For a profession such as an engineer or school, the geometry set is an element that must ensure that drawings are completed completely.

For this reason you must look for the one richest in elements: the squares, the protractor and the compass can never be missing, as well as the ruler, fundamental for drawing precise lines.

Evaluate the useful length and the material, preferably in transparent plastic. The packaging, if it is rigid, ensures its contents from knocks and falls.

The plus of rubber, pencil, and sharpener makes it an even more valid offer. Take a look at our guide for important information on how to make your choice. Here we will be listing the top 13 best geometry sets.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Mr. Pen Geometry Set with 6 Inch Swing Arm Protractor, Divider, Set Squares, Ruler, Compasses and Protractor, 15 Piece Set
  • Geometry Set For All Levels Designed in USA
  • Package Includes 15 Piece: 2 Metal Compasses (1 Study Compass & 1 Graphic Compass), 1 Extra Lead for Graphic Compass, 1 Metal Divider, 2 Pencils for Compass, 1 Mechanical Pencil (0.5 mm) for Compass, 1 Pack of 0.5 mm Lead for Mechanical Pencil, 1 Eraser, 1 Metal Pencil Sharpener, 1 Ruler (6”), 1 Set Square (30°/60°), 1 Set Square (45°), 1 Protractor, 1 Protractor with Swing Arm (6”)
  • 15 Piece Geometry Set, Compass Set in a Reusable Pouch, Easy to Carry and Store
  • Inch and Centimeter Measurements
  • The Math Set/Geometry Set Designed by Experienced Math Experts with All Essential Items for Teachers and Students at Any Level
Maped Study Geometry 10 Piece Set, Includes 2 Metal Study Compasses, 2 Triangles, 6" Ruler, 4" Protractor, Pencil for Compass, Pencil Sharpener, Eraser, Lead Refill (897010)
  • Durable metal compasses will not bend or flex during use
  • Ergonomically designed compass head is comfortable to hold
  • Universal Holder Compass work with any standard sized pencil or pen
  • Compasses draw up to a 10" diameter circle
  • Rulers, Triangles & Protractor feature a name plate for easy identification along with Inch & Metric graduations
Math Geometry Kit Set 8 Pieces Student Supplies with Shatterproof Storage Box,Includes Rulers,Protractor,Compass,Pencil Lead Refills,Pencil,Eraser.for Students and Engineering Drawings
  • 8 Piece Maths Geometry Set for all levels designed: dividers geometry was developed by experienced maths professionals with all the essential elements for teachers and students on each step student compass.
  • Compass math geometry Package Content: 1 x Pencil, 1 lead, 2 triangle ruler, 1 x Ruler 15 , 1 x Protractor, 1 graphic compass and 1 white eraser.
  • Math set for geometry with robust plastic case for protecting and storing tools in one place in a backpack or desk. Easy to carry and storage ruler set for school.
  • Geometry square practical choice for teachers and students: It is also a perfect gift for your kids and friends, math ruler easy to take Class and in the classroom and home to store.
  • Ruler compass for geometry - 8 pcs geometry set suitable for teacher,student,woker,can help students solve all basic projects geometry compass set.
MeetUs 8 Pcs Compass/Math Set for Students with Shatterproof Storage Box, Geometry Set for School, Includes Ruler, Protractor, Compass, Pencil,Pencil Sharpener and Eraser,etc. Perfect Gift
  • 8 Piece Geometry Set For All Levels Designed:The Math Set/Geometry Set Designed by Experienced Math Experts with All Essential Items for Teachers and Students at Any Level.
  • Package Includes:1 PC pencil, 1 PC Pencil sharpener, 2 PCS triangle rulers,1 PC straight ruler, 1 PC protractor,1 PC graphic compass and 1 eraser.
  • With durable and shatterproof iron case, to protect and keep tools in one place in a backpack or desk.Easy to carry and store.
  • A convenient choice for teachers and students:It's also a perfect gift for your kids and friends,easy to take to class and to store in the classroom and at home.
  • 100% quality assurance&100% customer satisfaction: please contact us if you meet any trouble regarding this product.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Mr. Pen Professional Metal Compass with Wheel and Lock for Geometry, Drafting, Math, Drawing
  • Professional Compass With Universal Adapter, Extension Beam For Math, Geometry, Art, Drafting And Drawing, Creates Circles Up To 18 Inches In Diameter
