  • Holds 8-1/2-by-11-inch documents; 2 interior pockets for storing loose sheets
  • Binder rings are 1-inches, not the spine
Cardinal Economy 3-Ring Binders, 1", Round Rings, Holds 225 Sheets, ClearVue Presentation View, Non-Stick, White, Carton of 12 (90621)
  • What you get: Carton of 12 White 1" Cardinal Economy 3-ring binders with round rings
  • Stock up for the Office: These binder 12 packs are a great value When planning for budgets, presentations, conferences and more
  • Custom solution: clear overlay on the front, back and spine allows you to personalize based on the contents inside; non-stick Poly material resists ink and smudges, so you can switch up inserts
  • Reinforced: features an XtraLife cover hinge that prevents tearing or splitting at the seams when storing large, bulky projects
  • The right capacity: each binder holds 225 sheets and has two clear interior pockets for handouts, small papers and other loose, unpunched documents
Better Office Products Sheet Protectors, 200 Piece
  • 200 clear poly sheet protectors
  • Archival safe and acid free
  • Secure top loading
  • Durable, non stick and non glare
Samsill Earth’s Choice Biobased Durable 3 Ring Binders, Fashion Clear View 2 Inch Binders, Up to 25% Plant Based Plastic, Assorted 4 Pack (MP48669)
  • FASHION FORWARD – Bright and trendy fashion colors for a fun and fashionable way to stand out at school or the office. Perfect for coordinating with other supplies or décor
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTION – Composed of at least 59% biobased material including environmentally friendly polypropylene cover made with up to 25% plant based renewable plastic. Also includes boards made with 100% recycled fiber
  • USDA CERTIFIED – USDA Certified Biobased Product after undergoing ASTM D-6866 testing
  • ARCHIVAL SAFE - Made with PVC free and non-stick polypropylene/polyethylene, these binders are acid-free, extremely durable, and will not transfer ink or lift copy from material inserted in cover or placed inside
  • EASY CUSTOMIZATION – Clear overlay with non-glare finish on front, back, and spine allows for complete customization of the binder with ease to make the perfect document holder

Buyer Guide to Choose Best Binders

Discover with us those that, according to consumer opinions, are the best collectors of 2020. Before seeing the products, however, we suggest you read our guide, to clarify your ideas and know what the parameters to be adopted to choose well are.


Even today, the bureaucracy forces us to keep a small paper archive, whether it is personal documents and whether it is work, office practices, receipts, invoices, etc. Managing a large amount of paperwork could prove to be a nightmare if you don’t organize yourself in the right way in advance.

First of all, it is essential to get suitable binders, to avoid going crazy in the search for practices that are not found because a flood of stacked documents submerges them.

How many times at home or in the office does the paper we are looking for ever come out, because it is absentmindedly placed somewhere or because it is dominated by other journals and objects placed in bulk on the desk?

In this guide to choosing the best collector, we suggest not only the most popular organizer models of the moment, but we also give you useful tips on what are the characteristics to consider before buying such a product.

Follow our advice, and you will avoid wasting money on a product that could prove useless for your purpose.


Before buying a binder, you need to know what kind of documents you need to archive. This data is fundamental, as there are different types of registers and folders on the market, with different formats and filing systems.

The most traditional and most popular models are those with rigid covers with metal rings inside which the transparent perforated folders that contain the sheets are inserted. The dimensions vary according to the formats, and generally, the most used ones are the A4 and A5 binders.

Recall that there are also larger formats that are capable of containing artistic and technical drawing boards such as the A3 models. To facilitate archiving, as already mentioned, on the market, there are transparent envelopes with perforated edges, which allow the insertion of multiple pages inside them.

Each of these folders can contain two sheets or a two-sided printed document so that the contents can be viewed from both sides. As an alternative to transparent supports, you could resort to the use of a perforator, which allows you to directly pierce the edge of the document to insert it in the binder.

Quality of Materials

Another factor not to be overlooked in choosing the best collector is the quality of the materials. Generally, these are registers made with resistant covers made of rigid cardboard, often covered in PVC. There are also models with covers made entirely of rigid or flexible plastic, as required.

Usually, the internal structure is composed of a metal plate fixed to the centre of the collector and equipped with openable rings to house the documents. It is essential that the opening and closing mechanism is soft and practical to manage, to facilitate the insertion and removal of the various sheets.

Convenient Set

If you want to organize your office or home documents but still don’t know which binder to buy, take a look at the Oxford Box set proposed by Esselte. First of all, we want to highlight the convenience of the kit, which includes six registers, each equipped with a multipurpose lever mechanism.

These are double-perforated folders for storing protocol format sheets, so you will be able to create a real archive to consult whenever you need it. Each cover has a considerable capacity each can hold up to 500 sheets of about 80 g / m2.

In addition to the excellent utility and functionality, the set is also lovely to look at, thanks to the assorted colours, which can give a touch of joy to the shelves of an office or the library of a study.

The product is presented on the market with an affordable and competitive price, so with a small investment, you can arrange bills, receipts, invoices and other paperwork, without leaving them lying around the house or on the desk.

Practical to Organize

Another strong point of this set is the practical organization of the various folders. The edges of the binders are equipped with labels to record the contents of each register.

So you can consult the archive you are interested in directly, avoiding wasting time searching. The opening and closing mechanism of the rings is straightforward to use and thanks to the presence of a metal locking plate, your documents will remain well kept inside the cover.

It is up to you to be ordered during the arrangement of the sheets, also because a massive amount of documents could be challenging to consult if it is not archived correctly. The six binders can be placed on shelves or in a library both individually and in bulk. In the first case, you can safely store each unit in its own supplied hard case.

If, on the other hand, you wish to keep all the folders together side by side, you can use the packaging as a niche. In this case, when you want to hide the titles of the contents of the registers from prying eyes, you can close the box with the appropriate flap. The only drawback is that by keeping it open, the latter will take up a lot of space.

Best Quality

The binders are rigid and robust, made with a 2 mm thick coated cardboard structure. The sides of each cover are equipped with thin metal bindings, to prevent the folders from deforming over time.

To make it even easier to consult the registers, there are extraction holes on the coasts. In practice, to take a binder from its housing, pull it with your finger.

It is a set of ring covers suitable for those who have a large number of documents to archive, designed for those who have to make frequent use of them. As for the metal parts inherent in the opening and closing system of the rings and the sheet locking plate, these too are robust and do not tend to lose efficiency even after many uses.

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