  • Precision Geometry Compass With Spring Bow Head And Center Wheel Accompanied Quick Setting Adjustment With Push Button Mechanism Prevents Unintentional Leg Movements
  • Packaged In A Clear, Reusable Pouch. Easy To Carry And Store
  • 10 Extra Lead, Spare Needle And Screws And Screw Driver
  • Please find instruction video in the picture section of listing
SaleRANK NO. 6
Compass Set, Muscccm Compass for Geometry Math Geometry Kit 8 Pieces - Student Supplies Drawing Compass, Protractor, Rulers, Pencil Lead Refills, Pencil, Eraser for Students and Engineering Drawing
  • ❤Muscccm Geometry Set For All Levels Designed:The Math Set/Geometry Set Designed by Experienced Math Experts with All Essential Items for Teachers and Students at Any Level.
  • ❤Package Includes:1 pencil, 1 pencil lead refills, 2 triangle rulers,1 straight ruler, 1 protractor,1 graphic compass and 1 white eraser.
  • ❤Durable Compass Case to protect and keep tools in one place in a backpack or desk.Easy to carry and store.
  • ❤A Good Choice for Teachers and Students:It's also a perfect gift for your kids and friends,easy to take to class and to store in the classroom and at home. Just choose it as school season gift or Christmas gift.
  • ❤100% Customer Satisfaction: Please contact us if you have met any trouble regarding this product.
Helix Universal Locking Compass and Protractor Set, Assorted Colors (18803)
  • TWIST LOCK FEATURE: locking mechanism on compass securely holds compass legs in place to ensure accuracy
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: compass fits comfortably into any hand and the tip automatically retracts when closing the compass legs
  • DUAL-MEASURING UNITS: measurement arm graduated in both inch and metric; compass makes circles up to 12 inches
  • VERSATILE: compass works with pencils, pens and thin markers to maximize versatility
  • INCLUDES: 1 compass and 1 shatter-resistance protractor in red, blue green or orange (*color is random and cannot be chosen at this time); protractor is 6"/15 cm
Maped Study Geometry 10 Piece Set in Tin Box (019409TA)
  • Includes two compasses, pencil sharpener, eraser, mechanical pencil, ruler, protractor, two set squares, and spare leads.
  • Comes in a sturdy tin box
  • All the pieces you need for geometry class
  • A back-to-school necessity
  • Polish (Publication Language)
SaleRANK NO. 9
Staedtler Mars 4 pc Combination Math Set, Stainless Steel, 56632BK
  • Math Set, 4 pc college combination set
  • 12" ruler, 6" triangle, 8" triangle, 6" protractor
  • Stainless Steel
Drawing Tools & Kits 20Pc Geometry Set Aluminum Compass,Protractors,Set Square,Ball Pen,Bow-Pen,Erasing Shield etc.for Basic Beginner Engineers and Students.Size:10x4.6x1 inches (red)
  • NEWSOURCE GEOMETRY SET designed by experienced math Germany expert.20Pieces precision geometry compass including compasses ,protractors,set Squares,erasing shield,roller pen,mini sharpener,eraser ,mechanical pencil ,plot pen and other accessories.Combinations compass set for solid and plane.Which satisfies all the demanding requirements expected by professional users of a high-grade draftin instrument.The metal compass geometry also comprises high-quality accessories for perfect drafting resul
  • PRECISION GEOMETRY COMPASSES SET:2 professional compasses.Bow-compass with quick-action, It assemblied universal adapter to match pencil drawing bigger circles.Spring compass with adjustable duckbill tracing head.That can be drawing circles well.High legs:Facilitates exact drawing of particularly large radii.Which is a Essential Tools,very thin material Easy to Use in Drawing without the burrs inside of holes.Along with eraser to clear the error lines on the face of drawing
  • COMFORT The bow-compass,extension bar and spring compass are made by Aluminum alloy ,stainless steels.Aluminum alloy is the alloy based on aluminum,zinc,copper, the magnesium etc.The main advantages of aluminum alloy include low melting point.good fluidity,easy to shape,process and weld,in addition,it resists to corrosion air,
  • HIGH VISIBILITY:Inch and Centimeter Measurements.Quick and easy to read.Sharp. graduations and precise markings perform well on any surface.
  • PURIFICATION CASE:Durable compass case with a nice plastic pallet to protect and keep the tools in an orderly place.Case size:10 x 4.6 x 1 inch/ 25.4 x 11.8cm.Everything packaged good in it for easy to carry.

How to Choose Best Geometry Sets?

For school or professional use, a set for making geometric designs is important if you want precise results. Among the many models on the market, it is not easy to make a choice: therefore consult our guide and then the ranking below with our suggestions.

A Complete Model

If you are looking to save something more, you must direct yourself to a complete set, which does not force you to then have to buy some essential items separately. First of all, it is essential to compare prices and check which figure is worth spending to have all the necessary tools.

One of these is undoubtedly the ruler, thanks to which it is possible to draw very precise lines. It can be in wood, metal, or plastic, long or short, better if transparent because it allows you to keep an eye on the rest of the design.

This element is accompanied by the compass, an object which, in most cases, is composed of two legs, one at the end of which there is a needle and the other which instead ends with a piece of graphite. Other models, designed for engineers or architects, both ends ending in a pointed part, and are useful for measuring segments.

Also fundamental is the triangular-shaped square, preferable in transparent plastic, and the protractor, which can be semicircular or round and which makes it easier to draw the corners. There should also be a container that contains the replacement tips for the compass, both graphite and the needle.

The best brand is the one that also includes a pencil sharpener, without this affecting the final price too much.

The Dimensions

Another aspect to consider is the dimensions of some elements, which vary according to the age of those who have to use them.

The compass, for example, must not exceed 12-13 cm for middle school students, while for high school students it can go up to a maximum of 15 cm. The speech changes for professional use, where the object can overcome these measures.

Even the needles must not go beyond 5 mm if you want to use them at school, while those for professionals can reach 9 mm. Rulers, on the other hand, can be of three types: short, up to 20 cm, medium, up to 30 cm, and long even up to 100 cm.

In order not to be faced with unforeseen circumstances, it is good to have two protractors, one with angles measuring 90-45-45 degrees and other 90-30-60 degrees.


An object not to be underestimated is also the pencil: the lead can be T or hard, TM, or medium hardness and M, or soft. It all depends on the stretch you want to leave and if you want it to be more or less visible.

If you have doubts about it, consult the review of other users, who can give you suggestions on the best set for your needs, so as not to spend your money unnecessarily.

To get prepared for the lesson of geometry and technique, it is essential to have a complete set of tools: team, protractor, and compass will be some of the ideal allies to face the time at school successfully, satisfying the teacher’s requests and delivering homework. flawless in class.

And if you are a professional in the sector, drawing with many quality accessories can make any job challenge easier. Reading this guide you will find out how to choose the best geometry set to carry on school desks or the study desk.

The Necessary Pieces

When choosing a geometry set, it is good to select a complete one, so as to avoid further single and often not convenient purchases.

The set must have a ruler, and regardless of the length, it is better to choose it in transparent plastic, so that you can keep an eye on the design while drawing the straight line. It also contains staplers for stapling your work sheets.

In reality, rulers made of different materials (wood, metal) are available on the market, but in this case practicality takes the main role with respect to aesthetics, therefore we believe that the best choice should fall on a transparent plastic ruler. The same also applies to the team and the protractor.

The compass, on the other hand, is the traditional two-legged instrument (one with a graphite tip and the other with a needle) that allows you to draw perfect circular lines. If you have professional needs, there is also another type of compass on the market, with a needle on each leg, useful for measuring segments.

The important thing is that it is able to maintain the width, perhaps set with the fittings that allow you to lengthen or extend the arms. It is good to choose a kit that also has a container to store the tips and needles, so as not to lose or ruin them.

Another component not to forget, essential for those who have to draw lines and drawings, is the pencil: depending on the line you want to make, choose the soft (M), hard (T), or medium hardness (TM) lead.

The Extra Accessories

In addition to the basic pieces listed so far, a set can be considered of higher quality if it is also equipped with an automatic pencil (which does not need to be tempered because it has mines inside), a nomograph mask, for stencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener, pieces that suddenly fail in the frenzy of school lessons or professional commitments.

On the market there are also boxes that contain the fundamental elements inside: it is an extremely practical additional plus, because in this way you can store all the pieces inside, without losing them in your backpack.

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